Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CAKE 2015: A Banner Year for Groo Sketches

This year's CAKE was another chance for me to get some new additions to my Groo sketchbook, and this batch is a doozy:

Zac Gorman brings his expressive, cartoony sensibility to the Wandering One. 

Evan Dahm makes Groo look pretty cool. 

Yes, this is a Groo sketch by JAIME FUCKING HERNANDEZ.

Derf gives Groo that signature Derf slouch. 

Drew Weing went kind of nuts here, fusing Sergio's style with Frank Frazetta in a "Death Dealer" homage. Awesome. 

Eleanor Davis went simple and cute, leading to another great representation of our favorite mendicant. 

Ed Luce drew his Wuvable Oaf character cosplaying as Groo (or is it the other way around?).

Kevin Czapiewski drew a great depiction of Groo wandering. 

John Porcellino did a nice Groo in his simplistic style. 

Zak Sally did a nicely grotesque image. 

Tom Kaczynski drew this nicely gory scene, with some spot color for added effect. 

And finally, Dash Shaw turned Groo and his swords into this cool, abstract image. 

Awesome stuff, as ever. Thanks to all these great artists for contributing to the increasing coolness of my sketchbook. 

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