Monday, April 27, 2009

This week: Uhhh...

Links galore:

Tucker Stone has a new "show" called Advanced Common Sense, in which he does his usual schtick, but on video!  Here's the first episode (my favorite part is when he's getting comics thrown at him), and new ones will be posted on Comixology, I believe.

Check out this comparison of characters between Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy and Naoki Urasawa's Pluto.  Pretty cool.

Here's a cool tour of Chicago with Brian Azzarello via 100 Bullets.

People have been talking about Paul Pope's Spock comic in Wired, and now you can view it online.  Man, I love me some Pope.

IDW has a preview of Darwyn Cooke's adaptation of The Hunter.  Awesome.

Wide Awake Press is going to be offering a free download of their anthology The Ancient Age on May 2 (Free Comic Book Day).  I believe it's edited by J. Chris Campbell, and features creators like Ben Towle and Dustin Harbin, among several others.  Check it out.

Via The Ephemerist, here's a cool little Spider-Man webcomic that makes good use of scrolling.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 4/29/09):

Batman Gotham After Midnight #12 (of 12)

Aw, this will mean no more Caleb Mozzocco spotlights on crazy Kelley Jones contraptions.  Not until the next book he illustrates anyway.

Garth Ennis Battlefields Tankies #1

Another new Garth Ennis war series from Dynamite!  This one features illustration by Carlos Ezquerra, and it's about a British tank crew in the post-D-Day battle for Normandy.  Sure to be good, methinks.

Literals #1 (of 3)

Part 3 of "The Great Fables Crossover", which apparently is so great that it can't be contained in just two ongoing series.  This spinoff mini probably won't make much sense by itself, but I'm sure regular readers will dig it.  I think it focuses on the sort of meta-Fable characters that have shown up in the series, including Gary the Pathetic Fallacy and his relatives, who anthropomorphically represent some of the very tenets of writing itself, like Fiction or whatever.  Maybe I'm wrong about that.  I'll read it eventually.

Madman Atomic Comics #15

The David Bowie issue, at least going by the cover.  The series is sticking to "done in one" stories now, so this one is apparently about an evil cell phone or something.  Even though I got tired of the direction Allred was going in, I can't stay too mad at the series.  One of these days I'll get caught up and read all the issues; at least the art is great, as always.

Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2

The second half of Marvel's latest attempt at humorous stuff with its characters.  The first issue was all right, although the framing story seemed pretty damn in-jokey.  This one looks pretty interesting, with the highlight probably being a story about Galactus' daughter written by Adam Warren.  There's also a story about Luke Cage running for office or something, and Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac is involved.  Take a look, if that sounds like fun to you.

Mr. Stuffins #1 New Edition

This series is supposedly going to finish, a few years late, but to get people to remember, here's a reprint of the first issue.  I read that when it came out, and it was all right, but I didn't think it quite lived up to the premise, which sees a teddy bear outfitted with a cyborg defense chip or something, turning it into a badass secret agent.  Maybe the rest of the series will really kick into gear.  We'll find out, if it ever shows up.

Mr. Universe (One Shot)

I don't know if this will be any good, but it looks kind of interesting.  It's from Image, and it's about a boy who is obsessed with the titular superhero, maybe to his detriment.  The art looks nice, with kind of a Simon Bisley feel.  It's by a couple of Greek creators named Vassilis Gogtzilas and K.I. Zachopolous.  The former has a short preview on his blog.

Muppet Show #2

Man, everybody sure creamed themselves over the first issue of this book, didn't they?  I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure I'll join them when I do; Roger Langridge is pretty awesome.  And here's part two; I should try to read it and write about it, yes I should.

Rasl #4

More Jeff Smith!  This series is pretty cool; I might have to make one of my infrequent visits to the comics shop just to pick it up.

