Monday, August 25, 2008

This week, we've got something or other showing up

Nothing new to say here?

New comics this week (Wednesday, 8/27/08):

DMZ #34

This issue finishes the current storyline, "Blood in the Game". I only just picked up the collection of the previous arc, but the sooner this one comes out, the better. It's been too long since I've read this book.

Doktor Sleepless #8

I had been enjoying this series well enough, but it didn't survive the culling of my pull list. Still, I believe the previous issue ended with a "to be concluded" caption, so maybe this finishes a story arc or something? I don't think the series is ending or anything...

Fantastic Four: True Story #2

More of the FF battling monsters in the world of fiction. I should have a review up tomorrow at Comics Bulletin.

Final Crisis Superman Beyond #1

It's a spinoff of the regular Final Crisis series, starring Superman as he adventures through the multiverse, or something. I wouldn't normally care about this sort of thing, but it's actually written by Grant Morrison, so it will probably be pretty good. Art is by Doug Mahnke, so it will look nice as well, and there's even a 3-D section, which I imagine Morrison will make interesting. Definitely worth a look.

Freedom Formula #2

I only just reviewed the first issue of this futuristic robot-racing series, and here's part two already. Check it out, maybe?

Guerillas #1

I guess monkeys and gorillas are the new zombies. This silly-looking series is about a troop of specially-trained monkey soldiers in Vietnam. Cute concept, I guess, but is there more to it than the pun of the title?

Haunt of Horror Lovecraft #3

The final issue of Richard Corben's Lovecraft adaptations. This one includes "Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family", "The Well", and "The Window". Probably good.

Jack of Fables #25

I also dropped this book, but I'll miss it. This issue starts a new storyline involving Humpty Dumpty and Robin Page, I think. Maybe I'll get the trade.

Newuniversal Conqueror

Another spinoff of Warren Ellis' main series, this one tells the story of the 5,000-year-old remains that the archaeologist characters were investigating. It's written by Simon Spurrier (Gutsville), with art by Eric Nguyen. Worth a look, I would say.

Northlanders #9

It's the beginning of a new story arc on Brian Wood's Viking series. This one is about the first Viking attack on England, at a monastery in Lindisfarne. Art by Dean Ormston. I'll probably try to get the trade.

Pax Romana #3

Wow, Jonathan Hickman takes his sweet time getting his books out, doesn't he? I figured I could keep picking up this series, since who knows how long it will be between issues. The problem is, I don't remember what was happening last time. The time-travelers were starting a new government in the Roman Empire, I think. Let's hope I can figure it out. I guess the lesson here is, wait for the trade if you want to be able to follow the story.

Runaways #1

Oh, boy, I've been dreading this. It's the new volume of the series, by Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos. Having read this issue, I'm sorry to say that it's not very good. Moore doesn't have a very good grasp of the characters, making them all seem like interchangeable teenagers, and Ramos' art is frenetic and not very appealing. Maybe some will be able to tolerate it, but as a fan of the series (even through Joss Whedon's short tenure), I wouldn't recommend it.

Al Jaffee Tall Tales TPB

A collection of newspaper strips from the artist who was (is?) more well-known for the fold-ins in Mad Magazine. The strip ran from 1957-1963, and it was vertically oriented. This book collects 120 of them, with an introduction from Stephen Colbert. Sounds neat.

All Star Superman Vol 1 TPB

I was just talking with a friend who was waiting for a softcover version of this volume to come out so he could buy it, and lo and behold, here it is. The first six issues of the excellent series by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, featuring what might be my favorite single issue: the Clark Kent/Lex Luthor prison chapter. That one was great. Really, read this if you haven't; it's some damn good comics. And it's only $12.99!

Americas Best Comics Primer TP

It's strange that DC is putting out this $4.99 collection of the first issues of Tom Strong, Top Ten, Promethea, Tomorrow Stories, and Tom Strong's Terrific Tales, since the ship has pretty much sailed on this imprint (although Zander Cannon and Gene Ha do have a new Top Ten miniseries coming out soon). Maybe it's just to promote sales of the various collections. Oh well, it's cheap, and it's all pretty good stuff, so I would recommend checking it out if you've never read any of it.

