Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This might be the last week...ever!

Bummer stuff coming up, but first I'll point to my review of Glamourpuss #2 over at Comics Bulletin. Oh, Dave Sim, you can cheer up the gloomiest soul. And them piss him off all over again.

So the bad news (for me, at least) is that my wife and I sat down and took a look at our finances, and due to the new addition to the family and the cost of gas and food and whatnot, the budget for comics has shrunk to pretty much zero. Hell, gas alone is costing us something like $200 more each month than it did a year or two ago, so there goes my comics money right there. I'll probably be able to buy stuff here and there, but I definitely won't be able to continue picking up three or four issues each week, much less the graphic novels, trades, and manga that I usually end up buying. So, that sucks. I do plan to keep writing about what I read here, but I'll just have to rely more on review copies and the local public library. I might try to continue to keep covering the weekly releases, since that seems to be a popular feature, but not actually getting to buy a lot of what I talk about might just get too depressing. But let's try to give it at least one last hurrah, okay?

New comics this week (Wednesday, 7/30/08):

Batman Death Mask #4

See, here's a book I would like to read, but it's just not essential enough for me to insist on purchasing it. It has been pretty fun, in a weird sort of way, with goofy Japanese takes on Batman and his world. But I think I can skip it.

Comic Book Comics #2

And this, since it comes out so irregularly, is probably a book I can spend a few bucks on. I needs me my Van Lente/Dunlavey exploration of comics history.

Fantastic Four: True Story #1

This new miniseries by Paul Cornell and Horacio Domingues sees the FF enter the world of fiction to save it from some sort of invasion. Expect a review from me sometime today over at Comics Bulletin, but I'll say that it's entertaining, and future issues could get really fun.

Haunt of Horror Lovecraft #2

Rrrg. I really want to buy this, but maybe I shouldn't. See, it's like quitting smoking or something. But, man, Richard Corben is great. What better use of my money is there than to see him depict Lovecraftian monstrosities?

Newuniversal: 1959

In a backstory-filling one-shot, Kieron Gillen tells the story of what happened in the titular year, when some people got superpowers and the government exterminated them. At least, that's what I think happened, judging by comments made by characters in Warren Ellis's main series. While I enjoy that series, and maybe offshoots like this, I think it's one that I can do away with without too much harm.

Northlanders #8

Well, I've gotta get this, the finale to Brian Wood's opening storyline on his Viking book. Although, the story mostly finished last issue, so this will probably be more of an epilogue. I can stop after this one; that's all I need.

Narcopolis #4

And here's another one that I might or might not want to pick up, mainly because I wouldn't mind seeing how Jamie Delano's story of futuristic totalitarianism ends. But is it essential? Probably not.

Pigeons from Hell #4

No contest here; I've gotta get this ending to Joe R. Lansdale and Nathan Fox's horror-fest. It's one of my favorite minis of the year, with a nasty, chilling story and some awesomely gore-filled artwork. Let's hope it reaches a worthy ending.

Babysitter GN

From Slave Labor Graphics, creator Andy Ristaino tells the story of a Japanese high school girl who babysits in her spare time when she's not doing typical Japanese teenager stuff, like battling giant robots, ghosts, and aliens. Looks like a silly take on Japanese culture, from somebody who makes sure to note that he's never visited the country. Could be fun. I can't find an official site, or even any information on Slave Labor's site, but here's an image of the cover that I found elsewhere.

Dead Men Tell No Tales TP

A pirate comic about Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, and Black Bart searching for the lost relics of Christ. Written by Dwight McPherson, creator of The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo. Cover by Ben Templesmith. Maybe enjoyable?

Dream Maiden Megan GN

Also from Slave Labor, it's a graphic novel about a normal teenager who finds a portal to another dimension in his closet, and ends up ensnared by the titular character, a self-centered, mystical party girl who delivers dreams to him. Also maybe enjoyable? Slave Labor's site actually has information about this one.

