Wednesday, September 16, 2009

'It's beginning to rain "weirdies"! We've bagged another one!--A "teen-type"!'

Today's Fourth World Panel comes from the final issue in volume three of the Omnibus series, New Gods #10. It's an issue full of fighting and the conflict between Fourth World characters and Earth, but this was the bit that I found interesting:

That's Mantis, rousing his "bug" troops to attack Earth, and his rhetoric reminds me of the sort of thing you would hear from various dictators as they convince their subject that they have the people's best interests in heart, when the only thing they're really after is more power. I love the way Kirby throws stuff like that in to these stories, adding a resonant subtext to all the explosions and cosmic mayhem.

And that's it for volume three! Next: Covers!

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