Tuesday, July 27, 2010

James Stokoe, I'll get you yet

Here's the most arresting panel (or splash page, whatever) that I've seen recently, from Orc Stain #4:

Holy crap, just look at that hole!  The point of view staring directly down into it gives a vertiginous stomach twist to the scene, such that you wonder when first looking at it if it's a huge hole in the ground (which would make the buildings at the bottom be laying at a strange horizontal angle), a hole in the side of a mountain, or if it's somehow a warp in spacetime or something.  Subsequent pages make it clear that it's in the side of a mountain, but even with that knowledge, I still get a bit of vertigo when staring at it, which is kind of crazy for a two-dimensional representation of such an obviously fantastical scene.  That makes it pretty damn effective, if you ask me, and I love what James Stokoe is doing with this series, just constantly throwing weird shit on the page and letting the reader try to keep up.  I hope it never ends.

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