Monday, December 15, 2008

This week continues the holiday doldrums

Which is fine; I for one still need to get caught up in my reading.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 12/17/08):

Age of the Sentry #4

I guess this series is kind of fun?  I read the last issue, and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't the hilarious Silver Age-style romp that the series has been touted as.  I guess it's worth reading if you really like this kind of thing.

Beanworld Holiday Special One Shot

I think this is the first new Beanworld in quite a while (aside from the story on MySpace Dark Horse Presents).  I think that online strip might be the only bit of the series that I've ever read, and I found it near-impenetrable.  I always hear that it's a great series though, so I'll have to continue to give it a try, maybe by reading some of the earlier stuff.  I guess the appeal is the worldbuilding and the experimental language?  I suppose I'll find out, someday.

Doktor Sleepless #10

Ellis.  I haven't been reading this series.  Any word on how it's been?  Or am I the only one who was bothering with it in the first place?

Ex Machina #40

BKV and Tony Harris.  I'm already ready to read another collection here.

Fables #79

I just finished volume 11, so expect a review soon.  I like this book.  More, please!

Hellblazer #250

I don't normally read Hellblazer (not out of dislike or anything; it's just something I've never gotten into), but I think I'll have to pick this issue up.  It's an anniversary/Christmas special, featuring several short stories by an all-star lineup of creators, including Dave Gibbons/Sean Phillips, Brian Azzarello/Rafael Grampa (with a story about the Chicago Cubs curse!), Jamie Delano/David Lloyd, Peter Milligan/Eddie Campbell (and Milligan is the new writer, which is pretty cool), and China Mieville/Guiseppe Camuncoli.  That's a great group; I gotta check this one out.

Invincible Iron Man #8

Fraction.  I guess people are still reading this.  The new Marvel status quo might screw up the book, but Fraction will probably be able to run with it.

Madman Atomic Comics #12

This is still coming out.  It was one that I was close to dropping anyway, but maybe it got better in my absence?  According to the blurb I read, this issue introduces Madgirl, and supposedly answers many of the secrets of the Madman universe.  I thought the big "space" story was supposed to do that already?  I hate to say it, but I'm kind of past caring.  I'm sure I'll end up collecting these stories as back issues in a few years, since I still like Allred, but who knows, maybe I'm done with him.  Bummer.

Punisher War Zone #2

More Ennis/Dillon wackiness.  I'll have a review of this one up soon; maybe I'll end up writing about the whole damn thing.  I hope that doesn't ruin it for me (and everybody else).

Samurai: Legend #4

Another Marvel Euro-comic ends.  So, was this any good?  Anybody?  Has anyone been reading these Soleil books?  Hello?

Spider-Man Noir #1

Following up last week's X-Men version of the "black-and-white crime movie type of story that features Marvel characters for some reason" comic, here's one with Spidey.  Will he be some sort of mob enforcer?  Will anybody read it?

Thor God-Sized #1

More Fraction.  I guess this continues the classic Walt Simonson story about Skurge.  I should try to read that one someday.

Wormwood Gentlemen Corpse Down Pub

Ben Templesmith!  It's a one-shot with some short stories featuring everybody's favorite reanimated-corpse-controlling demonic worm.  I really need to get caught up on these; they're awesome.

Armageddon Now World War III HC

Ah ha ha ha!  It's the Rob Liefield Christian end-of-the-world thing!  I only mention it so we can all gather around and point and laugh.  Here's a handy link for doing so.

Boys Definitive Edition HC

Ooh, it's "definitive"!  I'm not sure what that means, but this gets you a fancy version of the first fourteen issues of the series, with a slipcase, bonus artwork, scripts, the works.  Not the best way to spend your fifty bucks, if you ask me.

Brush With Passion Art Of Dave Stevens PX Slipcased HC ED

To commemorate Bettie Page, you can spend another fifty bucks on lots of pictures of her.  And probably some other stuff, but Dave Stevens was all about Bettie Page.

