Monday, May 5, 2008

This week, there's lots of stuff. And lots of other stuff too

Quickly, before the (probably inaccurate) discussion of whatever's new this week, I've got a review of Glamourpuss #1 up at Comics Bulletin. If you care about someone who has only read a little Cerebus thinks about Dave Sim, check it out.

And then:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 5/7/08):

Amazing Spider-Man #558

Well, I thought I was going to be buying this for a couple months, but it turns out the next artist is Barry Kitson, who isn't bad, but he's just not enough to keep my interest. I might be back when Marcos Martin comes on board, and maybe for Chris Bachalo's next arc. Maybe.

American Splendor Season Two #2

I'm not sure who's among the lineup of illustrators this issue (I would put money on Dean Haspiel), but I'll be buying and digging it whatever the case. Go Harv!

Batman Death Mask #2

The first issue of this manga take on Batman was not bad at all, if only for the nifty designs of all the villains and whatnot. I was also amused by the way the murderer's victims got their faces chopped off, leaving a smooth, flat surface underneath. Ah, anatomical comedy! So, yeah, I'm getting this one.

Boys #18

If we're betting on stuff this week, are there any takers for how many menstruation gags Garth Ennis will use in this issue? I think there will be at least five. Also: zombie bestiality! Good times; this book is fun.

Invincible Iron Man #1 Larroca Cover
Invincible Iron Man #1 Quesada Cover

Invincible Iron Man #1 Djurdjevic Variant

Invincible Iron Man #1 Layton Variant
Invincible Iron Man #1 Tan Variant
Invincible Iron Man #1 1 in 25 Variant Set

Invincible Iron Man #1 Movie Variant

Invincible Iron Man #1 Secret Movie Variant

Good god, that's a lot of variants. Who knows if the movie (which had a pretty successful opening weekend, even though I didn't see it) will bring up sales of this book (which seems to be going for a more classic "billionaire playboy" take on Iron Man, rather than the semi-villain portrayal he's sported for the last while), but Marvel's going all out trying to goose sales with the gimmicks. Come on, it's what's inside that matters, people. And for me, that's a story by Matt Fraction. Don't let me down, fellow new daddy!

Iron Man Viva Las Vegas #1

In other Iron Man news, John Favreau (who directed the movie, if you didn't know) writes this four-issue miniseries, which is illustrated by Adi Granov, who usually sticks to covers after his horribly late six-issue run on the main title back when it launched. I should have a review up tomorrow on Comics Bulletin. Here's a preview: stiff art, tattoo cheesecake, lizards, silly politics. More later!

House of Mystery #1

The latest revival of the DC horror property, written by Jack of Fables scribes Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges (although I believe Sturges is handling the bulk of the duties). I imagine it will be entertaining, so I'll at least check out the first issue/arc.

Logan #3

More of Wolverine in Hiroshima. Not the best thing I've ever read by Brian K. Vaughan, but it's been decent. Who knows, maybe he'll turn it into something incredible for the finale. At the least, it's got some sweet Eduardo Risso art.

Lucha Libre #4

More of that wacky Euro-flavored masked Mexican wrestling shenanigans. The feature this issue is the Luchadoritos, who were more of a backup strip in previous issues. Whatever; it should be fun, like always.

Madman Atomic Comics #8

Please, Mike, don't make me leave the book. After the last few disappointing issues (see my review of #7 for details), I'm wondering if I want to keep reading, and that's a depressing thought for a longtime Allred/Madman fan like me. Bring me back, Mike. Please. Show me how awesome you can be.

Maintenance #10

Wow, this storyline has stretched into four issues now, a new record for the book. That's fine though; I'm digging the alien-fighting, girlfriend-rescuing plot. Keep it up!

Pretty Baby Machine #1

A "historical" story about Pretty Boy Floyd, Babyface Nelson, and Machine Gun Kelly team up against Al Capone. Hey, it could be fun. The art is by Kody Chamberlain, who I like. I'll take a look, if I see it.

Rex Libris #11

Long-winded, hard-hitting librarian battles the forces of fiction. This series is cool. That is all.

Metal Men #8

I liked the look of this series, and from what reviews I read, it's chock full of cool ideas and everything. So this being the final issue, it should get collected soon, and I'll try to read it. How about that?

Tor #1

Joe Kubert revives his barbarian-fights-dinosaurs series. It sure looks cool.

War That Time Forgot #1

Speaking of reviving old DC properties, here's a new version of their wacky old soldiers-versus-dinosaurs series. It sounds like it's got some cool elements, but renowned bad writer Bruce Jones is at the helm, so the outlook isn't good.

