Monday, March 2, 2009

This week is stuffed with stuff

External Brady watch: I reviewed the second episode of Dollhouse for The Factual Opinion's TV column.

And I wanted to point out that you can now download the graphic novel Therefore Repent! for free from writer Jim Munroe's site.  I really liked the book; my review can be read here.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 3/4/09):

Age of Sentry #6

Looks like this thing is wrapping up, and maybe we'll find out if it has a point, other than to try to do Silver Age-style stories.  I read some here and there, and it wasn't bad, but nothing that I would be shoving in people's faces to read either.

Agents of Atlas #2

Jeff Parker continues his new version of these guys.  Let's hope it stays interesting and doesn't get too bogged down in Marvel's mega-plots.

Back To Brooklyn #4

I think this is the second-to-last issue of this mafia comic by Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti.  I haven't heard too much about it since the first issue came out, and reactions to that one weren't especially positive.  So, does anybody know if it has gotten any better?

Bang Tango #2

Joe Kelly's Vertigo series continues.  The first issue didn't seem to get much in the way of positive reactions, and when I flipped through it at the store, it didn't seem like something I had to read.  Maybe it'll get better though.

Batman Cacophony #3

Wow, it looks like a Kevin Smith series will actually finish on time!  This was another one that people didn't seem too impressed by, and I'll be surprised if this final issue changes any opinions.

Boys #28

This is still plugging along.  I'm ready to read this next arc already.  Hey, if anybody hasn't seen this, check out the cover to the first issue of the spinoff miniseries that's coming out in a few months.  It makes me laugh.

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1

Should I care about this?  Normally I wouldn't, but it's written by Jonathan Hickman, so I suppose I'll at least glance in its direction.  Actually, I should have a review up at Comics Bulletin tomorrow.  What's it about?  I'm sure the bad guys mess with the FF, and they do something about it.  I hope Hickman can come up with something interesting.

Dead Irons #2

It's the second issue of that supernatural western.  Did anybody read the first one?  Is it worth looking at?  Let me know.

The Goon #32 10th Anniversary Issue

I think this is the last issue of The Goon for a while.  I expect it will be a sort of epilogue to the lengthy storyline that just ended, and then Eric Powell will probably go back to a bi-monthly-ish schedule.  Eh, I'll keep reading it; it's always fun.

Haunted Tank #4

I've heard this series started out good, but got less so in subsequent issues.  I'm still kind of interested in checking it out though.

Hellboy The Wild Hunt #4

Mignola and Fegredo, still going strong.

House of Mystery #11

I still like this series, unless it plunged into suckitude since the last issue I read.  I'm still waiting for a second volume.

I Am Legion #2

The second issue of this European import sure came out quick.  Now we should finally get to see how the whole thing ends.  John Cassaday art, supernatural Nazis, violence galore.  Good times.

Jersey Gods #2

I don't know if this will eventually be worth reading or not, but what I read about the first issue sounds like it starts slow.  Maybe it will get better though.  This issue is notable for its Darwyn Cooke variant cover.  That thing looks nice.

Killer Of Demons #1

This doesn't sound too promising (you might have figured it out already, but it's about a guy that kills demons), but it's notable because Atomic Robo's Scott Wegener is doing the art.  So it'll look nice, at least.

Madman Atomic Comics #14

I stopped getting this regularly, but I did pick up #10 and 11 at a recent sale, and I'm kind of glad I'm not reading this regularly, or I would be really frustrated.  Mike Allred's art is as pretty as ever, but everything is all mystical mumbo jumbo these days, and not in a very interesting way either.  But maybe he has finished that storyline, because this issue's solicit says that each issue will now have self-contained adventures.  Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone are doing a story in this one, along with Allred.  I expect I'll continue to slowly pick up the issues, but I'm bummed that I'm not really too excited about doing so.

No Hero #4

Hey, how has this Warren Ellis/Juan Jose Ryp series been?  I thought I saw some complaints that it wasn't very good, but who knows.  It's another one that I might try to read when it gets collected.

Secret Warriors #2

Here's Jonathan Hickman's other Marvel book of the moment, co-written with Brian Michael Bendis.  I read the first issue and wasn't too impressed, but they seem to be going for a big conspiracy angle, which could be interesting but also could be boring.  We'll see?  Or maybe we won't care, who knows.

Sub-Mariner The Depths #5

Is this the last issue of Peter Milligan and Esad Ribic's miniseries, or is there one more to go.  It's been kind of interesting, a sort of undersea horror story, but not anything too exceptional.  Ah well, here's another installment though.

