Monday, June 29, 2009

This week, comics appear on shelves, and people will buy them. You know the drill

I think I already used up all my links that I was saving.

Wait, I found one: the latest "issue" of Myspace Dark Horse Presents has a "Dr. Horrible" prequel illustrated by Jim Rugg. Also, a Hellboy story starring a young Dr. Bruttenholm and a cute two-pager by Nicholas Kole. Decent readin'.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 7/1/09):

Agents of Atlas #7

Jeff Parker! I'm really enjoying this series, so hopefully it's selling well enough to last a while longer, at least. This issue, which is once again illustrated by the excellent Gabriel Hardman, sees the wedding of Namor and Namora, maybe. Gross? Hot? We'll find out!

Bad Kids Go to Hell #1

I dunno about this one; it's published by Antarctic Press, which isn't usually a sign of quality, but it does sound interesting. The blurb describes it as "The Breakfast Club meets the The Grudge", with a story that sees a prep school haunted by an evil spirit. Could be decent, could be lame.

Batman and Robin #2

Morrison and Quitely! The first issue of this was pretty good, although it felt like mostly setup to me. Still, I love the action scenes that integrate sound effects into the art, and there are some hints of real creepiness to come, along with good characterization on the leads. I'll pick up the first three issues at least, and probably skip the non-Quitely ones for now. Can't miss out on excellent artwork.

Boys #32

Garth Ennis is still going strong; apparently last issue saw a major character die, but I'm trying to avoid spoiling who it was exactly. Dammit, that's what I get when I wait for the trade. Carlos Esquerra is still doing the art; I bet it will be a pretty good read, whenever I get around to it.

Chew #2

The first issue of this series seemed to go over pretty well among the online commentariat. I might have to give this series a try. For those who are unaware, it's about a detective who gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats; also, there's some business about black market chicken after it gets outlawed due to bird flu. Interesting?

Cursed Pirate Girl #0

I believe the first issue of this series already came out, but I guess this is a preview issue or something that keeps the interest up while waiting for the second? I can't find much information online, but this review indicates that it has a four-page story and some other content. I really need to check out this series; the art by Jeremy Bastian is gorgeous.

Destroyer #4

Man, this series is nuts, isn't it? Robert Kirkman's usual writing tics are in effect, but this series seems about as violent as he's ever gotten, or at least as bloody. It's so over-the-top that characters spend entire scenes coated in red from head to toe; that's pretty hilarious. If you can stand the earnest writing that seems lifted straight from an action movie starring John Cena, give it a read.

Existence 2.0 #1

This is one of those series from Image that features a sort of sci-fi concept that might be interesting; who knows if it will ever finish though. It's something about a physicist who gets killsed, but his consciousness transfers into the body of his killer, and he has to solve his own murder, or something. Here's a preview.

Fantastic Four #568

I think Mark Millar and Brian Hitch's run is coming to a close soon, maybe at the end of this storyline? I still don't really buy the whole "Dr. Doom's teachers showing up to destroy the Earth" angle, but it could turn out okay. Last issue saw them apparently kill Doom and then dump his body in the Pleistocene era; who wants to bet that he survives and spends 20 years building a time machine or something, and then returns and saves the day?

Finding Nemo Reef Rescue #1 (of 4)

Boom! Studios keeps going with their Disney/Pixar books, this one functioning as a sequel to the movie, with the stars returning and going on another adventure. Giving it a glance, it certainly looks bright and cute. If it gets into the hands of any kids, I'm sure they'll eat it right up.

Greek Street #1

Ooh, this is one that I'm a little bit excited about. It's a new Vertigo series from writer Peter Milligan, doing a sort of retelling of Greek tragedies and mythology set in modern-day London.
Northlanders' David Gianfelice provides the art; I bet it will be quite good. Don't let me down, Milligan!

Invincible Iron Man #15

I've been following this series with trepidation, since I feel like Matt Fraction is kind of struggling to maintain his creativity while working in the Marvel Comics salt mines, but while his current storyline started out a bit awkwardly, as if forced into place by editorial fiat, it's started getting better. I still don't see why Tony Stark has to erase his own mind, but Fraction is trying his damndest to make it interesting, having him slowly lose his facilities and have to switch to ever-simpler versions of his armor. Not a bad idea, and the characterization is still pretty good. I don't know if I would go so far as to recommend it, especially with the kinda-ugly Salvador Larocca art, but it's not a terrible read.

Marvel Divas #1

Oh, the controversial "Sex in the City with superheroines" comic! Will it live up to the (mostly negative) hype? Will everyone be appalled by the sexism, or will they be surprised at the rich characters and their compelling love lives? Or will anyone bother looking inside after seeing the hideous cover? Find out tomorrow; I'll have a review up at Comics Bulletin.

Unwritten #1 2nd Printing

I didn't read this when it originally came out, but I did get a free copy at MoCCA, and I thought it was actually quite good. Now I'm intrigued, enough to try to obtain a copy of the trade, at least. I'm not always on board with Mike Carey, but he seems to be doing something interesting here, and I want to see how it turns out.

USA Comics #1

Another of Marvel's 70th anniversary comics, this one starring the Destroyer, fightin' the Nazis well before he got old and covered in blood by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker. John Arcudi writes, Steve Ellis (High Moon) draws, and you can read a reprint of one of his early adventures in the back of the book. Fun, hopefully.