Little Nemo In Slumberland Vol 2 Limited Edition HC

Checker's second and final volume collecting Winsor McCay's influential series. Features color and black and white art, with strips from 1914-1916 and 1926. Checker's page has some art samples. Man, I would love to read this sometime.

Mr Spic Goes To Washington TP

Oh, that's not offensive or anything. This actually looks to be a satirical story about a former L.A. gangbanger who ends up running for the U.S. Senate. The art style seems purposely crude, but it might be an interesting look at politics. Here's the official page from publisher Soft Skull Press, and here's an interview with creator Ilan Stavans about the book.

Neverland GN

Cartoonist Dave Kiersh tells "a post-modern fairytale of love, loneliness, and mordant self-deprecation", using a crazy, detail-packed art style. Here are some sample pages: part one, part two. From Bodega Distribution. I'd love to read this one too.

Popgun Vol. 2

Oh, man, this is where I really regret not having any money, because I really want to get this book. I loved the first volume of the Joe Keatinge/Mark Andrew Smith-edited anthology, with it's fascinating array of incredible art and creativity, and this one looks to be just as good. Plus, it's got a Paul Pope-illustrated cover! And comics by Jim Rugg, Frank Espinosa, James Kochalka, Dean Haspiel, Paul Maybury, Corey Lewis, Danny Hellman, and many more. Damn, I'm missing out.

Templar Arizona Vol 2 Mob Goes Wild GN

The second collection of the excellent webcomic about the weird city of the title and the characters who live there. I loved the first one, so I've got to try to get my hands on this installment.

The Order Vol.2 California Dreaming Tpb

The second and final collection of Matt Fraction's aborted Marvel team book. It's pretty well-regarded, so I should try to read it. But I can't really spend any money, so to the library I go.

Me And The Devil Blues Vol 1 Unreal Life Of Robert Johnson GN

The first of some interesting manga releases this week, this is Akira Hiramoto's look at the life of blues legend Robert Johnson, particularly the story about him supposedly selling his soul to the devil. It looks pretty awesome, with an art style that reminds me of Takehiko Inoue, so I would absolutely love to check it out.

Parasyte Vol 4 GN Del Rey Edition

Another point where I regret my lack of funds, because this has been a really enjoyable manga series, with a story that gets me all antsy about wanting to find out where it goes.

Tokyo Zombie SC

And finally, another cool manga, about zombies, presumably in Tokyo. It's more of an indie style than most manga, and it's the pet project of Ryan Sands of the scanlation blog Same Hat! Same Hat! Yet another book I would love to get my hands on. Here's the official page on publisher Last Gasp's site.

Okay, that's enough of my whining about money. I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up in future weeks, so we'll see how well I can suppress the urge to complain about not getting to buy everything I want to. Stick around; I should hopefully have a review or something up tonight.


  1. I feel your pain. I'm trying to decide right now whether or not to buy the two Vagabond art books. I love Inoue's art, but how much do I really need these books sitting on my bookshelf? How many times will I really refer back to them after the initial browse-through? I'm also trying to decide whether I should splurge for the deluxe, limited edition hardcover edition of Bat-Manga! just to get 32 pages of wacky Chinese Batman comics. Why does loving comics have to be so hard???

    Like you, I'm planning on utilizing the local library even more than I already do. I already have several ILL requests out for books such as Dororo and Suppli.

  2. Do what you gotta do, man, whatever you keep writing I'll keep reading.

  3. Thanks for the support, guys. I should mention though, that in the big scheme of things being unable to purchase as many comic books as I would like is a pretty silly thing to complain about. Not that there's anybody reading this who will get pissed off because they have things worse off than me, but I still kind of feel like a douchebag when I whine about not being able to spend money on entertainment for myself, when, you know, people are starving and all. So please take any obnoxious bitching with a grain of salt.

  4. Dropping by for the first time in too long, Matt, I just saw this, and wanted to add my sympathy. No matter that others are going through worse: it's a bummer, for us as well as you.

    Hope things pick up soon.