Monday, September 24, 2007

I might save some money this week and I might not; I really should come up with wittier post titles

Whatever the case, here's what I think about this week's comics:

Wait! First, I should point out my review of The Programme #3 over at SBC. Okay, carry on:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 9/26/07):

Immortal Iron Fist #9
Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1

I probably shouldn't bother mentioning this book anymore, since I'm waiting for the trade, but I wanted to note that I hope the annual gets collected along with regular installments of the series. Don't screw me, Marvel!

Criminal #9

A "Marvel" book I'm actually buying on a monthly basis. It's good stuff. Please, Sean Phillips, give up the zombie nonsense and stick to this!

Franklin Richards Monster Mash

I've bought several of these specials, and they're always fun, but I don't know if they're really worth three dollars a pop. Maybe I should switch to getting those collected digest versions.

Batman #669

My last issue of Batman for the foreseeable future, but I expect I'll go out on a good note. J.H. Williams III finishes his three-issue run, so it should be pretty and awesome and pretty awesome. My guess at the murderer's identity: Squire! Hah, nobody will expect that one!

The Spirit #10

Continued from the last issue, in a deviance from the series norm. Our hero fights the bad guy, Mortez, who ties into his origin. Darwyn Cooke is cool, and this is one of his last issues on the series. Only two more to go, I think.

Superman Confidential #6

Both my local store and Midtown Comics say that this is the final issue of the Darwyn Cooke/Tim Sale "origin of Kryptonite" story, but last I heard, that got delayed and this actually starts the next storyline. If so, I won't be getting it, but if I'm incorrect, it will be a nice surprise. I've enjoyed the story, even if it hasn't exactly been a masterpiece. I hope they'll be able to wrap it up satisfactorily. If nothing else, it's been yet another lesson on waiting for the trade.

Killing Girl #2

I really dug the first issue of this book, so hopefully this one will keep up the quality (on the art front, at least; hell, maybe the story will even bootstrap itself up to a new level). There's going to be an artist switch partway through the series, so if it doesn't appeal to me, I'll drop it. But I'll always have that awesome first issue...

Left On Mission #4

This isn't on my shop's list, but hopefully I'll get it anyway. It's been a very enjoyable spy series, so I've been looking forward to reading the rest of it. Oh well, I'll get it sometime, I'm sure.

Iron Man Hypervelocity TPB

I highly recommend this Adam Warren-penned miniseries. It's full of awesome techno-sci-fi ideas and crazy action, with Warren's signature cheeky mile-a-minute dialogue and weird sexual fixations. Not the usual sort of thing you see from Marvel, which makes it all the better. Check it out if you missed it the first time.

Empowered vol. 2 TPB

Hey, even more Adam Warren! Is this actually coming out this week? I hope so. I already received a review PDF of the book, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do more than scan through some of it; I would rather read a physical copy. I really liked the first volume, so I hope this one has more of the same. In fact, it should probably be better, since it won't have the early "learning curve" of that volume. If Warren can keep up the crazy, sexy comedy and wacky concepts while continuing the character development, I'll be happy.

Presents vol. 1
Variante vol. 1

I'm interested in both of these DC/CMX manga, which are about a creepy little girl who gives evil gifts and a girl with an evil arm grafted onto her body, respectively, but who knows if I'll ever find them anywhere. Eh, I'll wait and see if there are any positive reviews anyway.

Killer vol. 1 HC

I think Greg Burgas at Comics Should Be Good gave this a recommendation, so I might check it out at some point, if I ever see it. It's a European comic about, well, a killer. Surprise, surprise.

Loki TPB

This is the miniseries from a few years ago in which Loki defeated Thor and became ruler of Asgard, or something like that. It certainly looked nice, but I never really heard anything especially good about it. I dunno, I might take a look, but I doubt I'll buy it.

Punisher Presents Barracuda TPB

I enjoyed this miniseries, although I probably should have waited for the trade/caught up on the regular series first. It works pretty good on its own, with the titular character (Barracuda, not the Punisher) wreaking havoc in a small South American nation, but it would probably be better if you've been reading the main Punisher MAX series (which also sees the release of an annual this week).

Madman Vol 1 TP Image Edition

Hey, you can finally start to get caught up on the series (of series) without having to spring for the giant Gargantua edition! Check it out, if you want some fun Mike Allred comics (and if you don't, I probably can't help you).

Alan Moores Yuggoth Cultures TP

Weird Alan Moore stuff from Avatar. Did he actually write these, or were they just based on his short stories or something? I think I have an issue or two that I got in a discount bin; it had a lot of demon-fucking and stuff like that. I love Alan Moore, but I don't know if I would bother getting this.

I Killed Adolf Hitler TP

Another one that's not on my shop's list, but I think I preordered it, so maybe it will show up. I've been catching up on Jason's comics, and this one looks pretty good. Time travel and Hitler assassination are usually pretty fun.

Ronald Reagan A Graphic Biography HC

And then there's this. I'm not sure what to say about it, other than that I probably won't read it. But it amuses me, for some reason.

Best American Comics 2007 HC

While I probably won't buy this, I would like to see what is included. I liked the 2006 edition, for the most part, so this will certainly be worth a look. I hope my library gets a copy.

And I think that may actually be everything. Like I said, it could be light, with only a few pamphlets, but if all the various trades or whatever show up, it could be more expensive. We'll see. Anyway, I should have more reviews in the next few days, so watch for those.