Wednesday, July 29, 2009

100 Bullets: Everyone dies in a flurry of arrows

That's what it seems like anyway, in this final version of my notorious 100 Bullets character chart (WARNING: SPOILERS for the entire series! Do not view if you haven't read until the end! Really!):

Click to view at a size that makes slightly more sense.

Good, god, that's complicated, to the point of being unreadable. But once I started it, I knew I would have to finish it to reflect all the information revealed in the final volume. Whew. I think this pretty much covers everything, from what I'm able to discern. There are still a few dashed lines, due to plot points that were never resolved clearly or that I'm unsure about. And some of the deaths might not be quite right; it's certainly possible that a few of the characters survived, but it pretty much ends in a bloodbath, so red Xs on nearly every character are definitely appropriate. But if you think I got something wrong or missed something, please let me know.

Hopefully, I'll have a full review up tomorrow, but I wanted to get this posted. Enjoy everyone, although I suspect I'm the only person who can actually read the damn thing.