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This week, we got nothing much going on

Elsewhere:  I've got a review of Groom Lake #1 up as part of Comics Bulletin's Sunday Slugfest, and I contributed a review of the pilot of Dollhouse to The Factual Opinion's Television of the Weak column.

Linky: If you haven't seen it already, Plok/Pillock has organized a cool series of blog posts called "Panel Madness", which focus on examining a single panel from an artistic point of view.  Great stuff all around, with contributions by the likes of Derik Badman, Sean Witzke, and my good pal Tucker Stone.  You can find links to the whole series in this final entry by Dan Best.

This is not a movie review:  I just wanted to mention that I did not especially like Repo! The Genetic Opera, but there was at least one good moment, and that was seeing Paris Hilton's face fall off.  If you can find it on Youtube or something, that will save you having to suffer through the rest of the movie.  Although I also liked some of the gore, including young Alexa Vega (of Spy Kids fame) delivering her big climactic song number while covered in blood, or Anthony Stewart Head doing a sort of puppetry duet by shoving his arm inside a corpse and working its mouth from the inside.  But really, not a good movie.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 2/25/09):

Fantastic Four #564

I'm sure some people are still interested in the Millar/Hitch run on this title, but it doesn't seem to get much attention in the areas of the comicsweb that I follow.  From what I've read, it's been decent, but not great.  Kind of mediocre, which seems odd for Millar; he usually runs either hot or cold.  Maybe he and Hitch do big action really well, but not necessarily big ideas.  Eh, I guess we'll see how it goes.  I think the story had something to do with interdimensional super-evil villains that are so bad they taught Doctor Doom to be evil.  That doesn't really make sense, but whatever.

Garth Ennis Battlefields Dear Billy #2

I gotta read this.  After finding out about the stupid price point of the collections of these miniseries, I might have to just get the individual issues now.  But I'll get them eventually, yes I will.  Here, read Nina Stone's take on the first issue; that should be all you need to let you know it's worth reading.

Jack of Fables #31

This series continues.  I'll buy it eventually, but I wish I didn't have to wait.

Mouse Guard Winter 1152 #5

Hey, and this series also continues!  It's always nice to see an issue show up.  Oh, cute little mice, why do you have to suffer so?  Can't all the creatures of the animal kingdom just get along?

Popbot #8

You know, I've never read any of this Ashley Wood series, so I have no idea what it's about.  Is it even a series, or just an art showcase?  I'll really have to read some of it sometime, since I really dig Wood's art.  He's pretty awesome.

Runaways #7

I guess if you're following the current iteration of this series, this is noteworthy due to art by Takeshi Miyazawa.  I think the storyline has to do with Chase's evil radio shock jock boss, but whatever; I haven't been very into the Terry Moore-written stuff on the series.  Still, it's always nice to see Miyazawa on the series, so the art should make it worth a look.  And there's apparently a new creative team coming onboard in a few issues, so maybe it'll be time to see if the series is worth reading again.

Umbrella Academy Dallas #4

Ugh, I'm pissed that I haven't been able to read this.  Let's get a collection out quickly, so I can jump right on it.  I'm loving the artwork that I've seen, even if it's mostly Gabriel Ba's awesome covers.  He somehow manages to make me not miss James Jean.  

Unknown Soldier #5

Vertigo.  Africa.  Atrocity.  I should read this.

Wasteland #24

I like this comic.  It seems to be coming out kind of slowly at present, but that's okay; I'll get a big chunk all at once when this arc is collected.  Yup, should be good reading.

Atomic Robo Vol 2 TPB

Hey, volume two of this coolness, out already.  I read the first couple issues, and I have the rest sitting on my computer, so I should try to get to them and see how great they are.  This is definitely not something that should slip under the radar.  Uh, if you're not aware, this second miniseries doesn't jump around in the character's history like the first one did (well, the backup stories sort of do, but not the main narrative), instead focusing on Robo's WWII battles against Nazi technology.  Good times, don't miss it.

Beanworld Wahoolazuma Vol 1 HC

I've never been into the Beanworld business, but this would be the place to start, a big collection of the first nine issues of the classic series that lots of people love.  For a good review, I would go with Caleb Mozzocco.

Complete Terry And The Pirates Vol 6 1945-1946 HC

Classic Caniff comics continue.  I've got volume 1 sitting at home; I really need to read it someday.

Dave McKean Postcard From Paris HC
Dave McKean Squink SC

I think these are more artbooks than comics, but if you like Dave McKean, I bet they're really nice.

Garth Ennis Dan Dare Omnibus Vol 1 HC

That's an odd title, since "omnibus" usually indicates a big, sprawling collection, or maybe a definitive version of a classic work.  This is neither; it's simply a collection of the recent miniseries that Garth Ennis and Gary Erskine did for Virgin Comics.  Apparently Dynamite picked up the rights, so here's the fancy hardcover version.  Eh, I'll still recommend it if you like Ennis; it's kind of like one of his war comics, except in space, and more reverent to classic characters, with some commentary on British politics.  Not bad at all.

High Rollers TP

I read the first issue of this Boom! Studios series, which I think was about gambling and street gangs or something, and I wasn't all that impressed, but maybe it got better.  Does anybody want to chime in and give an opinion?

In The Flesh TP

Koren Shadmi's new short story collection has been getting some mixed reviews, but I still wouldn't mind checking it out, if only because I really like his artwork.

Secret Invasion Black Panther TPB

I don't care for whatever silliness is engulfing Marvel comics at regular intervals these days, but this miniseries seemed to use the events to tell a good story, or so I hear.  If that's your thing, go for it.

Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers TPB

And here's another possible notable Marvel tie-in thing, although I think I read it and don't remember it being a good story or anything.  No, the main appeal was the art by Takeshi Miyazawa, so if you like his stuff, give it a flip-through, but don't buy it or anything.  Or do, I'm not your boss.

Sparrow Vol 11 Jim Mahfood HC

This is another series that I've never read, but I believe it's sort of an ongoing artbook, with each issue focusing on a different comics artist.  And hey, if you're going to go with one, why not the awesome Jim Mahfood?  He's pretty cool.

Starman Omnibus Vol 2 HC

Maybe if I get this from the library, I can do "Starman vs. Barman" for reals this time.

Waltz With Bashir Lebanon War Story TP

I wasn't all that interested in this animated documentary, based on reviews I had read, but then I saw that the artists involved were Tomer and Asuf Hanuka, who are awesome.  So now I think I want to see it.  But this graphic novel adaptation?  I'm not so sure; apparently it just consists of stills from the film in comics form.  It could still be worth a look, I guess; here's Sandy Bilius' review.

Crayon Shinchan Vol 7 TP CMX Edition

More naughty, pervy kid comics.  I should read these (I say that every time a new volume comes out).

Eden Its An Endless World Vol 11 TP

Hey, this series is still coming out.  I only have ten volumes to read to catch up.  I liked volume one, for whatever that's worth.


And another series on which I am way behind.  I was doing all right at keeping up for a while there, but I've only read through volume four.  Maybe I'll catch up at some point.  If you're interested in what I think, I reviewed volume one, but that's all.

I guess that's everything?  Not much there, is there?  That's okay, I've got lots of other material to read.  Stay tuned, the Monster Mash continues, and I've still got lots to blather on about.  

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