Saturday, June 5, 2010

Censorship! Or possibly prudish editing

Here's an interesting oddity from Peter Bagge's Other Lives.  In one scene, a character named Ivy is exploring the virtual "Second World", which seems to consist mostly of locales for online sex, and she comes across a disturbing sight:

Strangely, that second panel seems as if it has been enlarged and cropped, and the word balloon seems re-lettered, as if it was changed in "post-production".  What's the story here? Did Bagge go to far even for the "adult" imprint of Vertigo in his depiction of virtual perversion?  The world may never know, but we can always wonder, filling in the actions that bleed outside the panel borders with the worst depravities our minds can conjure.  Sweet dreams, everyone!


  1. They did edit Pete, btw, in the way you suggest!

  2. I saw that over on your site, Tom; thanks for doing the actual reporting work and contacting him about that!