Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Don't look surprised, you rat! You can't kill a dead man!"

I wasn't all that enthralled by Forever People #10, the source of today's Fourth World Panel:

It's not bad, but after the heights of "Himon", a basic action story like this one is just an entertaining lark, with the team helping Deadman find his killer by constructing an artificial body for him to use. I do like the villains, an organization called "The Scavengers" whose purpose is to steal high-tech equipment and expensive stuff for rich clients (the opening scene sees a guy rip off a fancy experimental car with a "pollution-free" engine, presumably to keep it off the market for those auto company bastards). And the action is as cool as ever, and full of crazy technology. Also, I enjoyed this scene, in which Beautiful Dreamer, who is now working as a hot-cha-cha swimsuit model, gets off the clock early:

But it's just the old fun and games, not the cosmic-scale, brain-bending lunacy that I've come to expect from Kirby. Eh, they can't all be winners.

Next: "Earth--The Doomed Dominion!" Now that sounds more like it.

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