Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Accursed Richards!

A selection of panels from Fantastic Four #17.
If the words are too small to read, click on the picture to see a larger version. Sorry.

Reed's a hardass, but he wears sweet headgear. And that's one hell of a sensitive "radar set" he's got.

Snazzy outfits, boys. I'm not sure what "cafe society" is, but it makes for a good line. As you might be able to tell, I love the Thing's dialogue. Stan Lee really wrote great lines for him, as you'll see later.

"Cheaters"! I love that "hep" 60's dialogue. And Ben DOES have a lovable personality. But that innocent-seeming janitor/sea captain was actually...

Doctor Doom! Wow, posing as a member of common public isn't usually his modus operandi, is it? And apparently he's been reading the Cronin Theory of Comics.

Doctor Doom apparently has an LSD ray. One that will project an angry-faced Big Ben into New York.

Khrushchev calls his henchmen numbskulls.

JFK's hair gives orders.

Another great line from Ben! Anyway, Doctor Doom's plot with the idento-discs was to have inflatable balloon-robots follow the team around and annoy them. Seems silly, but he also had them do this:

That's cool. I should get a poster like that.

Reed's most low-tech invention ever.

Now that's awesome. Somebody should put Kirby panels like this in 3-D, like in Destroy!.

Reed makes up for his goofy tinfoil invention with an awesome magnet-plane.

[Insert your own gay joke here]

Man, Mister Fantastic is the smartest man on earth, AND one of the world's greatest judo experts? Bastard.

And a final kickass line from the Thing. Early Fantastic Four is awesome. I may sound like I think it's stupid, but I kid because I love.

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