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #3

Mike Sterling is going to faint when he sees this.  After a three-year gap, the next issue of this miniseries is finally coming out.  I'm sure people will be very excited to see more of the characters punching each other.  That's pretty much all it is, right?

War of Kings #1

I'm surprised I haven't seen outraged "feminist" bloggers complaining about the promo art for this book.  Man, just look at those boob socks and snake-like spines.  A year or two ago, something like that couldn't show up without a chorus of angry fans calling for the artist's head.  Maybe they only care about Power Girl or Wonder Woman; obscure Marvel space stuff isn't worthy of outcry.  Anyway, that's all I had to say about this; I really have no interest in whatever the hell it's supposed to be about.

X-Men First Class Finals #2

Jeff Parker continues his swan song on the old school X-Men.  I've read some of this stuff here and there, and it's not bad.  Not good enough that I feel like I need to read it, but not bad.  Make of that what you will.

Challenger Deep TP

I never did read this Boom! Studios series about an undersea mission to keep a volcano from destroying the earth.  It's a nice concept.  I should give it a try.  If I do, I'll probably let you know what I think, since that's what I do.

Explainers HC New Printing

Fantagraphics has this new printing of the collection Jules Feiffer's strips for the Village Voice.  I bet it's really nice.  You can see a slideshow, download a preview, and read Gary Groth's introduction at Fanta's site.

Fantastic Four Worlds Greatest TP

Didn't the hardcover version of this first collection of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's run just come out.  Oh well, here's the cheapo edition.  Read it if you dare.

Galaxy Quest Global Warning TPB

Did anybody read this?  It seemed like a good idea when it came out, but I don't recall reading any reviews anywhere.  So, anybody?  Was it good?

Humbug HC

Another nifty release from Fantagraphics; this is the collection of Harvey Kurtzman's short-lived post-MAD satirical magazine.  All eleven issues in one volume; I bet this is some damn fine reading.  You can download a preview and see a slideshow over at Fanta-ville.

Invincible Iron Man TP 1 Five Nightmares

It's the collection of Matt Fraction's first arc on the new Iron Man series, and it's not bad.  Not that great either, but it works, I guess.  I read the whole thing, but I'm having trouble remembering most of it.  There's my recommendation!

Jack of Fables Vol 5 Turning Pages TPB

Hey, a new collection of good old Jack.  I think I read the first couple issues before I stopped buying the book.  It's an Old West story in which Jack is an outlaw and Bigby Wolf comes to track him down.  Less humorous than the rest of the series.  I'll have to get it and see how it turned out.

Justice League International Vol 1 TP

I guess this is the softcover version of DC's new collections of the much-loved Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire run on the series.  I always hear that it was great, so maybe I'll pick it up from the library or something.

Kabuki Alchemy HC

It's a fancy hardcover collection of David Mack's series.  That is, the issues that Marvel released under the Icon imprint.  I still have never read any of this series, even though I really like Mack's artwork.  Maybe I'll get to it one day.

Last One TP

Boom! Studios is releasing this collection of J.M. DeMatteis' Vertigo series, which is apparently about an immortal guy who cares for "lost souls" in New York.  I've never read it; is it worth checking out?  Anyone?

MOME Vol 14 Spring 2009 TP

More Fantagraphics stuff!  I really should see if I can get some of these anthology volumes; I always hear good things.  Looks like this one has work from all the regulars, including David B., Jonathan Bennett, Dash Shaw, Paul Hornschemeier, Al Colombia, Eleanor Davis, and more.

MMW Fantastic Four Vol 1 TPB

A softcover version of Marvel's fancy collection of the first several issues of the classic Stan Lee/Jack Kirby book that started it all.  Good stuff here, although the best of the series wouldn't show up until a bit later.

New Brighton Archeological Society GN

A new graphic novel from Mark Andrew Smith (writer of The Amazing Joy Buzzards and Aqua Leung) and artist Matthew Weldon, about a group of kids who end up going on fantastical adventures after their parents die.  Here's a Newsarama interview with Smith that has a few preview pages.  I'm quite interested in this one.

North World Vol 2 GN

Oni has this second volume of Lars Brown's fantasy series which is more about characters and their relationships than magic and whatnot.  I liked the first volume well enough.

Sams Strip Comic About Comics GN

Wow, lots of stuff from Fantagraphics this week.  This one is a collection of a 60s strip that starred characters from other strips and used a lot of metafictional devices like breaking the fouth wall.  Sounds pretty cool; I'd love to check it out.  In the meantime, here's the usual intro/preview/slideshow.

