Monday, October 20, 2008

This week, I'm still plugging along

Well, looks like at least one person likes these weekly release posts, so I'll try to keep doing them.  We'll see how long it lasts.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 10/22/08):

Batman Gotham After Midnight #6

I doubt I would really be that interested in reading this miniseries (maxiseries?) by Steve Niles and Kelley Jones, but from what I've seen Caleb Mozzocco mention, it looks pretty crazy, mostly because of Jones' art.  I'm not really a fan of Steve Niles, so it's possible that it reads like crap, so maybe the best choice is to just watch Caleb highlights as he points out stuff like the Bat-unicycle.

Criminal Vol 2 #6

More adventures of our put-upon cartoonist/counterfeiter.  I should have a review of this issue up at Comics Bulletin tomorrow.  Hmm, maybe I should get around to reading it...

Final Crisis #4

I stopped reading this, but I kind of regret it.  I guess Darkseid took over Earth with a spam email campaign?  Who knows what kind of wackiness Morrison will come up with next.  I'm sure I'll read all about it, and maybe I'll get around to finishing the thing when it's collected.

Final Crisis Submit #1

I guess this is some sort of filler/tie-in that was supposed to come out in the planned gap between a few issues of the main series.  But that series is late (surprise, surprise), so it's just showing up whenever.  There's another one called Resist that will show at some point, and Grant Morrison actually wrote that one, but in the meantime, if you want to see Black Lightning do something or other in a world ruled by evil, here you go.  At least Doug Mahnke's art will probably look nice.

Or Else #5

You know, I've read a little Kevin Huizenga, and while he's pretty good, I'm not as enamored of him as many seem to be.  Maybe I need to read more.  Here's my chance, I guess, with the latest issue of his ongoing series that occasionally collects mini-comics (but not always?  Maybe some new material?), I think.  This issue: a "special report" on household insects!

Samurai: Legend #2

Marvel/Soleil.  I never read the first one, so I don't know if it was any good.  Sure looks pretty.  But it looks like the one to watch out for is the third issue.  Its cover is freaky.

Unknown Soldier #1

A new Vertigo series sees a reworking of the classic war comics character (which was already revamped by Garth Ennis ten years ago or so), placing him in Uganda amidst the brutal regional strife.  Written by Joshua Dysart, with art by Alberto Ponticelli.  Could be good?

Adventures Of Luther Arkwright TP 2nd Edition

I should really check this series out at some point, since I dig Bryan Talbot, and I often hear that it is quite good.  I'll hit the library one of these days, but here's a nice, shiny, new version for those of you who want it quick.

Classics Illustrated Vol 3 Through the Looking Glass HC

I generally don't bother with these comics adaptations of literary classics, although I'm occasionally curious, usually due to the artist.  That's certainly the case here, since this version is illustrated by Kyle Baker.  That definitely sounds worth a look-see.

Cream of Tank Girl HC

Artbook!  Yep, it's all sorts of Jamie Hewlett ephemera involving the series, including art, posters, covers, scripts, rare strips, etc.  Sounds like fun.

French Milk GN

A new graphic novel from Lucy Knisley, about a trip that she and her mom took to Paris.  Looks quite interesting.  Here's an interview she recently did with Tom Spurgeon (for some reason, that link leads nowhere, so here's a Google Cache version of the page).

Haunt of Horror Lovecraft HC

Well, Nina Stone hates this, but I generally dig Richard Corben, and I liked the one issue of the series I read, so I should try to get to the rest of them at some point.  However, I would recommend searching out the three issues of the series rather than buying this overpriced hardcover; it'll save you eight bucks.

Heavy Liquid HC

Paul Pope is awesome.  That's all you really need to know if you're wondering whether to buy this.  Seriously, if you haven't read it, you need to resolve that shit ASAP.  You don't know what you've been missing.

I Live Here HC

Actress Mia Kirshner (The L Word) spearheaded (wrote?) this multimedia book that focuses on refugees and displaced people all over the world.  It's notable for containing comics by Joe Sacco and Phoebe Gloeckner, among others.  Is it a Bono-esque prestige project, or a good bit of art and journalism?  We'll see, I guess.

Magic Trixie GN Vol 2

Ooh, this came out quick.  I loved the first volume of this Jill Thompson kids' series, so I'm sure I'll enjoy the second.  In this one, our little witch sleeps over at her friends houses, seeing what it's like to live as a monster, werewolf, vampire, etc.  Sounds fun, and I bet it will look beautiful.

Moresukine Updated Weekly From Tokyo GN

I thought this already came out, but just in case, it's worth a mention.  It's a collection of journal-ish strips from German cartoonist Dirk Schwieger, chronicling his time in Japan, in which he had people give him suggestions for activities to do and make comics about.  Here's an excerpt.  I would love to read the whole book sometime.

No Formula Stories From The Chemistry Set Vol 1 GN

An anthology of comics from the Chemistry Set webcomics collective, which includes such luminaries as Kevin Colden, Dean Haspiel, Michel Fiffe, and many others.  I'm not sure, but you might be able to read all the stories at the preceding link.  Still, if you want to support these fine fellows (and ladies), buy the book.  I bet it's a pretty good read.

Northlanders TP Vol. 1 Sven The Returned

Brian Wood!  Vikings (emo or otherwise)!  Violence!  If you missed out on the first storyline of this Vertigo series, here's your chance to catch up.  It's pretty good stuff.

