Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CAKE 2014: Yes, I came home with some comics

Comics conventions are exciting experiences, and the great thing about them is that you come home with a ton of stuff to keep you passionate about comics and the people who make them. Here's all the stuff I got at this year's CAKE:

And here's what it all is, starting from the back row:
Across the middle:
  • Two issues of the free Seattle newspaper comic Intruder
  • DAYGLOAYHOLE: The Beast In Me, by Ben Passmore (and also a smaller DAYGLOAYHOLE minicomic and a New Orleans-based zine called Uncontrollable that Passmore did illustrations for)
  • The Lizard Laughed, by Noah Van Sciver
  • Guy Gardeners, by John Drawdoer
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (a.k.a "Pizza Comic"), by Beth Hetland and Kyle O'Connell
  • Fütchie Perf/Hank the Zinedealer, by Kevin Czapiewski and John G.
  • A Make Comics Anytime booklet that was given away at a pre-CAKE event that took place at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art. The interior is blank, so you can fill it with your own comics.
  • Lumps, an anthology minicomic/zine by Kristen Fidler, Zelda Galewsky, Victoria Perez-Segovia, Jillian Schumann, and Raziel Puma.
  • Running/Slowly, a tiny minicomic by a creator whose name I forget
  • A CD from Wacom, TX, given to me by Paul Nudd
And in the front row:
That seems to be everything I brought home, but I saw plenty more, and I found lots of other cartoonists that I'll have to try to follow. The Chicago comics scene is as exciting as ever, so it looks like my comics-loving energy is refreshed for another year!

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