Monday, January 18, 2010

This week, we all get excited about new Morrison

Elsewhere: I talked about last week's episode of Dollhouse over at The Factual Opinion.

One link:  This Darryl Cunningham strip amused me.

New comics this week (Wednesday, 1/20/10):

Avengers vs Atlas #1

Your Marvel book of interest for the week is by Jeff Parker, which is no surprise.  I'm kind of a whore for him, and this one sees his pet team go up against some version of the Avengers (the original lineup?) in an adventure having to do with the collapse of spacetime and that sort of craziness.  Sounds like fun, and it should look pretty damn nice, what with Gabriel Hardman on art.  Look for a full review tomorrow on Comics Bulletin.  Yep.

Cowboy Ninja Viking #3

I liked the first two issues of this oddball series about a crazy hitman with at least three different deadly personalities, so here's part three.  It looks like he's going up against a bunch of other similar "triplets", like the gladiator/pirate/deep sea diver he fought in #2.  Fun times; check it out.

Fables #92

I never have anything to say about new issues of this series, except that I can't wait to read them.  I should be getting to the most recent Jack of Fables collection soon, so then I'll be all ready for the next collection, "The Great Fables Crossover".  Bring it on, Willingham!

Garth Ennis Battlefields Happy Valley #2

Garth Ennis war comics, you can't beat them.  The first issue: good, the kind of matter-of-fact story about soldiers doing their jobs that Ennis does so well.  Of course, it's all going to go to hell at some point, probably mid-way through this issue.  Rock it, Ennis!

Glamourpuss #11

Dave Sim doesn't quit.  He's still at it with this bizarre comic, and this issue is about Stan Drake and possibly drawing cars, with a cover and backup feature by Russ Heath.  I may just read it someday.

Joe The Barbarian #1

Here's the exciting release of the week, the one the internet won't be able to shut up about for the next week or so.  It's the new Grant Morrison series from Vertigo, about a kid who either has an overactive imagination or actually gets transported to some sort of fantasy realm where he is joined by all his toys and action figures in a fight against evil.  Looks pretty cool, with some nice art by Sean Murphy.  I thought about waiting for the collection on this one, but I don't think I can avoid the discussion for that long, so I'll go ahead and buy it, dammit.  Don't let me down, Morrison!  Yeah, I doubt he will.

Kids Of Widney High One Shot

Apparently, the titular kids of this comic are a real-life band composed of special-ed students who attend the (also titular) high school, and they've gained a low level of fame by appearing on Howard Stern and in movies like The Ringer.  I'm not sure if this thing is supposed to be autobiographical, but it's written by the actual kids, with art by talents like Chuck BB, Robbi Rodriguez, Jim Mahfood, and others.  Those guys make it notable, but I'm sure it's also quite inspirational and shit, so it's got that going for it too.

Rasl #6

I believe this ends the second arc of Jeff Smith's dimension-hopping series, which has been quite enjoyable so far, if it is sometimes a bit hard to remember what is going on from issue to issue.  I think the format is switching to shorter, more frequent releases after this issue, so hopefully that won't be a problem any longer.  Whatever; I'll dig it either way, I'm sure.

Zombies That Ate The World #8

Here's the final issue of this reprint of the Euro-satire by Jerry Frissen and Guy Davis, which hopefully means a collection is coming soon.  I'm looking forward to finally reading the damn thing.  Took long enough.

Cleaners Vol 1 Absent Bodies TP

I haven't heard much of anything about this crime(/supernatural?) series from Dark Horse, about a team of crime-scene cleaners who also debunk occult superstitions and maybe also battle actual occult threats.  Or something like that.  It does sound interesting, but not enough to get much attention, at least in the circles I frequent.  Has anybody read it?  Anyone?  Hello?

Goon Vol. 0 Rough Stuff Revised Edition TPB

A new version of the first volume of Eric Powell's signature series, which he originally self-published in black and white.  There's some really funny stuff here, so be sure to give it a look if you haven't delved into the earliest parts of the series.  This edition adds color to the art and includes a bunch of sketches and concept designs; sounds like something to add to the bookshelf.

King Of RPGs Vol 1 GN

Maybe this should go in the manga section? Why do I separate out the manga anyway?  Um, yeah, this originates in the West, but it has a very strong Japanese influence, being Manga: The Complete Guide author Jason Thompson's version of a shonen series, following a college student who rolls lots of those multi-sided dice.  It looks quite enjoyable; I should get around to reading it soon.  Maybe.