Sky Doll Prem HC

Here's the collection of Marvel/Soleil's weird European series.  If you thought the individual issues were overpriced at six bucks each, just check out this collection, which will run you twenty-five.  I like that Marvel is publishing European stuff, but they run the risk of pricing people out of the market for them.  But if you can afford it, feel free to check it out.

Sprit Femme Fatales TP

Movie tie-in!  DC's capitalizing on the Frank Miller movie by putting out this collection of stories featuring Will Eisner's sexy, sexy dames.  I would be all over this (if I could afford it), except I imagine many of the stories were already printed in that Best of the Spirit trade from a few years ago that I already have.  I hate buying comics twice.

Trains Are...Mint GN

Oliver East's travelogue/autobiography about traveling on trains and by other means of transportation.  I've heard about this book, and it has generally gotten good reviews.  Maybe I'll have to check it out.

United States Constitution A Graphic Adaptation TP

This doesn't seem like the most visually-stimulating material, does it?  I guess it worked for the 9/11 report, but still, there are some things that should probably remain in their original medium.  I hope they find a unique way to illustrate the three-fifths compromise though; there's a nice piece of American history.

Warren Ellis Aetheric Mechanics GN

It's the latest in Warren Ellis' line of Apparat graphic novels, which don't seem to have much of a unifying principle outside of being about whatever the hell Ellis wants to write about.  This one takes place in an alternate 1907, with a detective named Sax Raker searching for an elusive killer.  Art is by Gianluca Pagliarani, whom I've never heard of.  I'll always give Ellis a chance, so I'm hoping this will be good.

We Can Still Be Friends GN

The English-language debut of German cartoonist Mawil; it's a humorous look at a breakup, or something.  Here's a review by Alan David Doane.

Will Eisners The Spirit Pop-Up Graphic Novel HC

Hey, this is a cool idea.  It's a pop-up version of the original series' last two issues.  Better than the Spider-Man pop-up book?  Maybe!

Y The Last Man Vol 1 Deluxe edition HC

Ooh, it's the fancy (read: expensive) version of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's acclaimed series.  If you wanted to spend more on the book, here's your chance.  This collects the first ten issues for $30.  I guess if you haven't read the series, this is an opportunity, but since I'm always budget-minded, I would go for the softcover version.  Unless you really want the collector's item or something.  If so, you got any money you want to give me?

Art Of Bleach All Colour But The Black TP

A book for John Jakala, and kids with lots of disposable income.  Enjoy, dudes.

Classical Medley Vol 1 TP

A new CMX manga, about a prince who has to flee when his parents' kingdom is taken over by evil forces.  Oddly, everybody is named after musical stuff, so maybe it's all symbolic of something or other.  Interesting?  Or pointless?  U-decide!

Crayon Shinchan Vol 5 TP CMX Edition

Bastard kids, they'll ruin your life.

Gon Vol 6 TP New Printing

Fucking dinosaurs, they always wreck shit.

Love Quest GN

This yaoi manga from Yen Press has what sounds to be one of the most pointless romantic conflicts ever: two rival boys get sucked into a fantasy world, and the only way out is to kiss.  Just do it, dudes!  You've got a good reason; it doesn't automatically make you gay.  You don't even have to tell anybody!  Somehow, I don't think it'll go that way.

Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol 1 GN

I watched the first season of this anime series recently, and it was pretty good.  But it was actually based on a series of novels, so this manga must be either an adaptation of the anime, or another tie in to the books.  Thus, it's probably not great.  I could be wrong though; maybe it'll be great.  Oh yeah, it's about a high school girl who wants the world to be more interesting than it is, and it turns out that she has a psychic power to bring fantasies to life.  But she doesn't know it, and although she is surrounded by magic and science-fictional characters, they all keep their natures secret from her, instead sharing with the real main character, a boy named Kyon.  It's interesting stuff, so I guess you could check the manga out if you don't get a chance to see the anime (but if you do see the anime, I would recommend watching in the original Japanese, rather than the dubbed version.  Just sayin').

Real Vol 2 GN

More of Takehiko Inoue's wheelchair basketball series.  I loved the first volume, so I imagine this will also be excellent.  Check it out, if you haven't already.

And that appears to be everything.  Hopefully I'll have something up tomorrow; I started working on it yesterday, but a certain member of my family was having a terrible time going to sleep, and it kind of ruined any other activities for the evening.  How inconsiderate.  So, stay tuned.  Later!


  1. The manga about the musical note-named kids was previewed earlier this year in a CMX sampler. The preview was... well, I worry that kids who read it will become stupider? That may not be a legitimate concern, but that is my gut feeling. Very pretty art, though.

  2. they do always wreck shit, those fucking dinosaurs.

  3. I'm assuming the Classics Illustrated is a reprint of the First Comics version -- and those were great. IIRC from an interview, Baker's approach to adapting Carroll was to take the number of pages in the book, divide by the number of pages he had for the adaptation, and fit the two together. His adaptations were very complete, and his cartooning style fit Carroll's prose quite nicely.

  4. You should read Final Crisis #4. I agree and though 3 was a slow and kind of pointless issue, but four brings it back. It actually turns out to be a pretty scary issue and Morrison does some interesting stuff like wordless word balloons.

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