Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Rare Bit Fiends moment

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!
I wanted to share a weird dream I had the other night, which I just realized must have been inspired by Rick Veitch's Abraxas and the Earthman, which I read over the weekend. I was near some sort of large harbor, and I spotted a couple of huge killer whales. Like 30 feet long. I was watching them, and then two equally large sharks came swimming in, and they all got into a big fight, with at least one of the whales being torn to pieces. It was pretty nasty. My memory of the dream is pretty fuzzy from that point, but I believe there was another man watching, and he jumped in to retrieve a piece of the whale. I was scared that he would get eaten by the sharks, but he managed to climb out carrying the whale's tail. I have no idea what he planned to do with it. How strange.
More content coming tonight, hopefully!

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