Monday, November 24, 2008

This week, blogging will suffer

Expect light posting this week; I've got family visiting for the holiday.  But you never know, maybe I'll get the urge stay up until five in the morning pounding out an in-depth examination of ACME Novelty Library #19 one day.  But don't count on it.

In link-type content, here's a big archive of Posy Simmonds' comic strips for the UK newspaper The Guardian.  Awesome.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 11/26/08):

Batman #681

The final part of "Batman RIP"?  That's the word, anyway.  Who could the Black Glove be?  I hope it's that chick Batman was ogling.

Body Bags One-Shot 

It seems like this Jason Pearson series shows up with a special or something every so often, but that's about it.  Pearson does get some work here and there, but it would be nice if he could stick to something for an extended period.  I like his artwork.

DMZ #36

More Brian Wood excellence.  I only just read a volume of this, and I'm ready for the next one now.

Garth Ennis Battlefields Night Witches #2 

By not buying hardly any single issues these days, I'm missing out on this series until it gets collected.  That makes for a painful longing to read this kind of thing, but I'll get to it someday.  God, I love Garth Ennis war comics.

Glamourpuss #4

Dave Sim does more of whatever the hell he feels like.  I'm not buying this series any more, but I'm still curious enough to flip through it when I see it.  Because where else are you going to see an exploration of the works of Alex Raymond coupled with bizarre spoofing of the fashion industry?

Jack of Fables #28

I've gotta get caught up on this series someday too.  Jack is a fun character.

Mouse Guard Winter 1152 #4

Whoa, another cute mouse issue shows up!  These are what, six months apart now?  I've completely forgotten what is going on, but I imagine I'll pick it up.  Recommendation: wait for the trade, which will probably be out in 2010.

Northlanders #12

Hey, speaking of Brian Wood.  Vikings, here I come (when it's collected, eventually).

Runaways #4

Boy oh boy, I don't enjoy what I've read of this version of the series.  I see that Takeshi Miyazawa will be illustrating an upcoming arc, which might make it more palatable, but Terry Moore just doesn't have a very good grasp on the voice of the characters.  Unless you're a completist, I say avoid.

Tales To Suffice #1

A one-man anthology series from Kenny Keil, published by Slave Labor Graphics.  Judging by the preview (which can be found on the official site), it looks kind of webcomicky, with maybe a touch of Michael Kupperman or something like that.  Maybe decent?

Thor Man of War

The final one-shot in the Matt Fraction-written series of stories involving Thor mythology.  The others have been enjoyable, so I would say go for this one if you liked them.

Transhuman #4

Jonathan Hickman actually finishes another series.  I quit on this one, but it's still enjoyable, even if I don't know how well the "mockumentary" aspect works.  But throwing lots of ideas out can leave you with some that aren't perfect; you still end up with some quality.  Keep it up, Hickman.

Umbrella Academy Dallas #1

The follow-up to the original miniseries which I enjoyed immensely.  This one should be interesting, seeing where the story goes next.  But please, get the Gabriel Ba cover; the Jim Lee version is hideous.

Unknown Soldier #2

The first issue of this Vertigo series got some good attention; I'm quite curious to check it out, probably when it gets collected.

Wasteland #22

More post-apocalyptism; I'm already antsy to read this new storyline.  Dammit.

Welcome To Hoxford #4

And another new series that I'm eager to check out at some point.  Ben Templesmith works too fast for me to keep up; I still haven't read the last two volumes of Wormwood.  And he's got another one coming right on the heels of this (I'm still waiting for more Fell though).  Dammit again.

Bat Lash Guns And Roses TPB

I read three or four issues of this series before deciding not to continue, but that's just because I have to be discerning; I can't buy everything that catches my eye.  But it's a pretty decent western, with some really good art by John Severin.  Check it out if that's your kind of thing.

Comics Are For Idiots Blecky Yuckerella Collection GN

Johnny Ryan!  This collects his strip that I think runs in some alternative weekly newspapers.  Like anything else he does, it's hilarious stuff, but confined to four panels or so, it's mostly just gross-out gags.  Angry Youth Comix is probably funnier, but this is still some damn good humor.

Drop-In GN

Canadian cartoonist Dave Lapp's book about teaching art in a Toronto youth center.  I bet it's interesting reading.

Jobnik GN

This autobiographical GN about cartoonist Miriam Libicki's stint in the Israeli army has been getting some press, although not all if it is good.  I saw her at Wizard World Chicago last summer, and I wasn't all that impressed with her artwork.  It's still an interesting story, and that's at least worthy of a look.  

La Muse GN

This is a pretty decent webcomic about an unconventional superheroine who usually uses sex to make the world a better place.  Now you can buy a print version, but really, you can read it online for free.  I always have to point that out.

Mesmo Delivery Vol 1 GN

Lots of people have been talking about this Rafael Grampa graphic novel, and it's one that I really want to check out.  It looks pretty awesome, in kind of a Frank Quitely/Geof Darrow/general awesomeness way.  I guess I can buy it now.  You can see a PDF preview on Adhouse's site.

Mr Scootles GN

This book got some press a while back because its creator was screwed out of the rights, or something like that.  It looked interesting back then, and I guess it's finally coming out.  I did get a PDF of the book a couple weeks ago, so maybe I should read it and try to write something up.  We'll see if that ever happens.  Here's a preview on Platinum's Drunk Duck site.

Sloth TPB

Gilbert Hernandez's Vertigo GN from a couple years ago gets the softcover treatment.  This one is weird, and I'm not sure I was able to follow the story all that well, but it's still good reading (surprise, right?).  As is often the case, Jog has about as good a review of the book as you are likely to read.

Tiger Tiger Tiger GN

Scott Morse.  That guy makes a lot of comics.  This one appears to be semi-autobiographical, about the struggle to make time for both art and fatherhood.  Probably pretty good stuff.  Here's a couple preview pages.

Ultimate Hulk Vs Iron Man Ultimate Human TPB

If you're at all interested in superheroes in the Ultimate Marvel universe, this might be worth reading.  It's a miniseries by Warren Ellis and Cary Nord, about, well, Hulk and Iron Man fighting the Ultimate Leader.  Although, I'm an Ellis fan, and I didn't bother with it.  But if you feel like it, go for it.  I'm sure it's not terrible or anything.

Gaba Kawa GN

Rie Takada's one-volume shojo manga about a demon girl who falls in love with a human isn't too bad.  I reviewed it as it was serialized in Shojo Beat, so you can read my take here, here, here, here, and here.  I guess I'm saying go for it, if it's your kind of thing.

Go West Vol 1 TP

From the creator of Dokkoida! (a series I haven't read, but wouldn't mind checking out), it's a western comedy about a Japanese girl searching for her family in the Old West.  Sounds like fun.  I wouldn't mind giving it a look, given the chance.

Honey And Clover Vol 4 GN

You might have heard me say that this series is exellent.  I stand by my claims; don't miss out on this manga.

Toto The Wonderful Adventure Vol 3 GN

Another manga I wouldn't mind giving a try; I've heard good things.  It's sort of a takeoff on The Wizard of Oz, with a globetrotting adventure slant.  Maybe someday, as I say with a good 3/4th of the comics I mention here.  

Everything?  Probably.  If you don't see anything around these parts for another week, just keep waiting longer.  Don't worry, I'll make it back.

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