Wasteland #17

Man, this series just keeps coming out like clockwork. Which is cool, because I'm digging it. This issue sees more of the battle for Newbegin, I expect. Damn sandeaters.

Wulf & Batsy #1

Bruce Baugh's werewolf/sexy vampire series. I still need to read the stuff he sent me, but he's got a good, creepy style, so I recommend looking at it.

Alien At Large

One of Platinum's offerings this week, about a bumbling alien ambassador. Could be fun.

Gary Panter 2-Volume Slipcased HC Set

For those who understand Panter's work (a group in which I am not a part), here's a super-expensive ($95) collection of his work. Enjoy, art snobs!

Iron Man Enter the Mandarin

Hey, another Iron man thing! This collects the recent miniseries by Joe Casey and Eric Canete, which I've been intending to pick up when it was collected. So it looks like this is the week (unless I'm spending too much elsewhere...)! The story is one of those "untold tales" from early in the character's career, which I'm not usually a fan of, but I do like Casey, and Canete's art is pretty nice. So I'm sure I'll get it eventually, if not immediately.

JLA Presents Aztek the Ultimate Man

Wow, DC finally collects the quickly-cancelled (it lasted ten issues) Grant Morrison/Mark Millar series from the late 90s. I've read it, and it's all right, but not exactly the lost work of genius that it's reputed to be. But if you really want it, don't let me dissuade you.

Life Sucks TP

From First Second, the new vampire-related graphic novel by Jessica Abel, Gabe Soria, and Warren Pleece. I've read mixed reviews, but I would be willing to give it a look.

Little Vampire Vol 1 TP

Also from First Second, I would give this one more than a look, because I dig Joann Sfar. I'm sure it's full of his Euro-whimsy, with plenty of tales somehow related to his Vampire Loves character. Sfar is good, so I'll recommend this sight unseen.

Salt Water Taffy Vol. 1

Good, all-ages adventure. Here, I just reviewed it.

Suburban Glamour Vol. 1

Jamie McKelvie's magical teenager book. I've heard it's good. I might take a look sometime, although I should really try to read Phonogram first.

Tales from the Crypt Vol. 3 HC
Tales from the Crypt Vol. 3 SC

After that Free Comic Book Day EC Sampler, I would love to read these. I'm not shelling out the big bucks necessary for it though. Maybe I'll find them at a library someday...

Tinyrannosaurus HC

Well, this certainly looks cute. It sounds like a ripoff of Gon though. Still, could be fun.

Absolute Boyfriend Vol 6 GN

Hey, we made it to the manga! Here's the final volume of a not especially good Yuu Watase series. I talked about the ending when it ran in Shojo Beat, but basically, it's not good. So I recommend avoiding it, unless you really need to know what happens to the indecisive girl and her robot boyfriend.

Color Of Rage Vol 1 TP

This one's from Dark Horse, and it's written by Kazuo Koike! The premise has to do with a Japanese man and an African American who escape from a slave ship and do the whole "shackled together" routine. It's like a buddy movie! But knowing Koike, probably pretty violent. I would love to check it out.

Crayon Shinchan Vol 2 TP CMX Edition

Man, I need to read these, whenever I get the chance. Good old potty-mouth comedy. Also: kids are horrible, awful creatures. Good times!

Eden Its An Endless World Vol 10 TP

I'm only nine volumes behind on this series; I'm sure I'll catch up someday.

Fairy Cube Vol 1 GN

A new (old) series by Kaori Yuki, creator of Godchild and Angel Sanctuary. I discussed the first chapter when it ran in Shojo Beat. It seemed interesting, in a symbolic way, if fairly confusing and not especially up my alley. That might describe everything by Yuki...

King Of Thorn Vol 4 GN

Aw, man, I still need to find volume 3. I had forgotten about this series, which probably isn't a good sign. But it's on my radar again, so hopefully I'll be able to get back to the rampaging monsters and petrification diseases soon.

NANA Vol 10 TP

Oh, man, it's another volume of one of my favorite series. Prepare for some fangirlish squealing around these parts in about a week or so.

NANA Essentials Ultimate Fanbook SC

And I guess I could tide myself over with this in between volumes, but somehow I suspect it won't do too much for me. These sorts of fan-discussion books always kind of miss the point, explaining minutiae of a property while failing to recognize what makes it special. But it still makes me glad that I'm not the only person crazy about the series; there must be at least a few others out there for a product like this to exist, right?

Sand Chronicles Vol 2 GN

And finally, another excellent shojo series that I totally fall for each month in Shojo Beat. Everyone, I implore you to please read this; it's one of my favorite manga currently coming out. Don't let it fall by the wayside!

Whew, this seems like a big week. Eh, I should have more reviews and stuff posted soon.

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