Monday, April 21, 2008

Am I getting anything this week?

Wow, the list seems pretty barren this week, which is good, because I got in trouble for spending too much last week. Oh, and how about that logo I made, huh? I like it. Anyway, here's:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 4/23/08):

Boy Who Made Silence #2

It's cool to see this series get published. I read the first issue last year after purchasing it from the artist, Joshua Hagler, and I'm very interested to see what he does with the story next. It's a strange, multimedia-artwork story about a deaf boy with psychic powers, with religious symbolism and whatnot. I dig it.

Godland #22

I switched to trades on this series (which I hear is going to end with the 36th issue; bummer), but since it's a slow week, I'll note that this new issue is out, so there will only be a couple more to go before the next collection. Yay!

Helen Killer #1

This book got a bit of attention around the comics blogs when it was announced, because it's got a hilariously silly concept: Helen Keller as a secret agent, powered by technology created by Alexander Graham Bell. Well, I got to read a preview PDF of this issue a while back (I didn't review it because somebody else covered it for Comics Bulletin), and while I didn't dislike it as much as Michael Deeley did, I thought it wasn't that great. It was simultaneously too silly and too reverent, making for a confusing mix. There's a pretty cool fight scene though.

Mice Templar #4

I've stopped reading this series, but due to the slow week, I'll mention it, in case anyone else is keeping up. It's not terrible, but I decided it just wasn't floating my boat enough to continue. I'll stick with Mouse Guard for now.

Northlanders #5

Okay, I can say for certain that this is one book I'll be getting. I do enjoy the Brian Wood Vikings. It's been a pretty kick-ass series so far; don't let me down, Brian!

White Picket Fences Double Feature

I have kind of a love/hate (or, more accurately, enjoyment/disappointment) relationship with this book, but it's interesting enough to be worth reading, I guess. I already read it though; you can see my review here.

Wormwood Calamari Rising #4

Here's another series I'm waiting for the trade on, but I do really want to read it. Hell, I still have to read that second collection (sorry, Tucker). Ben Templesmith is awesome, and this series is screwed up in all the right ways.

Batman Chronicles Vol. 5

Your newest collection of golden age Batman stories. Enjoy, if you like this sort of thing.

Clouds Above GN

A new softcover version of Jordan Crane's children's story. I've never read it, but I really like Crane's style, so I should check it out.

Complete Terry & the Pirates Vol. 3

I've been wanting to read this classic Milton Caniff series, but these books are pretty pricey. Maybe I'll try to get them at a library sometime. Of course, some people say I shouldn't bother...

Dondi Vol. 1

This one's another classic strip collection, and I'm not familiar with it. Here's a page with information though. Does anybody know if it's good?

Love the way you Love Side A

I've never read this apparently sappy series by Jamie S. Rich and Marc Ellerby, but I've read some middling reviews. This book collects the first three issues. I suppose I could check it out sometime.

Johnny Delgado is Dead Vol. 1

This graphic novel from Image looks to be a Desperado-like action/revenge thing about a guy riding around the Southwest on a motorcycle and killing the guys who murdered his friend. Could be cool, could be lame. Here's the official site.

Modern Masters Vol. 16 Mike Allred

I don't usually give these TwoMorrows books more than a cursory glance, but I love me some Mike Allred, so while I probably won't go so far as to purchase it, I would definitely check it out.

Path Com.x Ed.

Amusingly, the information I find about this book trumpets that it's the first release from this Com.x company in three and a half years. I don't know if that's anything to cheer about. Anyway, it seems like an interesting graphic novel, about a rabbit and an elephant with weirdly human-like arms who have adventures together. It certainly looks nice, if nothing else. Here's the official site, with preview art and such.

Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol. 2

Finally, we've got another volume of this collection of the renowned spy series that I've never read. Oni did send me a review copy of volume one though, so I've got to get going on that one.

And I think that's everything, believe it or not. With only one comic that I'm sure to get, I might even skip my normal weekly trip to the shop and just wait till next week. I never thought I'd see the day. Stay tuned around these parts for more stuff soon, as long as I can get going on it. Don't let me down, me!