Friday, August 28, 2009

'They literally threw me out of medical school for my "electro-organic" approach to forensic medicine! But!--Now!--'

It's all about man not being able to control that which he doesn't fully understand in today's Fourth World Panel, from Forever People #9. Actually, I'm going to cheat again and use three panels, although they're not sequential:

That's a mad scientist who, having stolen New God technology from the Forever People, uses it to awaken his own personal Frankenstein monster, which immediately goes on a rampage. It's as though man shouldn't tamper with cosmic matters (like, say, Mark Moonrider's Megaton Touch, get what I'm saying?) lest he unleash powers beyond his control! Why, even supernatural forces can't match up against the cosmic:

That's Deadman, who has apparently joined the title due to editorial mandate, but Kirby makes good use of him, and hopefully will continue to do so in the next issue or two, as he joins the team to search for his murderer. He's a good character to interact with the Fourth World, bringing mystical, magical forces into play that seem like they will still be below the level of Kirby's cosmicness.

Also of note this issue is a funny scene with Big Bear:

He's quick becoming my favorite of the Forever People, possibly because he's the only one with much of a personality beyond "cosmic do-gooder". He's got a love for human culture and history, and he has that "gentle giant" thing going on. Kirby gets some good humor out of him kind of just bemusedly taking whatever attacks humans deal out, and then effortlessly defeating them. Good times.

Next: "The Bug"!

I can't let this post pass without mentioning that today is Jack Kirby's birthday; he would have been 92 if he was still alive. The more I read his work, the more I marvel at his amazing creativity. I think Tom Spurgeon's post for today, which simply collects a bunch of his amazing imagery, sums it up best. The range of ideas and stories he told over his career is astonishing; just scrolling through those pictures kind of blows my mind at everything he did so well, from crazy ideas to explosive action to fully-realized characters. He truly was the King.

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