Shazam Monster Society of Evil TPB

It took a while, but here's the softcover version of Jeff Smith's excellent Captain Marvel miniseries.  This is incredibly fun stuff; I highly recommend it if you haven't read it.

Strongman GN

Slave Labor has this book about a crime-fighting Luchadore.  Could be fun.  Here's an interview with artist Allen Gladfelter that has some preview art.

Wolverine By Claremont & Miller TPB

You know, I've never read this miniseries that kicked off the concept of Wolverine as a solo character.  I should probably check it out sometime, if only for Frank Miller's artwork, from back when he wasn't so lazy.  One of these days...

Wolverine Weapon X TP New Printing

And then there's this Wolverine thing, Barry Windsor-Smith's story from Marvel Comics Presents that maybe told some of Wolverine's origin or something.  It's one of those that gets a lot of acclaim, but I don't know if I should ever bother with it.  I suppose I could try it at some point, but it's definitely nothing I'll be rushing out to buy.

Wolverton Bible HC

Apparently, Basil Wolverton was a religious fellow, and he did a bunch of Bible illustrations for the Worldwide Church of God.  Fantagraphics has this new book collecting those illustrations, and they look pretty incredible.  Here's their page for the book, where you can see a slideshow of images.

Barefoot Gen Vol 7 Bones Into Dust GN
Barefoot Gen Vol 8 Merchants Of Death GN

Are these new, or reprints?  I've never read this series, but it's supposed to be one of the greats, about Japan's recovery from the atomic bomb and World War II.  I should really read it one of these days.

Crimson Hero Vol 10 TP

Volleyball and girliness; this is a pretty good series.  I read it each month in Shojo Beat, but I'm sure it's just as enjoyable in collected form.

Dragon Ball VIZBIG Edition Vol 3 TP

I've been tempted to buy the second VIZBIG volume of this series, since I liked the first one quite a bit, and now there's a third one to get too.

High School Debut Vol 8 GN

Are people still raving about this series?  It seemed like everybody's favorite shojo manga for a while there.  I've read the first chapter and the second volume, and they were all right.  Maybe I'll read more at some point.

Honey And Clover Vol 5 GN

I'll keep raving about this one though.  This is some good comics, funny and sweet and compelling.  Don't miss out.

Love Com Vol 11 TP

Here's another one that people seem to love; I didn't realize it was already up to eleven volumes.  Go Japan!

Mixed Vegetables Vol 3 GN

I'm not sure if this one ever caught on, but here's another volume of a shojo series that seems interesting.

NANA Vol 15 TP

I've got no reservations about mentioning this series though.  Nana rules!  In fact, after I finish Monster, I'm going to go on a run and get caught up on this one.  I can't wait; it's been too long since I read the series.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Official Casebook Vol 2 Miles Edgeworth Files GN

This video game seems like a perfect fit for comics, but the first volume did not get very many good reviews.  That's too bad.  I doubt this second installment will be any better, but it's still worth mentioning.

St Dragon Girl Vol 2 TP

Another shojo series that's not terrible, but nothing too special either.  I reviewed the first volume here.  Maybe it will get better in subsequent volumes.

Tezukas Black Jack Vol 3 Previews Exclusive HC

I think this is already out in bookstores, but here's the direct market version as well.  I still need to read the first two volumes, but I will definitely be getting to #3 as soon as I can.

Ultimate Muscle Vol 22 GN

And finally, another installment in the goofy wrestling series.  I wouldn't mind reading this one, since it's reputed to be hilarious.  Only 22 volumes to get through.

And that appears to be everything.  Lots of comics, yes.  I should have more of my blather up here to read soon, so stick around.


  1. The Barefoot Gen stuff has to be a reprint, unless it's someone other than Last Gasp putting it out. I was looking at a beat up copy of volume 8 at the store last week.

    And I don't know, maybe I'm alone on this, but don't sell Weapon X too short. It's pure Barry Windsor Smith from beginning to end, and despite it being another Wolverine story, I've always been pretty fond of it. The old trade was fine though...I imagine it's being reprinted at a higher price point. It isn't very long.

  2. It warmed my heart to see Ron Lim do a cover for the War of Kings thing, but just a cover? Too bad... I've enjoying the Marvel space opera stuff. So when it's collected and released in softcover, I'll tell you what I think about this one.

    I endorse picking up any one issue of David Mack's Kabuki series as a toe-dipping exercise. I think the art is beautiful, and what he does to tell the story is really interesting, but I'm not certain that there's as much meat to it outside of that.