Monday, September 22, 2008

This week, I'll try to refrain from making a Christina Aguilera reference

I managed to write some actual comics criticism this week, with a contribution to the "Sunday Slugfest" of All-Star Superman #12 over at Comics Bulletin.  Go there to see me heap the predictable praise on Morrison and Quitely.  And then:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 9/24/08):

Back To Brooklyn #1

New Garth Ennis!  This is a mafia drama co-written with Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Mihailio Vukelic.  Could be pretty enjoyable, with lots of potential for graphic violence.  Here's an interview, with a few preview pages.

Boys Club #1

From Beunaventura Press, it's a weird Fort Thunder-esque story by Matt Furie about some anthropomorphic animal buddies who hang out together.  I don't always go for that aesthetic, but who knows, this could be all right.

Dead #1

Ugh, another zombie book?  I wouldn't normally even bother to mention something like this, but this one is by Alan Grant, Simon Bisley, and Glenn Fabry, so it's at least worth a look.  If you like looking at freaky gore and such, that is.

Fantastic Four: True Story #3

I didn't get to read this issue ahead of time, but it's probably along the same lines as the previous two.  If you're enjoying Paul Cornell's adventure through fiction with the FF, I expect you'll continue to do so.

Hellboy The Crooked Man #3

Richard Corben finishes his latest Hellboy thing, and it's been incredibly good so far.  I can't wait to see how it finishes.  

My Name is Bruce

Dark Horse has this one-shot tie-in to Bruce Campbell's upcoming movie, in which he plays himself, fighting a Chinese demon.  That sounds pretty awesome, although I don't know how well the comic will be able to capture his magic.  It's by Milton Freewater Jr. and Cliff Richards.  Here's a short preview.

Northlanders #10

Part two (of two) of the second storyline in Brian Wood's Viking comic, illustrated by Dean Ormston.  Maybe I'll get to read it when it's collected.

Runaways #2

More of the Terry Moore/Humberto Ramos stuff.  I wasn't too keen on the first issue, so I won't be bothering to follow any more of it, so let me know if it gets any better.  I won't be holding my breath.

Samurai: Legend #1

The third series in Marvel's deal with French publisher Soleil, this one is all about the guys from the title, with a tale of ancient Japan, with all the honor and everything.  It's by Jean-Francois Di Giorgio and Frederic Genet.  It certainly looks pretty.

Station #3

Oh, man, I still haven't read the second issue of this space-murder mystery.  I did like #1, so I really need to catch up, and hopefully write something or other about it.

Wasteland #20

After the recent finish of the story arc that had been running, this is another of the one-shot issues that fills in some of the backstory of the series' world.  This one tells the story of the founding of Newbegin.  I believe it's supposed to be mostly prose, with illustrations by Chuck BB.  I think I'm going to have to switch back to trades on this series, but I'll get this one, since these issues don't get collected.  Should be good.

100 Bullets Vol 12 Dirty TPB

With this latest volume of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's awesome crime series, the trades return to the subtle numbering in the titles (Once Upon a Crime doesn't really have anything to do with "11", but like volume seven's Samurai, this one evokes The Dirty Dozen).  Looks like I'll have to update my increasingly complicated character relationship chart.  I can't wait to read it.

Abe Sapien TP Vol 01 Drowning

I haven't been reading the various BPRD series, but this origin story for one of the main characters looks interesting.  Art by Jason Shawn Alexander.  I've heard it's not especially great, but I'll probably read it someday, whenever I get caught up.

Absolute Ronin HC

Ah, Frank Miller.  He was weird even back in the 80s.  I've read this futuristic sort-of samurai series, and while it sure looks nice, it's kind of incomprehensible.  It's pretty well-regarded, but I would take several other of Miller's works over it (not All-Star Batman though).  Eh, maybe I should read it again sometime.  And if you want, now you can spend $99 to have a big version of it for yourself.  Don't throw your back out.

Barks/Rosa Collection Golden Helmet/Lost Charts Columbus Vol 3 TPB

In another of the nice-looking collections that Gemstone has been putting out, they've got a classic Carl Barks duck tale, followed by a Don Rosa "sequel".  These are always good.

Batman Black And White Vol 3 TPB

I've only read a little bit of this anthology series, but I've never thought it was all that great.  Of course, I think that was back before I really followed artists all that much, so I didn't really have the excitement of seeing, say, Brian Bolland put together a nice, short Batman story.  I'll have to reread some of these sometime, since there is definitely some good talent here.  For instance, this volume features Darwyn Cooke, Bruce Timm, Chris Bachalo, Sean Phillips and Dan DeCarlo.  Nice.

Black Summer TPB

Warren Ellis's violent tale of superhero war after one of them assassinates the President might not have been the shock to the genre that he was hoping, but it turned out to be pretty good, especially when the final issue rolled around.  Juan Jose Ryp provides some cluttered artwork, but it does the job.  Probably more for Ellis fans than anybody else, but it's not bad.

