Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CAKE 2013: Indie Groo is also pretty great

As happens at every comics convention I attend, I try to get as many contributions to my Groo sketchbook as possible, and this year's CAKE was no exception. Here are the awesome pictures that a bunch of talented people drew for me:

Chuck Forsman makes Groo look worried.

Josh Simmons contributed a very Josh Simmons-style freakout Groo.

Dan Zettwoch adds his signature bulging eyeballs and flames to our favorite mendicant.

Michael DeForge turned in this cute super-deformed Groo.

Joseph Remnant gives Groo some nervous sweatiness.

Box Brown also makes Groo cute. Somebody bumped him from behind while he was sketching, causing him to leave some handprints on the page, so he turned those into a snake and a signature.

Pranas T. Naujokaitis gives Groo a nice cartoony style, and a sentimental tattoo.

Kevin Huizenga contributed what could be Glenn Ganges doing some Groo cosplay.

Jason Shiga drew Groo in his signature simple style, but he still got the nose right, and he even added in a good Rufferto!

Aaron Renier depicted Groo experiencing every dog owners frustration.

Noah Van Sciver contributes this dismayed Groo.

And Ezra Claytan Daniels provides a pretty realistic Conan-style version of Groo, along with a glimpse of his backside.

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