Monday, September 29, 2008

This week, da da da, something something

I got nothing in the way of catchy titles.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 10/1/08):

Army@Love Art of War #3

Rick Veitch continues his follow-up miniseries to his excellently bizarre Iraq war satire.  I'll be all over this when it gets collected.

Batman #680

So, do we find out who the Black Glove is this issue?  My guess:  uuuuuuhhhhhh, how about Orca, the whale woman?  Nobody would be expecting that one!  From what I've heard, this story seems interesting enough to check out sometime, but not enough to spend money on.  But maybe that's just the art; if it wasn't so godawfully ugly, I might think it was genius and eagerly await each new installment.  So hopefully it will be collected quickly, and then I can get it from the library.

Boys #23

It's a new storyline for Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's enjoyable superhero satire.  I'm really digging this book, and I'm bummed that I have to hop back off the monthly train.  But I'll be waiting for the next collection with bells on.

Challenger Deep #2

Crap, I'm behind on the various Boom! Studios series; I still need to read the first issue of this one, about underwater danger in the deepest part of the ocean.  I hope it doesn't suck.

Doktor Sleepless #9

I guess I missed the last issue, because this one is supposed to begin a new storyline.  Who knows what's going on with Warren Ellis' weird series, but if it's your thing, you'll probably enjoy it.  I wouldn't mind checking up on it, and maybe I'll be able to catch up someday.

Four Eyes #1

Joe Kelly has a bunch going on at Image these days, and here's another series of his, about a Depression-era kid escaping to some sort of fantasy-land.  Art is by Max Fiumara, and if the interior is anything like the cover (you can also view a short preview at that link) it seems like a new style for him.  This could be all right.

House of Mystery #6

I think this ends the first storyline?  No, I checked, and it's the start of a new one, about exploring the house's basement.  I had to drop this series, but I was enjoying it while I was reading it.  Unless the solicitation text is incorrect, this issue features art by Mike Allred.  Sweet!

No Hero #1

Warren Ellis' newest Avatar series "starts" (there was a #0 issue that already showed, and as with Black Summer, it was the actual first issue of the series).  It's about the lengths to which people will go to obtain superpowers.  Art by Juan Jose Ryp.  That 0 issue got things rolling with the interesting premise, so I'm quite curious to see how it all turns out.  Not that I'll be reading it before it's collected...

Red Mass for Mars #2

What was this series about again?  I think it had something to do with a superhero in the future, with terrible secrets, or something like that.  Man, Jonathan Hickman's books tend to come out really slowly, don't they?  I think I'll be skipping the rest of the series, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't at least give it a once-over, because Ryan Bodenheim's artwork is pretty nice.

Top Ten Season Two #1

This is the big release of the week, at least in terms of pamphlet-format single issues.  Even though Alan Moore isn't contributing to this new four-issue miniseries, but co-creators Zander Cannon (who is writing and providing layouts) and Gene Ha (who is doing the finished art) are on board, and it looks to be quite pretty.  I can't wait to read it.

Against Pain HC

Ron Rege, Jr.  I gotta say, I haven't been too thrilled by the work of his that I've seen; it seems like the messy contents of a teenager's notebook.  Kind of like Gary Panter, another artist that I just don't get.  Eh, maybe somebody will convince me of their merit someday.  But probably not; I'm stubborn.

Alcoholic HC

I've been looking forward to this Vertigo graphic novel written by novelist Jonathan Ames and illustrated by Dean Haspiel.  It's a semi-autobiographical story about an Ames stand-in, which might or might not be of any interest, but Haspiel's art is always great, so I'm sure it will look quite pretty, at the very least.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to read it.

American Widow HC

This autobiographical comic by Alisa Torres is about her life as the wife of a man who died in the World Trade Center tragedy, and it sounds like wrenching stuff.  The art is by Sungyoon Choi, and it looks pretty nice (this USA Today article contains a couple images).  According to J. Caleb Mozzocco, it's not a great comic, but it's still an interesting story, so I could see taking a look at it.  
Aya Of Yop City HC

I never did get to read Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie's Africa-set graphic novel Aya, and now here's its sequel, following up on the characters.  Man, I should really try to get to these someday.  New York Magazine has an excerpt.

Black Heart Billy Color ED TPB

This Rick Remender/Kieron Dwyer series sounds crazy as all get out; it has to do with a robot foiling a Nazi plot to turn people into hippie zombies.  Yeah, I dunno either.  Apparently it originally came out in 2000 in black and white, but this new edition is in color from IDW, and it'll cost you $19.99.

