Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Because I gotta post something

Sorry about the lack of content as of late. If all goes well, I'll have a review up tonight, but in the meantime, here are some links that I recommend:

Top Shelf recently launched a webcomics portal, called Top Shelf 2.0. It updates every weekday, and some of the stuff on there looks pretty good, including Kagan McLeod's "Infinite Kung Fu" and some stuff by Chris Eliopoulos.

In other online comics, Smith Magazine has a new continuing feature called "Next Door Neighbor", based on true stories about, well, the title kind of explains it. So far, there have been some nice stories by the likes of Nick Bertozzi and Kevin Colden, and it updates with a new story every other Monday. Plus, it's edited by the awesome Dean Haspiel. Check it out!

I recently came across the website of TCM Underground (the Turner Classic Movies channel's midnight cult film block), which has a section called "Lost Scenes", which contains comics that take off from the various films they show. I think I originally followed a link to read Peter Bagge's behind-the-scenes goof on Reefer Madness, but when checking around, I found that there's plenty of other cool stuff on there, like Nathan Fox's takes on Coffy or Mark of the Vampire, or Troy Nixey's addition to Freaks. Good stuff (even if it's presented in a cumbersome Flash interface).

I was also recently notified by an anonymous commenter that James Kochalka is serializing a new Superfuckers story on his site (although it should be mentioned that, as with American Elf, only the most recent installment is viewable for non-subscribers). To which I say: Tit-Fuckin' Awesome!

Finally, I wanted to make sure everybody is ready for an event this Saturday, May 31st, in which my pal Tucker Stone will be live-blogging his reading of the Uncanny X-Men Omnibus. Tucker does the hilarious "Comics of the Weak" column (and plenty of other good stuff) on his blog, The Factual Opinion, along with other good writing, like a regular column for Comixology, so I'm stoked to read what he has to say.

And I think that's everything for now. Tonight: demonic dismemberment!

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