Runaways #9

This issue finishes the three-part storyline illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa.  It's been all right, even if I'm still not a fan of Terry Moore's take on the characters.  Is this also Moore's last issue?  I'm kind of excited about Kathyrn Immonen's upcoming run, but I think there's an issue or two between this one and the new team's arrival.

Sherlock Holmes #1

Another Dynamite revival of a public domain character, along with Zorro and the Lone Ranger.  This one is written by Leah Moore and John Reppion.  Holmes is a good character, but I don't often go out of my way to read stories featuring him.  But if you do, here you go.

Unknown Soldier #7

Vertigo. Violence.  I should read this.

Absolute Superman For Tomorrow HC

I never thought I would bother reading this Brian Azzarello/Jim Lee run on Superman, but Tucker Stone's recent coverage of absolutely everything Azzarello has written actually made me reconsider.  I might get to it someday, but I'll get it from the library or something if I do; there's no way it's worth $75.

Adventures Of Tintin New Ed HC Vol 01

This has been out for years, but here's a new version, in case you collect different cover designs or something.  Actually, I should try to pick this up sometime, since I don't actually own any Tintin books.  Not a bad deal, either; you get three books (Tintin in America, Cigars of the Pharoah, and The Blue Lotus) for $19.

Angst Vol 2 Best Of Norwegian Comics TP

If I remember correctly, the first volume of this anthology got a lot of talk last year when it came out.  I never read it, but not for lack of desire.  And here's part two, featuring more Scandinavian depression, I presume.  Hey, it looks like it was Tucker Stone's #2 pick of 2008!  Now I gotta read it.

Blazing Combat HC

Ooh, this looks like a good one.  Collecting all four issues of the Warren series from the mid-60s, this features art by some amazing creators, including Wally Wood, Alex Toth, Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta, Gene Colan, John Severin, and Russ Heath.  Man, I really need to read this.  You can see an excerpt, slideshow, the works at Fantagraphics' site.

Marvel Masterworks Avengers Vol 1 TP

I guess this collects some early issues of the series from back in the 60s.  Notable for art by Jack Kirby, but probably not too much else, in my opinion.  I would look at it if I saw it at the library.

Miskatonic Project HP Lovecrafts Bride Of Dagon TP

I barely know what this is; I guess it's one of those many Lovecraft comics adaptations, which I wouldn't normally bother mentioning, except this volume apparently features early artwork from Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack.  So it should be interesting to look at, at least.

Modern Masters SC Vol 20 Kyle Baker

He sure is a modern master.  I've never really read any of this series, so I'm not sure how worthwhile they are, but if you want to learn about your favorite creators, they're probably a good resource.  Myself, I'm happy to read the actual comics.

Neozoic TP Vol 01

I never read any of this series from Red 5 about dinosaurs and shit, but it looks pretty cool.  Maybe this is a chance to check it out.

Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol 4 TP

I've still only read the first volume of this series (here's my review), but I really need to get to the rest.  And I'll continue to be behind for a while, I expect.  But hopefully I'll get to this one eventually.

Razorjack Collected Edition TP

This is John Higgins' sci-fi cop story, or something like that, and it looks pretty cool.  Tucker Stone reviewed it here, and now I want to read it.

Resurrection Vol 1 TP

I've read several issues of this Oni Press series by Marc Guggenheim and David Dumeer (here's what I said about the first one), but I don't think I would really recommend it, beyond liking the general concept (basically, what happens after the alien invasion is over and people have to pick up the pieces).  It has some nice scenes, but I never felt like it cohered into an interesting story, and the awkward art didn't help.  But here's the first collection, which gathers all six issues into one volume for only $6 (!), before the series gets relaunched in color, starting with a FCBD giveaway.  Maybe it will get better; we'll see.

Rising Stars Compendium TP

I never did read this J. Michael Straczynski series, but it has a fairly good reputation, doesn't it? But so did Midnight Nation, and I thought that was kind of lame, along with much of his other books that I've read.  Anyway, this volume collects the whole, unfinished (or did it eventually limp to an ending?) series, six volumes for $60.  Not a bad deal, I guess.  Like a lot of the stuff I mention, maybe I'll look for it at the library sometime.