Hatter M The Looking Glass Wars Vol 1 TP

I never did read this weird tie-in to a series of prose novels, but I'll generally try anything illustrated by Ben Templesmith.  So here's a collected version for that purpose.

Marvel Boy Prem HC

I read this Grant Morrison/JG Jones series back when it came out, and it's pretty good.  I should reread it sometime and see how it holds up.  There are a lot of interesting ideas, and the character works well as a standalone deal, but apparently he's been shoehorned into the regular Marvel universe.  Ah well, at least people are probably interested in reading this now.  Or maybe they're just trying to capitalize on it being from the creators of Final Crisis.

Minions Of Ka GN

This is a strange-looking book from Arcana about the Catholic church using legions of the undead to take over the throne of England, I think.  Huh.  It's by Michael Furno, Michael Ahearn, and Chris Moreno.  Here's a preview, and you can also find a "trailer" on the site.  (comics aren't movies)

Red Rocket 7 TP Image Edition

Mike Allred's graphic novel about an alien clone who is involved, Zelig-like, in the entire history of rock and roll is pretty damn good.  Of course, I'm a shameless whore for Allred, but I still think it's a great book.  Check it out, if you haven't before.

Spaghetti Bros Vol 1 HC

Originally published in France, this series by Carlos Trillo and Domingo Mandrafina is about four Italian immigrants to the US, following their story over several decades, starting in 1910.  It looks like one of those decent crime stories, and I know Trillo mostly as a collaborator with Eduardo Risso.  It could definitely be worth a look.

Souvlaki Circus HC

Another weird one from Buenaventura Press.  This one is by Finnish artist Amanda Vahamaki and Italian artist Michelangelo Setola, and it's about, uh, I have no idea.  Lots of weird creatures doing strange stuff, apparently.  Sounds like a Buenaventura Press book.

Vertigo Encyclopedia HC

Well, if the regular DC and Marvel universes can have extensively annotated descriptions of all their characters and locations, why not Vertigo?  Actually, this is more of a cataloguing of all the various Vertigo series over the years, which means it probably has some interesting stuff in there.  

XoXo Hugs And Kisses 30 Postcards By James Jean

In another non-comics book/thing, we've got what are sure to be some pretty pictures.  I do like James Jean's art, don't you?  I bet these will look nice.  I don't know what else to say.

Girl Who Could Run Through Time Vol 1 TP

A CMX manga about a time-travelling girl.  Shojo, maybe?  Eh, it could be worth a look.

Tezukas Black Jack Vol 1 HC

Ooh, here's the big manga release for the next while.  Vertical is going all out with this series, and it's some good stuff, from what I've seen.  I'll probably try to finish reading Buddha and Phoenix before getting caught up in this, but I'll try to obtain all the volumes someday.  For now, you can check out Jog's excellent review of this volume.

Wild Animals Vol 1 GN

I think this one is actually a manhua (from China), adapted from a popular novel detailing what life was like during Mao's Cultural Revolution.  It's probably pretty fascinating stuff; I would love to check it out sometime.

With The Light Raising An Autistic Child Vol 3 GN

I never did read the second volume of this series, but I thought the first one was quite good, in an educational, after-school-special sort of way.  Maybe I'll get around to reading more of the series sometime.

And that's everything.  I'll probably skip the shop this week, even though I'm excited for the new 100 Bullets volume.  But I've got lots of other stuff to read, so that one will have to wait.  Who knows, I might manage to put together some content.  Stay tuned and see!


  1. Regarding 100 Bullets "Once Upon a Crime": "once" is 11 in Spanish, I don't think it was a coincidence.

  2. Ooh, that's very crafty.

  3. I read your weekly musings to determine which books I buy. I think you have wonderful taste and generally look for the same things in your purchases I look for in mine. (So, in other words, I like your blog because we share tastes! lol)

    Anyway, Marvel Boy is one of my absolute favorite Morrison stories. It's one of the few where I feel like he was able to form a very good narative around his awesomely wacky ideas.

    I'll take Ronin from Miller over almost any of his other work. But I'm really lost on his stuff - I just don't understand the appeal of something like 300.

    And a Soliel book? Yay! I'm *really* enjoying the Soliel stuff!

  4. I think of Ronin and Martha Washington pretty fondly, everything else by Miller after less and less so (and that includes Dark Knight Returns...which may not have been after).I think Ronin holds up because it's an interesting early mix of his previous superhero style and the Japanese influence, and it's not quite as bogged down with his machismo and politics fixations in his blunt object characterization style. That's an admittedly personal take though.

  5. Hmmm, interesting. I think I need to reread Ronin and see what I think. Tastes change, right?

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