Programme Vol 2 TPB

The second half of Peter Milligan's "US vs. Russia" superhero maxiseries.  It's interesting stuff, but I don't know if I would recommend it unless you're a Milligan fan.  I kind of regret spending the money on it, but it's not bad or anything...

Secret Wars Omnibus HC

Hey, I was just talking about this series with a friend the other day.  I actually enjoy it quite a bit, as an example of an enjoyable large-scale superhero punch-em-up.  It's definitely not worth $100 for a big collection though.  Spend that kind of money at your own risk (of being punched in the head by me).

Showcase Presents The Brave and Bold batman Team-ups Vol 3 

Hey, here's hoping for "The Cowardly and the Castrated", part two!

Skitzy HC

Brian Heater reviewed this one the other day; it looks decent.  It's an early graphic novel by Don Freeman, who previously had worked as a gag cartoonist, I think.  Neat-o.

Spaghetti Bros Vol 2 HC

Did anybody read the first volume of this Carlos Trillo-written European crime thing?  Just curious.  I always like other people to do my legwork for me.

Wolverine Origins Vol 5 Deadpool TPB

I'm really not very interested in this series, or Wolverine in general, but Tucker Stone assures me that this storyline was the bee's knees, with lots of Looney Tunes-style violence.  That doesn't mean I'll ever pay money for it, but it could be worth a look if I ever see it at a library (which probably isn't likely, but you never know).


I think I've read through volume 4 on this series.  Maybe I'll catch up someday, maybe not.  But it's still coming out, and I'm sure there's plenty of violence and nastiness within.  Enjoy, people who read it.

Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 18 TP

Final volume!  I actually have this at home, but I'm still stuck on volume 8, which I haven't yet procured.  I really need to remedy that, so I can get through to the end of this.  It's awesome stuff; Naoki Urasawa rules.  Now bring on Pluto and 20th Century Boys!

Shojo Beat Vol 5 #1 Jan 2009

Hey, I already have this.  In fact, if all goes well, you might have already seen my review once you read this.  Yes, I am able to bend time and space via my blot posts.  Mwa ha ha! EDIT: Never mind, I'm full of crap.  Maybe tonight?

Vagabond VIZBIG Edition Vol 2 TP

Another big Takehiko Inoue volume!  I have the first VIZBIG volume on my review stack, but I haven't read it, and probably only because I had previously read the volumes it collects.  But here's another installment of his stuff, and I'll give it a recommendation sight unseen.  Inoue is that good.  Check it out if you haven't before; you won't be disappointed.  At least, you better not, or I'll be disappointed in you.

Uh, everything?  Yes, I suppose it is.  More content to come, probably.


  1. I found that Deadpool story much more fun than it had any right to be, as well. It was just goofy and dumb, and a nice return to Way/Dillon's Punisher/Bullseye work, which was a similar Tom & Jerry situation.

    Curiously enough, I also am paused on Monster as of book 8. I moved shortly after getting into Monster, and it's one of the books I ended up accidentally cutting, just by virtue of moving away from my favorite bookstore. Now that it's all done, I may have to binge over the next few months.

  2. I'm reading both Dr. Sleepless and the Soliel books! Dr. Sleepless has maintained the same level of quality since in started. In other words, the book is directly proportional to how much you enjoy Ellis's writing. The Soliel books - the first two series were amazing. I wait until the series is over to read them, so I'm waiting on the last Samurai issue, but Universal War One was one of the most enjoyable sci-fi series I've ever read. (I'd say it was predictable, but that's seemingly par for the course with sci-fi.)

    Madman - I feel like you do. The art is amazing, the story - look, who even cares anymore? How many of us are left that were reading Allred back when he was doing Grafik Musik or the Tundra days? What's the point of revealing anything now? Who cares?

    The attraction to Beanworld - at least back in the day - was more the storytelling through body language of non-descript beings. That's how I remember it, anyway, but I think I was 12 when the last Beanworld comic came out!

    I'm *really* enjoying Air, too. I think Wilson has a very refreshing, fun style and according to a friend of mine, she's a sweetheart, so I feel good buying it. (I can't say that for most comics anymore....)