Witchfinder In the Service of Angels #1

Mike Mignola's newest Hellboy-verse series, about a Victorian-era dude who presumably finds witches. I liked the story starring the character that was on Myspace Dark Horse Presents last year, so I bet this will also be good. Man, Mignola just keeps going, doesn't he? That's good for everybody.

Y The Last Man #1 Special Edition

Here's the latest thing that DC has going to capitalize on the Watchmen movie; only one dollar for the first issue of this series. I did really love this series while it was going, and this first installment is a good one for getting people hooked, so if you haven't read it, I recommend giving it a try. You'll be eagerly following the adventures of Yorick the last dude on Earth in no time.

Boys Vol 4 TPB We Gotta Go Now

Hey, it's the collection of that "X-Men" storyline that recently finished! From what I heard, it went on a bit long, but it had a hell of a finish. I do like this series quite a bit, so I'll be picking this up. Don't let me down, Garth Ennis!

Far Arden HC

This new release from Top Shelf looks to be pretty enjoyable. It's by Kevin Cannon (who I recently learned is not Zander Cannon's brother, even though the two of them seem inseparable), and it's about a sailor searching for the mystical island of the title. It looks like great fun, full of action, humor, and funny sound effects. I definitely plan to pick it up. I also recommend Tom Spurgeon's recent interview with Cannon, which was quite enjoyable.

Firebreather Vol 1 TP New Printing

I never did get a chance to read this Phil Hester/Andy Kuhn series about the son of a giant monster and his various adventures. I think this is a collection of the original miniseries, rather than the second, ongoing volume, although I'm not completely sure. It's supposed to be good, isn't it?

Classic GI Joe TP Vol 4

I kind of doubt I'll ever read these stories from the Larry Hama-written Marvel run of the series, but I'm hoping Tucker Stone does, as long as it leads to fun write-ups like the one he did of the first volume for the Savage Critics.

The Goon Vol 8 Those That Is Damned TPB

I believe this volume collects the series up through the most recent issue, completing the year-long storyline that saw the Goon and Franky fight a resurrected Labrazio and keep him from taking over the town. Good stuff, with plenty of sick jokes, poignant moments, and great art from Eric Powell. I give it two severed thumbs up (that joke was dumb).

Magic Trixie And The Dragon TP

This came out last week, but I missed it somehow, so I'm mentioning it this week. I love this kids' series by Jill Thompson, so I recommend that everybody reads this. I should have a review up soon, but in the meantime, here's what I thought of the first two. Caleb Mozzocco seems to have also become obsessed with her recently, to my delight.

Nelson Mandela Authorized Comic Book

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a biography of Mandela, with the writer listed as "The Nelson Mandela Foundation", with art by Umlando Wezithombe. Published by W.W. Norton; I guess this is the way to go if you're trying to educate yourself and still remain trendy. Here's the Amazon listing if you're interested.

Runaways Rock Zombies HC

The end of Terry Moore's run on this series wasn't too bad, although the story was mostly saved by Takeshi Miyazawa's artwork. It was only three or four issues long though; does it really need to go into a hardcover and sell for twenty bucks? I say save your money and read the current Kathryn Immonen/Sara Pichelli run; it's much better.

Tales Designed To Thrizzle Vol 1 HC

It's the collection of the first four issues of Michael Kupperman's hilarious series, now in color! This stuff is comedy gold, so get it if you haven't read it already, and hell, spend the extra money to see the non-monochromatic version if you want. Fanta has the usual preview/slideshow, if you're interested.

Voice Of The Fire SC

I don't know if Alan Moore's novel/short story collection is only just coming out in paperback or if this is a new edition, but whatever the case, it's a great book. God, Alan Moore is a genius.

Emma Vol 9 TP

On the manga front, I always hear that this series is really good, so I'll definitely have to check it out at some point. This isn't the place to do so, being (I believe) the final volume and focusing on some tangential characters in the cast. Maybe I'll get to it eventually.

Girl Who Leapt Through Time GN

I'm not sure if this series started out as a manga and was adapted into an anime, but this particular volume is a manga adaptation of the anime, so it's either a second- or third-generation version of the property, and probably not the best way to experience the story. I think I've heard good things about it, so maybe I'll try to watch the anime at some point, but knowing how well adaptations like this usually work out, I wouldn't really give this a recommendation.

My Heavenly Hockey Club Vol 8 GN

Here's another series that I often hear is good. Yes, it's yet another entry in my massive list of stuff to possibly consider reading someday. I've removed that file from my memory so as to keep my brain from reaching capacity, but it exists somewhere in the ether. I'm so organized!

And that appears to be the extent of this week's notable releases. I may have to visit the comic shop twice in as many weeks! Maybe I'll even do some writing this week too; you never know.


  1. Softcover of "Voice of the Fire"? Very cool. I believe this is the first time we've seen a softcover version (of the Jose Villarrubia illustrated edition, that is). Awesome!

  2. Most looking forward to Chew #2 and Batman & Robin #2. Both of those have been nice surprises.

  3. Yes, this is the first softcover appearance of VOICE with Kidd design, Gaiman intro, and Villarrubia illustrations.