Loverboy Irwin Hasen Story TPB

Here's an interesting book: a new graphic novel by classic cartoonist Irwin Hasen, about a short guy who likes tall women, which sounds like a Woody Allen sort of concept.  It might well be something to be aware of this year.  Yes, there's a hell of a nonsensical recommendation.  Oy.

Troublemakers HC

Ooh, here's a notable one, which may have already been available, but I haven't seen it.  It's the latest of Gilbert Hernandez's graphic novels which are movies that one of his Love and Rockets characters starred in. This one appears to be a sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll type story, and I bet it's awesome.  I can't wait to read it.  Here's the usual Fantagraphics slideshow/preview.

Veil TP

How about this one?  Has anybody read this series from IDW, about a private eye who can communicate with the dead?  I didn't hear anything about it, so it could be noteworthy, or it could be not.  Let me know, people who read anything and everything.

Young Liars TP Vol 03 Rock Life

I never did read any of this Vertigo series, so I'm one of those to blame for it getting cancelled, I guess.  I heard it was totally nuts, which might or might not be something I would like.  I have heard many people singing its praises though, so I figure I should at least give it a try, even if I'm not the biggest fan of David Lapham.  To the library!

All My Darling Daughters TP

Manga section!  This is the latest (translated) release by Fumi Yoshinaga, about a salarywoman and her romantic travails.  I've heard tons of praise for Yoshinaga, but I still have yet to read any of her manga.  I don't know if this will be my chance, but I'm eager to give her a try.

Black Butler Vol 1 GN

Yen Press has this goofy-sounding series about a super-competent Victorian-era butler who might not be human.  Kind of a wacky manga version of Jeeves and Wooster?  Or maybe more serious?  I dunno, it could be worth a look, right?

Moyasimon Vol 1 Tales Of Agriculture GN Corrected Edition

I think this volume has shown up in bookstores, but I guess this is its entry in the direct market.  I certainly enjoyed it, so if it sounds like something you would like, or if you're just curious about the bizarreness of a manga about a kid who can communicate with microbes, give it a look.  It's certainly pretty crazy.

Not Simple GN

Another interesting release from one of those more artsy manga creators, Nastume Ono, about a guy traveling across the world in search of his missing sister, told backwards as it is related by a reporter writing a book about the story.  Or something like that.  It's always good to see manga releases that are more in the "indie" genre rather than the usual shonen/shojo axis.  I'll have to try to get my hands on this one.

Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Vol 7 TP

It's the second-to-last volume of Naoki Urasawa's Tezuka-interpretation tour de force, and I'm on the edge of my chair to see how it wraps up.  This is one of my favorite current comics, and as sad as I'll be to see it end, I can't wait to see how it does.

Real Vol 7 GN

I've gotten behind on this wheelchair basketball series from Takehiko Inoue, but I do want to catch up pretty badly; it's a damn good character piece, full of subtlety and emotion.  Seven volumes, so far; I've got some reading to do.


The second installment of Rumiko Takahashi's current series, which I think is a hoot, even if some don't find it all that great.  Maybe that was due to the first volume, which focused mostly on introducing the concept and doing fairly simple one-off stories.  Since then, it's gone more toward multi-chapter arcs and fun, goofy adventures, some of which must be included here.  So, yes, I give it my recommendation, if that means anything.

Tezukas Black Jack TP Vol 09

Vertical is still pumping out the Tezuka awesomeness, with the continuing adventures of the rogue surgeon coming at a steady clip.  I need to get caught up on these too...

Vagabond Vizbig ED GN Vol 06
Vagabond Vol 31 TP

And to close out the weekly roundup, it's another great Takehiko Inoue series, in two different formats.  The VIZBIG version collects three regular volumes at a time, so this one would include book 16-18.  And there's also the latest collection of the series, which I believe is getting close to wrapping up, so there's probably some great excitement and dramatics in there.  Inoue is pretty great; I've gotta catch up on this one too, someday.

So, yeah, that's the week.  Yup, comics.  Hey, maybe I can get some blogging done sometime too.  Yeah, we'll see how that goes.


  1. If you ignore the stupid fashion magazine parody, Glamourpuss is a really interesting history of the photorealist school of comics.

  2. Young Liars started out pretty entertaining. Odd, but entertaining. Then around issue#9 it went waaaaaay into leftfield! I'd give it a mild recommendation to avoid, Matt.

    Wes A.