Monday, January 12, 2009

This week sees more of nothing much

Yup, nothing that I'm too excited about this week.  Not yet, at least.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 1/14/09):

Army@Love Art of War #6

I think this is the final issue of the miniseries follow-up to Rick Veitch's hilarious war satire.  I'll be jumping right on it, once it's collected.  Here's my review of the second volume of the original series, if you're interested.

BPRD The Black Goddess #1

Another installment in this series, and yet another for me to catch up on someday.  At some point in that unforseeable future, I'll read this and all the other series that I would like to get to.

DMZ #38

Part two of the current storyline.  When's the next collection?  It's always too long to wait.

Fables #80

More of that Fableicious content.  Have I whined about waiting for the next collection of this series lately?

Final Crisis #6

Hey, we'll finally get to find out how Batman "dies"!  Not that I'm waiting on tenterhooks or anything.  I stopped getting this series when I did my great comics-buying purge, but I'm still curious about how it turns out, especially given reviews like Jog's of the last issue, which seemed to indicate that it's finally going in the direction of general craziness that has been promised (by my subconscious desires) since the beginning.  Let's hope my library gets the collection.

Gravel #8

I haven't been following this series from Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer about their character from the Strange Kisses series; has it been any good?  Maybe I'm just Ellis-ed out.

Punisher War Zone #5

Ennis and Dillon near the end of this latest story.  I missed reviewing the last issue because I was sick, but I should have a piece up on this one tomorrow at Comics Bulletin.  Wait for it!

Wasteland #23

The latest storyline continues, and I have no idea what's currently happening.  I'll be there for the collection; can't wait.

Bone Color Ed SC Vol 9 Crown Of Horns HC
Bone Color Ed SC Vol 9 Crown Of Horns TPB

The final colorized installment of the series, and if you haven't read it, go out and grab it, in soft or hard versions.  My brother read the entire one-volume edition when he was here, but I didn't bug him about it.  Could have been interesting.  He loved it, by the way, and for good reason.  This finale is great stuff.  I'm curious about how the color looks in the big climax, even though I prefer the black and white, from what I've seen.  Still, it's worth a look, and did I mention you should get it if you haven't before?

Daredevil Born Again Prem HC

Hey, I was just saying that this is probably a better example of Frank Miller's Daredevil than the volume that was recently released, and here it shows up.  $25 is a bit steep for a six-issue story, even if it's in a nice cover, but it's worth reading if you haven't before.  Kind of the ultimate DD story from Miller, with some great art from David Mazuchelli.  Yup, there you go.

End League Vol 1 Ballad Of Big Nothing TPB

I read the first issue of this post-apocalyptic superhero series from Rick Remender and Mat Broome when it came out, but I haven't checked it out since.  Does anybody know if it's been good?  I remember thinking it was not terrible, but not something I wanted to bother keeping up with.  Has that changed?  Should I check it out?  I call on my crack team of readers to give me the info!

House of Mystery Vol 1 Room And Boredom TPB

I've enjoyed what I've read of this series, so if you are at all interested and/or influenced by me, here's the first storyline to read.  Good stuff, with an interesting and mysterious framing story and strange stories in each issue with art by the likes of Ross Campbell and Jill Thompson.  Don't let it get cancelled (yet)!

Miss Dont Touch Me TP

From NBM, this is a European comic by some guys who go by the names Hubert and Kerascoet, about a girl in 30s Paris trying to find her sister's murderer.  It sounds pretty neat, and the preview on NBM's site looks pretty nice.  Maybe I'll read it someday.

Parade, With Fireworks TP

Another collection of a series that I thought was really good.  It's about a conflict between political factions in pre-WWII Italy, featuring relatives of the cartoonist, Mike Cavallaro.  Good stuff.  Here's my review of the second and final issue.

Pigeons from Hell TPB

And another collection of a good miniseries.  Joe R. Landsdale wrote the adaptation of this Robert E. Howard horror story, but the real star is Nathan Fox on the art.  He provides some really spooky, gory visuals, really bringing the story to life.  I highly recommend it.  Here's my review of the first issue, but I'll note that the second one is where it really picked up.

Slum Nation Vol 2 Crazy Of Love HC
Slum Nation Vol 3 Like A Rolling Stone HC

I've never heard of this comic before, but it's apparently a post-apocalyptic series from Uruguayan creator Zalozabal (a translation of his blog can be seen here).  It looks interesting, with some nice art.  I certainly wouldn't mind checking it out, given the chance.

Walking Dead Vol 2 Omnibus HC

I stopped reading this series after the 25th issue, I think, but every so often I see somebody talking about how much they love the series, so maybe it got good again after I quit.  Here's the chance to catch up, with a big book containing issue #25-48.  Should I bother (by which I mean try to find it at the library; I can't afford to pay for it).

Captive Hearts Vol 2 TP

Volume 2 of Matsuri Hino's weird shojo series about control and submissiveness.  I reviewed volume 1 here.

Dr Slump Vol 17 TP

Akira Toriyama!  I have the first volume of this series, but I haven't read it yet.  I've heard it's hilarious, so I've got to try to get to it soon.

Fushigi Yugi VIZBIG Edition Vol 1 TP

Yuu Watase!  Here's the VIZBIG version of what's probably her best-regarded series, about modern schoolgirls who get transported to medieval Japan and get in adventures.  I like Watase's work pretty well, so I would certainly love to check this out at some point.  

Gin Tama Vol 10 TP

I should have asked my brother about this series too; I got him the first two volumes for Christmas.  I've heard it's quite good, and he did say that it was really funny.  Anyway, here's the latest installment in the "aliens vs. samurai" wackiness.  I might try this out someday (he said, for the 100th time this week).

Heavens Will TP

Speaking of my brother, this was one of the titles I talked with him about yesterday, so you can see what he thought about it here if you missed it.  It's about a girl who can see ghosts and is assisted in dispatching them by a cross-dressing guy.  It's a one-volume story, and apparently it's kind of truncated, ending without sufficiently completing the story.  I might read it sometime and give it a more complete review, but there's a simple opinion for you.  I also mentioned the first chapter when it was previewed in Shojo Beat, so there's another thing to read if you want.

High School Debut Vol 7 GN

Here's another series that gets some acclaim, although maybe it mostly appeals to the girls, since I only thought the second volume was decent when I read it.  Maybe I'll read more someday.

Love Com Vol 10 TP

Another one that people like, but I've never read more than the first chapter.  I'm not trying to get monotonous here, but I might read it someday.

NANA Vol 14 TP

Man, just when I manage to get caught up on ownership (if not readership) of this series, another volume appears.  I expect I'll be blazing through volumes 11-13 soon, and then I'll have to get this one ASAP.  I love this series.

Sand Chronicles Vol 4 GN

And here's another one that I like.  I've already read the contents of this one, but if you haven't, I would recommend reading it.  It's a very mature look at a relationship that doesn't get caught up in the usual shojo manga cliches.  Check it out if you haven't already.

We Were There Vol 2 TP

I reviewed this at the same time as Captive Hearts, and while I didn't hate it, it didn't really grab me.  I've heard that this second volume hits hard with the drama though, so I could see myself giving it a try.

And I think that's everything.  Lots of manga, little else.  That's fine; I've got a lot to catch up on.  More tomorrow, I hope.

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  1. Regarding End League Vol 1 Ballad Of Big Nothing TPB, I think the superhero analog in a duystopian future sub-sub-genre has been done to death. Other than that, the book is solidly written and it's pretty to look at, but I wouldn't cross the street to pick it up.