Monday, August 24, 2009

This week, I don't get all that much of a break, do I?

Let's see if I can muster up the motivation to post more than once this next week...

New comics this week (Wednesday, 8/26/09):

28 Days Later #1

Boom! Studios has this ongoing series which acts as a sequel to the film, following (at least one of) the characters in the time between the movie and its sequel. I don't know if that matters, because nobody from the first film showed up in the second, right? Still, they're both pretty good movies, and writer Alex Garland is involved in this in some capacity (he's in the credits, that is), so it could be good.

Batman and Robin #3

It's the last Morrison/Quitely Batman book, for now. After that, Phillip Tan comes on board, in what promises to be an attempt to compete with Tony Daniel for poorly realizing Morrison's scripts. So this is the last one I'll be getting for a while, I suspect. But I really dug the first two parts, so I bet this will be good. More artistic onomatopoeia, please.

Batman Widening Gyre #1

In less-interesting Batman news, here's the latest Kevin Smith-written miniseries, sporting an annoyingly dumb title and the promise of "geek-bait guest stars galore". I guess he's competing with Jeph Loeb for definitive Batman stories now. Skip it, says I!

Boys Herogasm #4

Ennis gives us more porn-tastic supes. Even fans of the main book don't seem to like this, but I'll probably read it anyway.

Cerebus Archive #3

More old Dave Sim stuff, including stories submitted to Charlton Comics, complete with rejection letters. If you really need to see some cartoonist archaeology, here you go. I'd be happy with more new stuff, myself.

Citizen Rex #2

Gilbert and Mario Hernandez, continuing with the sci-fi wackiness. It's times like this that I regret being a trade-waiter.

Dark Reign Sinister Spider-Man #3

Bachalo. He's the reason to read this, although it's kinda enjoyable anyway.

Detective Comics #856

Batwoman keeps fighting the Mad Hatter's daughter, or something, and trying to seem interesting beyond J.H. Williams' art.

Fantastic Four #570

New creative team! This starts Jonathan Hickman's run on the title, with Dale Eaglesham providing the art. I'm hopeful that he'll have some good ideas, but given Marvel's track record for taking interesting creators and dullifying them, I'm not especially optimistic. We'll see how it goes; I should have a review up at Comics Bulletin tomorrow.

King City #1

The relaunch! Brandon Graham managed to rescue his series from Tokyopop, and now he's re-releasing the first volume in pamphlet format, to be followed immediately by the unpublished second volume. I'm not sure which issue will see the new material start to appear, but I'll be paying attention, because I don't want to miss out. I loved this story when it first came out, so if you missed it then, don't do the same this time around.

Muppet Show Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson #2

Roger Langridge continues to rock the puppet funniness. I've been reading the first miniseries, and this is some great stuff. People, don't pass this one up! It's funny!

Runaways #13

The new creative team is still doing their thing. I'm liking it so far.

Secret Warriors #7

Jonathan Hickman takes over this series here, going solo as the writer (the previous arc was co-written by Brian Michael Bendis, although I think he just did the plots). The book took an interesting turn after a few issues, switching from being about Nick Fury's underground team of superheroes to seeing him raise a new army of "Howling Commandos" to fight Norman Osborn and Hydra. We'll see if Hickman can keep doing anything worthwhile here; chances are, the series will get cancelled before too long anyway.

Spin Angels #1

This is Marvel's latest translated French comic from Soleil, about a team of spies and assassins working for the Vatican. Could be neat, but like most of these things, probably too expensive at six bucks an issue.

Unknown Soldier #11

African violence! I picked up the first trade of this series last week, but who knows how long it will be before I read it. I do want to get to it though; this series is supposed to be darn good.

Wednesday Comics #8

Still going with the large comics and whatnot. I liked Metamorpho last week, and the Flash was especially interesting. Wonder Woman is getting better too. And Hawkman fights dinosaurs! This series is pretty sweet.

AD New Orleans After the Deluge GN

I think this book came out last week, but I neglected to mention it. It's Josh Neufeld's journalistic comic (which was originally serialized online) relating various people's stories about living through hurricane Katrina. It's supposed to be very good; I'll have to try to get my hands on a copy.

Colodin Project GN

I'm not sure exactly what this comic is about (something involving a mass panic because "special" people have been moved to some sort of hidden lair?), but it looks nice, and might be interesting. Here's the official site, where you can see some impossible-to-read preview pages and watch a fairly unhelpful trailer. I'm intrigued, at least, so that's something.

