Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"This 'woman's lib' thing is getting more serious than I thought!"

Check out the awesomeness in today's Fourth World panel, from Mister Miracle #5:

Hell yeah! Big Barda positively wrecking a dozen Apokolips goons at once with her mega-rod! That's pretty sweet. Even though Barda ends up as the damsel in distress here, you can tell Kirby liked her, since he gives her that scene, a big opening splash page (where he unfortunately gives her Liefeldianly skinny ankles), and the following bit involving a Civil War-era cannon for Scott's act:

There's plenty of other coolness in this issue, as Mister Miracle goes up against Verman Vundabar and his killing machine that is compared (both on the cover and in the comic) to a car wash that "traps you on the way in and kills you on the way out!" Good times. We also learn about Scott's past in Granny Goodness's orphanage, and a four-page backup strip shows us some of what he went through, and it's pretty horrific. Man, Kirby could really draw out the bombastic drama, couldn't he. I'm loving this stuff. Next: The Omega Effect!

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