Tuesday, December 12, 2006

In the future, comics will be purchased

Marvel and DC's solicitations for March 2007 came out today, so here's what I'm interested in:


Newuniversal #4 - I enjoyed the first issue of this, so I'll be getting this unless the series takes a huge downturn. I was going to review that issue and mention the strange multiple inclusions in the story of the logo in the upper right of the covers, but I never did. I see that there is at least one more use of the symbol, on that guy's face on the lower right of this cover. Weird.

Powers #26 - I didn't review the most recent issue of Powers, but it was quite good. Bendis can write at least one good book at a time. I wish he would write more.

Punisher War Journal #5 - Man, Punisher's got some guns, doesn't he? I imagine that helps when lifting heavy artillery, but probably not during close quarters combat. I didn't get the first issue of this, but I might pick up subsequent issues. We'll see.

Runaways Saga - This is one of those "series recap" books that Marvel does from time to time. I guess it's for people who are joining the series with Joss Whedon. It's supposed to be told from the POV of Molly, and it's written by CB Cebulski. It'll probably be bad. Especially if the cover (by Humberto Ramos) is any indication. Yuck.

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #16 - Wow, it's hard to believe this series has lasted this long. It's cool, I really dig the series. This issue is the debut of the new artist, David Hahn. He has some sample art up, and it looks pretty good.

Amazing Spider-Man #540 - I won't actually be getting this, but I thought the cover was nice. It's by Ron Garney.

The Dark Tower #2 - I'm still undecided on this one, but damn, that is a creepy cover. Jae Lee is awesome.

Franklin Richards: March Madness! - I love these Franklin Richards books. The cover on this one is hilarious.

Iron Man: Hypervelocity #3 (of 6) - More of what promises to be a crazy series by Adam Warren. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Immortal Iron Fist #4 - Man, I'm going to have to pick up the first issue of this. I was undecided, but it's received many online plaudits. It better not suck!


Wow, looks like I'm much more interested in DC than Marvel, although mostly Vertigo and Wildstorm.

Batman #664 - More Grant Morrison Batman. Should be enjoyable. That cover is okay, although I see Joe Kubert's name on there along with his son Andy. Did he ink the cover? Parts of it do look pretty nice, especially the cop that Batman's beating on.

Captain Marvel: The Monster Society of Evil #2 (of 4) - More of the Jeff Smith Captain Marvel book. I love the cover.

The Spirit #4 - I hope this series is good. The first issue comes out tomorrow, so we'll see.

Hawkgirl - I don't read this book, but this cover is hilarious. Giant Hawkgirl robot attack! The cover's by Howard Chaykin, and he even included the large, round breasts!

I don't read Aquaman either, but this is Tad Williams' first issue. He's a good fantasy novelist, and I enjoyed his recently-concluded The Next, so this might be something to watch out for.

Wildcats #2 - Looks like this is scheduled to come out, if it doesn't get delayed (which it probably will). God, I hate Jim Lee. I'll probably get it, if just for this line in the solicitation: "All goes according to plan except for one little hiccup: He kills them all [the team]- on live television!" That sounds interesting. Maybe that's the twist Morrison was leading up to in the first issue.

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy TPB - This series got lots of acclaim this year. I'll think about getting it. I do like war stories, and Joe Kubert is an old hand at that sort of thing.

Y: The Last Man #55 - The series gets closer to finishing. An unconventional (for the series) cover on this one.

Testament #16 - This is one freaky cover. That thing doesn't look right. I assume it's the god/monster unleashed at the end of last issue. I forget his name. This series is weird, but good.

Crossing Midnight #5 - I kind of liked the first issue of this series. We'll see what happens with it. Once again, a nice cover by JH Williams III.

Welcome to Tranquility #4 - Good first issue of this series. Again, I'll see if it's worth continuing to pick up. Striking cover on this issue.

I get Fables in TPB form, but I always have to point out James Jean's beautiful covers. This month is no exception.

Jack of Fables #9 - I do get this monthly, so I'll point out that it's very enjoyable. Also featuring Jean on covers, with similar results.

This is the TPB of the recently-concluded American Splendor four-issue series. I bought the issues, and I recommend it. Very good.

Midnighter #5 - I dug the issue of this series that came out this week. It looks like it will stay good. Generic cover, but that's no big deal.

The Boys #9 - Similar cover to last month on this one. I'm enjoying this series as well (man, I must be getting tired; my comments are starting to sound redundant). It started to pick up in the last issue. Hopefully it'll get even better.

I probably won't be getting this Stardust hardcover. It's $39.99, which is pretty pricey. I have the paperback of the book, but I've heard the illustrated version is very nice. Bummer.

DMZ #17 - Another series I really like. That's all I have to say.

I don't read American Virgin, but I think this is a great cover. It's by Joshua Middleton. He should do some interior art sometime.

Army@Love #1 - Now here's one I'm excited about. I really like Rick Veitch, and this series sounds incredible. Some kind of sexually-charged political/military satire. Looks great!

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus volume 1 - And I saved the best for last! I've been waiting for DC to collect Kirby's Fourth World stuff, and this looks amazing. It's $50, but I'll probably look for it on Amazon for a discount. I'm very excited about this. It contains Kirby's Jimmy Olsen stuff, and the first three issues of Mister Miracle, New Gods, and Forever People. Awesome.
And that's all. We'll see when Image's solicits come out. I didn't see Ex Machina or All-Star Superman. Hope those don't get delayed.

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  1. I understand your political stance on comics, yet, I cannot understand your Marxian view of Alan Moore's works. Yes, he does depict a euphemistically utopian super hero world, with the antagonist portrayed in a Kafka-esque manner- but are we led by this to believe that all super heroes are devoid of a charismatic Aristotelian authority? This is an important point to consider Warren, and I suggest you ponder it before you pontificate on the absolute moral authority of your caped crusaders.