Second Thoughts GN

Top Shelf has this graphic novel from Swedish cartoonist Niklas Asker that looks quite good; I'll have to read it when I get the chance.  Here's a review from Sandy Bilius.

Was Superman A Spy & Other Comic Book Legends Revealed SC

If you've been following Brian Cronin's long-running series (which was originally called "Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed", but probably changed to widen the scope or something) at Comics Should Be Good, this probably won't be new for you, but it's cool to see a fellow blogger get a book of their material published.  Very interesting stuff.

X-Men Prem HC Proteus

I guess this story is good enough to get a fancy collection?  It's not bad; part of the classic Chris Claremont run.  There was a good Wolverine/Cyclops moment, and some nice art by John Byrne.  I suppose that's worth $20, for some people.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Vol 2 TP Shonen Jump Edition

I read the first volume of this series, and it was pretty insane.  Funny stuff, if you're receptive, although I'm sure many aren't.  Here's some more; enjoy.

Maid War Chronicle Vol 1 GN

Del Rey has this series by an artist named RAN, and it's apparently about a bunch of maids who have to defend a prince from an invasion, even though they have no combat experience.  Fan service ahoy, I'm sure.

NANA Vol 16 TP

Man, I keep getting behind on this series.  I've managed to get ahold of all the volumes through 15, but I still haven't read them, dammit.  I'll have to sit down and do a Nana blitz some weekend, in an attempt to completely feminize my brain.

Ninja Baseball Kyuma Vol 1 GN

This is one of the series in UDON's line of kids' manga, and it looks pretty cute, following a ninja kid who plays baseball (duh).  It might be too kiddie for my tastes, judging by reviews I've read (like this one), but I still like the idea.

Orange Planet Vol 1 GN

Another Del Rey series, this one seems to be the girls' version of a harem manga, with the protagonist surrounded by cute boys.  That's a good variation on a trend.  I doubt I'll ever read it though.

Parasyte Vol 7 GN Del Rey Edition

And here's another series I'm too far behind on.  I do have up through volume 6; now I just have to read them.  I think volume 8 is the last one though, so I won't be behind forever.

Path Of The Assassin Vol 15 Bad Blood Part 2 TP

Kazuo Koike/Goseki Kojima!  I should read this series one of these days.  I say that every time a new volume comes out, don't I?

Sand Chronicles Vol 5 GN

I really like this shojo series (read all about it each month when I talk about Shojo Beat!), so I recommend checking it out if you haven't read it before.  It's really good.  Really.

I think that's everything?  Stay tuned; hopefully I'll have some actual content this week.  I still need to talk about 20th Century Boys, if nothing else...


  1. I have to remember to reply to more of your posts. I just don't spend the time on the internet I used to.... Anyway,

    Any new Ennis Dynamite series is a good thing to me. I'm starting to gain a new appreciation of his work. He can be formulaic, and his work always hints at a cynicism about people, but his dialog is always good and something about his writing is compelling.

    Madman - My theory there is Alred is purely writing for himself at this point. The art is amazing, but I think he's kinda like, I dunno, Lou Reed, where his genius will be appreciated more in the future when people can look at what he was doing and put it in context.

    I want to read the Muppets book, but I have to find a comic store that carries it, first. Those seem to be few and far between.

    RASL is my favorite book coming out! I'm so going to make my bi-monthly trip to the comic store to pick it up today!

    I only have one Modern Masters book and it's on Alred, oddly enough. (I feel like I'm misspelling his name....)

    I want to read Nana someday!

  2. Allred has two Ls! I thought about getting his Modern Masters book, but didn't want to spend the money. And your theory about him writing for himself definitely seems spot on; he's marching to his own drummer, for sure. Also, he's inserting weird Mormon theology and whatnot, which is part of that. It's kind of interesting to watch.