Monday, December 4, 2006

Wintry depressions

Whoops, I'm falling behind on my posting schedule. I'll try to do a weekly preview tonight, but for now, here's some excerpts from the character introduction page of Acme Novelty Library #17:

Chalky White:

"I am all alone. This midwestern city is alien. And though my sister tries to cheer me, I know that it is only to ease our mutual torment. She still hates me as always."

Alice White:

My mother has destroyed me. She knows not I, and cares not to try. How do people live in this awful world? Cannot I matur faster, so that I may return to where I belong? Only my brother have I, and he is doughy."

Jason, a teenage boy:

"I am cool. At all costs. All that I see, I own. The girls' flesh - it torments me. I wish, more deeply than anything, to lay myself on top of it."

Chris Ware, inserting himself into the story as a high school teacher/artist:

"I am contemporary and pertinent. Can I find a more complicated word? I'll try. I hate myself. Art isn't something you like. I hate art. Contemporaneous."

And the star of the story, Rusty Brown:

"Dad! Mom! Look at me! I have secret plans! These foolish could they understand? Hah! They cannot...they would die from fear...they would die from fear!!"

And that's just on the first page. I haven't finished reading it yet, but when I do I might try to do a more comprehensive review. I find it hard to review Ware, other than saying, "Wow, he's amazing!", but I might try. Watch for it!

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