Boys Vol 3 TPB

Hey, I mentioned that I dig this series, right?  Here's the latest collection, getting you up to date through the most recent storyline.  If you haven't read it, and you want to get your mind blown by superheroes failing to stop 9/11, check it out.  It's good stuff.

Broken Girls GN

No idea if this book about girls at a reform school battling their drug-crazed fellow students will be any good, but it's a concept that could definitely lead to some cool action.  Here's a preview.

Cairo SC

Speaking of Vertigo graphic novels, here's a recent one that might or might not have received some acclaim.  I know I didn't especially like it, but it was kind of interesting.  The little bit of Air that I've read doesn't give me too much hope for creators G. Willow Wilson and M.K. Perker, but they might still prove me wrong.

Dark Tower Long Road Home HC

Hey, it's the second Dark Tower miniseries.  I stopped reading after the first one, which wasn't terrible or anything, but the exquisite artwork wasn't enough to hold my interest.  I did read the first issue of Treachery, the newest mini, and wasn't too impressed; apparently it hasn't gotten better in my absence.  But if this is your sort of thing, don't let me stop you.

Digger Vol 1 TPB

This looks like a cute sort of kids' book about a wombat who enters a Wonderland-esque fantasyland and carries on with the adventuring.  Here's a preview.

Essex County Vol 3 Country Nurse TPB

Another of the highly-acclaimed series that I have yet to read.  It's the final volume in Jeff Lemire's trilogy, and maybe I'll get around to them someday.  Someday...

Everybody's Dead TP

This zombie series looked interesting, but mostly because of Dave Crosland's artwork; he's pretty good.  But even if I wasn't already tired of zombies, this one's concept doesn't exactly appeal, with the survivors being lame frat boys.  Eh, I'm sure it goes for comedy and everything, but it doesn't seem like something I need to spend time (much less money) reading.

Gus And His Gang TP

First Second has this European western by Chris Blain, and it looks pretty nice, in that bug-eyed, gangly-limbed French style.  Here's a preview.

My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down HC

David Heatley's new book supposedly describes every sexual experience he has ever had, as well as his every encounter with a black person.  I've like what I've seen of Heatley's work (what makes it different from Gary Panter or Ron Rege?  I dunno.  But I loved the intimacy of "Portraid of My Dad", so at least I know what I can say I like about Heatley), so this looks like one to watch.  Here's some preview art at Heatley's blog, and an interview with preview pages at Newsarama.

Night Of Your Life HC

An interesting and kind of different sort of book from Dark Horse, this sees Jesse Reklaw doing four-panel interpretations of people's dreams.  Preview here.

Punisher MAX From First To Last TPB

Here's the little bit of Garth Ennis's mature-readers Punisher stories that I have read.  It contains The Tyger, The Cell, and The End (but not Born, for some reason).  All are quite good, with some nice art by John Severin on The Tyger and Richard Corben illustrating The End.  It's $15.99, which strikes me as a little expensive, but make of that what you will.

Rose TPB

A sort of side-story to Jeff Smith's Bone, detailing the history of a couple of characters.  It's actually fairly important (or at least revelatory) to the big fantasy narrative, but probably not essential.  Still, it's got some beautiful art by Charles Vess, so don't miss it if you've never read it.

Soddyssey & Other Tales Of Supernatural Law TP

I've heard that Batton Lash's Supernatural Law is pretty enjoyable, but I've never read it.  Here's a good chance to try it, with a recolored collection of stories for $17.95.  Spooky!

The Spirit Vol 2 HC

The second half of Darwyn Cooke's run on the latest revival of Will Eisner's character, and there are some pretty good stories here, especially the one that ends Cooke's run.  It's a nice-looking book too, so if you want to spring for the fancy hardcover, go for it; you've got my permission.

Sublife GN

From Fantagraphics, this is a collection of interesting-sounding stories by John Pham.  It's a 64-page, two-color, one-man anthology series, and it looks quite nice.  Here's Fanta's page, with a slideshow.

Gantz Vol 2 TP

More manga sex-n-violence from Dark Horse.  This is fun stuff, even if it's not exactly edifying.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Official Casebook Vol 1 

After playing this video game, I thought it would make a great manga, since it's full of crazy characters, weird cases, and goofy humor.  And here it is.  Hopefully, it will live up to the standard set by the games and not just be a quick-and-dirty tie-in.


  1. Jeff Lemire is unbelievably awesome! You really have to read his first two books; both are independently amazing!

  2. I'm guessing Born wasn't collected since it would have doubled the length of the book. It's still in print, too, whereas the original hardcover of First to Last sold out soon after release last January.

    As for the Black Glove, my money is on the Penny Plunderer. Nobody saw it coming!