Thursday, December 8, 2011

An old-school comics crossover

Reading the first volume of Fantagraphics' Mickey Mouse collections, I came across this strip, which featured what appears to be a cameo from a familiar doggie policeman (click to enlarge):

Is it just me, or does that look a whole lot like Krazy Kat's Offissa Pupp?

It's entirely possible that this is a coincidence; maybe this is a generic "cop" outfit and Mickey's Floyd Gottfredson just drew it on a dog. But I'd like to think he was giving Krazy's George Herriman a shout-out, having two stars cross paths briefly, just for fun.


  1. Hey man! This is completely irrelevant to this post but have you ever read Blue Monday comics?

  2. Yeah, I've read some of those. They're pretty funny, although it's been a while since I've re-read any of them. I do like Chynna Clugston's art, but I don't know if she's done much in recent years. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that though.