Color Of Heaven TP

The final book in Kim Dong-Hwa's trilogy about his mother's sexual awakening (or her romantic history, if that grosses you out a bit less). I liked the first volume quite a bit; now I need to read the other two.

Immortal Iron Fist Prem HC Vol 05 Escape From The Eighth City

This was a pretty darn good story, seeing Danny Rand and his fellow Immortal Weapons trapped in a jail dimension and fighting lots of monsters. I liked it, so if writer Duane Swierczynski lost you with his first story arc, I suggest giving him a second chance here. Of course, the book is now on hiatus, but it might be coming back eventually.

Jennifer's Body HC

This is based on a movie that doesn't sound like something I would want to see (Megan Fox is a murderous, demonically-possessed cheerleader! Yay!), but I like the talent on hand in this adaptation/tie-in, which includes Jim Mahfood, Nikki Cook, and Ming Doyle. Rick Spears writes, Boom! publishes, maybe it will turn out okay.

Killer of Demons TP

I was not aware of this series when it originally came out (or I just forgot about it), but it might be enjoyable. It's by Christopher Yost (eh) and Atomic Robo's Scott Wegener (yeah!), and it's about a salaryman (to use the Japanese parlance; we should try to get that term accepted here in the West too) who is, well, a killer of demons. Unless he's just crazy or something and is a serial killer, ha ha. Sounds like good times; I'll have to check it out.

Muppet Show TPB

Did I mention that Roger Langridge is awesome? Here's the collection of his first miniseries on the muppets, a four-issue thing that saw a different character spotlighted in each issue while still piling on the hilarity. It's excellent, full of great cartooning and funny gags aplenty. Read it, if you haven't already.

Prayer Requested TP

This book from Drawn & Quarterly sees artist Christian Northeast illustrate various found prayers, in ways that seem to mock the writers but still remain kind of poignant. Interesting stuff; you can see a PDF preview here.

Stuffed GN

Nick Bertozzi! I've been hearing about this book from First Second, about two brothers who inherit a taxidermied African warrior and try to figure out what to do with it, and it's definitely something I want to read. Written by Glenn Eichler, art by my man Nick. I hope it's good.

Toy Story Mysterious Stranger TPB

In addition to the Muppets, Boom! also has this collection of a recent series about Woody, Buzz, and the gang. I haven't read it, but I did think the art was nice. Maybe kids will like it? Recommendation, it's what I'm good at!

Crayon Shinchan Vol 9 TP CMX Edition

The horrible children keep coming.

Gantz TP Vol 06

As do the blood and speed lines.

Gurren Lagann Vol 2 GN

And the fan service. The cover of this volume bothers me, which is weird, because I really liked the anime. Maybe the boob shots aren't as egregious in animation, while print seems to linger on them for too long. Or maybe I'm a hypocrite. Anyway, I don't know if the manga version of this is any good, but here it is.

Ikigami Ultimate Limit GN Vol 2

Death, of the institutionalized variety. I just finished reading this volume, so expect a review soon. It's not bad. Here's what I thought about the first volume, if you must know.

Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu Vol 1 TP

Junko Mizuno! Here's her new book, a sure-to-be-cute bit of weirdness about a shapeshifting alien who gets with lots of earth women. I bet it's funny and strange and full of striking designs.

Summer Of The Ubume TP

Not a comic! This is a translated novel from Vertical, about a fake exorcist that has to solve a mystery about a dead pregnant woman. Sounds interesting. It's the first of a series, and it might be worth a look for people who are interested in all of Japanese culture, not just the words 'n pictures variety. Does that include me? I dunno.

I guess that's about it. More posts coming! Don't go away!


  1. Man, i'm fucking all about this week. Insane stuff is a-coming.

  2. I was wondering where you were! I was going to e-mail you to see if you were ok, but then I forgot....

    Anyway, Citizen Rex is exactly why I am a trade waiter. Try finding that book anywhere other than big cities. Wait, I'm going to jump off this soapbox.

    I've done maybe my final purge of buying single issue floppies. The only books I think I was still going in for were RASL and the Kirkman books, but RASL takes too long between issues and the Kirkman stuff I read in trades anyway.

    I'll still keep coming back if you keep posting!!