Monday, April 13, 2009

This week, the ammunition is all spent

I'm sort of working on something, so posting might be light.  Unless I finish reading whatever I'm reading, and then I'll write about it.  How about that?  Anyway, here's some links:

A video interview with Paul Pope!

I think it was Robot 6 who clued me into Paolo Rivera's blog, and he's got this series called "Wacky Reference Wednesdays", in which he posts photos that he took of himself in som pose that he could reference for some artwork.  I love that sort of stuff, so check it out if you think that sounds like fun.

I don't usually talk about solicitations much anymore, but I gotta point out Dark Horse's releases for July (and also September, apparently), because there's lots of goodness in there.  Matt Kindt's 3 Story: The History of the Giant Man!  BPRD 1947, with art by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba!  Citizen Rex, a new miniseries by Mario and Gilbert Hernandez!  The new version of Creepy!  Dethklock vs. The Goon!  The Noir anthology!  Dave McKean's Pictures That Tick!  Wow, that's a lot of money to spend.

Here's a lengthy preview of the upcoming "manga" Wolverine book.  Doesn't look too bad.

Have I mentioned that Jog and Tucker Stone are blogging their way through all the books released in the brief DC/Humanoids deal?  I've been enjoying the hell out of the series so far, and now I've got several more things on my "to find and buy someday" list.  Here's the latest installment (as of this writing), which has links to all the others.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 4/15/09):

100 Bullets #100

Here's the big one for the week.  Final issue!  Who will live, who will die, and who will finally explain the convoluted plot?  I can't wait to read it.  Luckily, it won't be too long, for once.

Atomic Robo And The Shadow From Beyond Time #1

Hey, a new Atomic Robo miniseries?  I never did finish reading the last one, but I will at some point.  This time around, Robo meets up with HP Lovecraft, which should make for some nasty tentacular fighting.  This series is fun.  

DMZ #41

This is still coming out.  I still need to read the last trade.  Soon.

Fables #83

And also this.  I need to read the next trade, so it should come out already.

Godland #27

Also also this.  See what I said about DMZ.

Incognito #3

Brubaker and Phillips continue their tales of supervillainy.  I should have a review of this up at Comics Bulletin tomorrow.

Mysterius: The Unfathomable #4

Parker and Fowler keep this one coming.  Sorry to disappoint Evie, but I'm waiting for the trade.  Looking forward to it though!

Overlook #1

This is a three-issue crime/noir series from Image, by Joshua Williamson and Alejandro Aragon.  It's about a prize fighter who gets involved with the mob.  Looks pretty nice; I'm always interested in crime comics like this, so it sounds like it's worth a look.

Rampaging Wolverine #1

Obviously, we needed another Wolverine comic.  This one seems to take the form of a black and white magazine, similar to the ones Marvel used to publish in the 70s.  Features stories by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Ted McKeever.  Maybe worth a flip-through?

Secret Invasion Aftermath Beta Ray Bill The Green of Eden #1

Wow, that's a long title.  I probably would not care about this in the slightest, but I'll mention that it's by Kieron Gillen and Dan Brereton, which might make it worth a glance.

Sub-Mariner Comics #1

More of Marvel's 70th anniversary celebration, this one features a story by Roy Thomas and Mitch Breitweiser, another one by Mark Schultz and Al Williamson, and a reprint of the character's first appearance.  Enjoy, if that's your sort of thing.

Wolverine Noir #1

Marvel definitely seems to be pushing these "noir" books, but their appeal is kind of lost on me.  I would rather read a real noir detective story than with weird interpretations of superheroes shoehorned in, but maybe that's just me.  This one is by Stuart Moore, with art by C.P. Smith.  It looks kind of neat at least.

X-Men #508

Matt Fraction still has his run on this title going on.  Terry Dodson's recent arc is finished though, so we're back to the ugliness of Greg Land.  Have fun with that, X-fans.

100 Percent HC

In the same vein as the fancy Heavy Liquid reprint, here's a fancy version of Paul Pope's excellent Vertigo sci-fi comic.  It's $40, which is kind of pricey, but I bet it looks really nice.  This might be my favorite of Pope's comics, with some great, personal stories in a detailed futuristic world.  If you haven't read it before, give it a try.

Alex Toth Goes Hollywood SC

I haven't read nearly enough of Toth's work, so here's a book to try to read, maybe.  It collects stories that adapted old TV shows or movies, featuring Roy Rogers and the like.  I bet it's some good readin'.

Firebreather TP Vol 02 All Best Heroes Are Orphans

This collects the recent (mini-?)series from Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn, about the monster-fighting son of the devil, I think.  I never read it, but it looked like it could be good.  Maybe someday, as I often say.

Herbie Archives Vol 3 HC

More of Dark Horse's collection of the gleefully insane adventures of a fat kid and his magic lollipops.  I've only seen a tiny bit of this series, and it's crazy and hilarious.  Someday I'll read these volumes, and laugh and laugh.

Hollow-Eyed Mary GN

Being from Devil's Due, I thought this might be one of their Humanoids reprints, but apparently it's not.  It's actually some sort of post-apocalyptic serial killer story, which could be all right.  It's by Andre Duza (or adapted from a book he wrote, maybe) and Rudolf Montemayor.  Here's a preview.

Perhapanauts Vol 1 TPB

I enjoyed what I read of this Todd Dezago/Craig Rousseau series when it was a miniseries from...I forget.  Dark Horse, maybe?  Anyway, it was revived at Image, and this collects the first storyline.  For those who are unaware, it's about a team of monsters who work for the government investigating supernatural stuff.  I haven't heard much about this incarnation of the series, but I doubt it's very different, so it's probably still enjoyable.

Planet Of Beer SC

This book from Dark Horse collects a bunch of the alternative weekly strip "Smell of Steve", by Brian Sendelbach.  I've never read it, but it looks cute.  You can see some preview strips at the strip's Myspace page, or at Dark Horse's site.

Punisher War Zone Resurrection Ma Gnucci HC

Here's the expensive hardcover collection of the recent Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon miniseries.  It was pretty good, with some fun violence and classic Ennis humor.  Probably not worth the $25 price though, so I recommend either waiting for a softcover or grabbing the individual issues.  If you want, you can read my reviews of issues one, two, three, five, and six.  Strangely, I don't think I ever linked to that last one.  Huh.

War Is Hell First: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle TPB

And if you want more Garth Ennis, here's another series he did last year, about fighter pilots in World War I.  It was very good; Ennis' war stories are almost always excellent.  Howard Chaykin did the art, and there was much goriness.  I think it might have previously come out in a hardcover, but this is the cheaper paperback edition, so here's your chance if you were waiting to save money.  Here's my review of the first issue.

Wolverine Logan TPB

And here's another cheaper softcover collection, containing the three-issue series by Brian K. Vaughan and Eduardo Risso, in which Marvel's ubiquitous mutant is revealed to have been in Hiroshima when the A-bomb dropped.  It's not the best work that either creator has done, but it's not terrible, and it's worth a look just for Risso's art.  Damning with faint praise!

Dogs Vol 0 Prelude GN

Here's the only manga that I thought was worth mentioning this week; it's a seinen (I think) series from Viz about hitmen.  Could be good; I've got a copy on my review pile, so hopefully I'll be able to get to it soon.

And that appears to be everything.  We'll see if I get to any more writing this week, but hopefully it'll happen.

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