Monday, December 4, 2006

Again with the preview

All right, more to buy this week! My comic shop had a big sale this weekend with 50% off all back issues, and I spent way more than I should have. Got a lot of stuff that I wanted though, and it should provide good blog-fodder in the days ahead. So anyway, on with what's coming this week:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 12/6/2006):

This has been a very enjoyable series. I've known about Harvey Pekar, but my first exposure to his actual work was probably the movie, and I've read some of his stuff since, but this incarnation of American Splendor is the first one I've actually purchased. I'm not sorry about it; it's been very good. Especially the stories illustrated by Eddie Campbell and Richard Corben. Gilbert Hernandez is doing a story (and the cover) in this one!
This title seems to be a replacement for Legends of the Dark Knight. It starts with a story from early in Batman's career, he fights Lex Luthor's encroachment on Gotham City, yada yada yada. The good news is it's written by Andy Diggle, who I kind of like. The bad news is it's drawn by Whilce Portacio, whose art I hate. So that's pretty much a dealbreaker for me. Sorry, Andy!
All right, more of the Ellis spy noir! The last issue of the series, which was the first after a hiatus, was pretty good. I'm sure this arc's mystery will continue to ramp up. Should be good!
Is J.H. Williams III ever coming back to this book? Paul Dini writes good Batman stories, but I don't really feel the need to buy them. I do feel the need to buy beautifully illustrated Williams books though, so I'll get any more that he does, which will probably be none. Did that last sentence make any sense at all?
More Ennis/Sprouse violence. I dug the wacky reveal at the end of #1 (I guess enough time has passed that this reveal can be considered "wacky" rather than offensive), so I'm excited to see where it's going.
NEXT #6 (OF 6) $2.99
I've been enjoying this series as well. I've never read any books by Tad Williams, but I've kind of been meaning to. I had heard he was good, and this series started off very well. It kind of bogged down in the middle few issues, which were basically one extended fight scene, but hopefully it will end well. Williams is going on to write Aquaman, which I will not read because I am not interested in the character. And not just because they made fun of it on Entourage!
OTHER SIDE #3 (OF 5) (MR) $2.99
More of the Vietnam war/horror stuff. I'm digging this miniseries (am I the only one that originally thought it was an ongoing series?).
I liked the first issue of this, but it was kind of slow, and the story has the potential to go downhill fast. Darwyn Cooke is writing, so I hope it will get better. And I do like Tim Sale's art. I guess you could say it's on notice!
I'm pretty interested in this one. I'll buy at least the first issue. It's about a superhero retirement home, which sounds like a good comedy well. Gail Simone is a very good writer, so hopefully it will entertain.
CROSS BRONX #4 (OF 4) (MR) $2.99
I was curious about this series, since I like Michael Avon Oeming's art (and his writing, somewhat), but I was budget-conscious for once and didn't buy it. Can anyone say if it is worth a look?
Does anybody have any idea what this is? It's listed in Diamond's solicitations, but I can't find any info on Image's website. The title is kind of clever, and it's cheap for a TPB. What is it?
NIGHTLY NEWS #2 (OF 6) $2.99
More anti-media propaganda. I'll eat it right up.
AGENTS OF ATLAS #5 (OF 6) $2.99
This series has been tons o' fun. It's one of those peripheral Marvel titles that I've been following in lieu of reading any of the major Marvel books (except Astonishing X-Men). Resurrections (resuscitations?) of obscure characters, cool action, crazy plot twists, and a team that features both a gorilla AND a robot (not to mention a frequently naked chick)! What's not to like?
More Strange adventures from Bryan K. Vaughan, lavishly illustrated by Marcos Martin. I like that the Night Nurse is his partner for this story. They make a good team.
This was one I thought I had no interest in (I'm too young to know or care abou the New Universe), but I'll pick up the first issue because of Warren Ellis. I like the concept of the series, and Ellis does write good superhero stories. Hopefully he'll get to use a lot of his wild sci-fi ideas. And Salvador Larroca's art was really good in that Stan Lee Meets Dr. Doom special last week, so I hope that's what he will be drawing like on this series. I'll give it a couple issues.
And another Stan Lee special, the last of the bunch. It's fun to see Stan writing these stories, even if he's not the writer he was 40 years ago. And some of the backups have been fun too. Hopefully the series will go out on a high note.
Ooh, is this a new Gilbert Hernandez book? Two comics from him in the same week? Love and Rockets is one of those books I've read a few issues of, but I've never followed the series(es). Would this be worth reading if I know little about the background of the series?
ROBOTIKA HC (MR)  $19.95
This series looked interesting. Robot samurai and such things. I'm not going to spring $20 for a hardcover of it though. Maybe I'll consider buying a softcover. We'll see.

There's probably some other stuff in there worth looking at, but that's all I'm going to mention for now. Come back later in the week to see if I feel like reviewing anything!

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