Barb Wire Omnibus Vol 1 TP

So, was this series any good? I never read any of it, and I'm probably more familiar with the Pamela Anderson movie, although I've never seen that either. Not that I'm planning to buy it either way, but does anyone have any fond memories of the series, or was it just another 90s "bad girl" series?

Ben Templesmiths Art Of Wormwood Gentleman Corpse SC

I like what I've read of this series, and I do hope to catch up on the rest of it as soon as I can, but I don't know if it warrants an art book. But, hey, Ben Templesmith is a damn good artist, and it's probably cool to check out his sketches and whatnot, so go for it, if you can afford it.

Daredevil by Bendis Omnibus Vol 1 HC

If you want, here's your chance to spend $100 to get a big book of Bendis. This collects everything he did on the title up through #60, including #16-19, which were illustrated by David Mack (and are quite good, from what I remember). It's pretty decent crime/superhero comics, so hey, why not check it out if you haven't read it?

Foundation TPB

This Boom! Studios series about some sort of conspiracy based on the prophecies of Nostradamus looks interesting. Maybe I'll check it out sometime.

JLA Deluxe Edition Vol 1 HC

Another expensive edition of well-regarded comics, this is the first volume of a collection of Grant Morrison's run on the title. $30 gets you the first nine issues, plus the story from Secret Files and Origins. I did enjoy this series, but it's been a while since I read it, and recent discussion has made me think that maybe I should go back and see how well it holds up. Luckily, I have all the issues, so I don't need to shell out the high price for this version.

Metal Men HC

This recent miniseries from Duncan Rouleau looked pretty good, throwing in some wild science fiction concepts to the silly "shape-changing robots" stories. Here's an expensive version of the collection, so maybe I'll get to read it soon.

Strange Embrace Vol 1 HC

So, is this horror series from David Hine any good? It looks kind of creepily cool, but I really haven't heard much about it. Is it worth a look?

Warren Ellis Scars New Printing TPB

Speaking of horror, here's a new version of Warren Ellis and Jacen Burrows' more-realistic horror series, based on the horrible stuff that homicide detectives sometimes witness. I haven't read it, but I've been wanting to check it out. Now's my chance, I guess.

Wolverine Logan Premiere HC Color

Ah, here's the color version of the Brian K. Vaughan/Eduardo Risso book. It's weird that they would put out the two different versions on separate weeks. Ah well, check it out if you like.

Young Inhumans

I think this was the version of the series from Marvel's failed "Tsunami" imprint of a few years ago. It was written by Sean McKeever, which makes me think maybe I should try to check it out, but I know so little about it that I'm not really planning to rush out and buy it or anything. Can anybody tell me if it's worth reading?

Cross X Break Vol 1 GN

A fairly weak manga selection for the week leads me to point out this odd-sounding series from Go! Comics about a boy who gets sent to study in a dangerous fantasy world or something. Interesting? Lame? Who knows?

Dragon Ball Complete Illustrations HC

Here's one of Viz's only offerings for the week, an artbook from Akira Toriyama, collecting illustrations from his most famous (?) series. Probably quite nice-looking.

Three In Love Vol 1 GN

Another Go! Comics book, with a Ménage à trois twist on the typical shojo love triangle. Weird. Interesting?

And that's pretty much it for the week. Stay tuned tonight (promises, promises) for another review. It's a good one.


  1. If I recall correctly, Doktor Sleepless is supposed to be coming out in 8-issue "season" style arcs.

  2. Oh, thanks! I had no idea.

  3. I read the first issue of McKeever's Inhumans and then dropped it, but it's been so long ago I don't remember why exactly. I do remember being pretty confused, since I was pretty new to Marvel and had never read any Inhumans prior to that (I think it was one of the first post-Jenkins/Lee Inhumans books?)

    I don't recall a giant bulldog with a tuning fork jammed in his head, or Blackagon Bolticus giving bad-ass glances to everyone though...I think it was about the next generation of Inhumans...?

    I'm bummed to hear your assessment of Runaways; guess I'll give it a shot, but my ardor for the book has been wilting during this super-long Whedon run of just six issues...

  4. Just checked around, and it looks like Avatar have the right idea with Sleepless as far as publishing goes- 8-issue arc, trade collecting said arc minus backmatter (though DS's backmatter hasn't been terribly exciting), then a couple months or so before the next "season" starts to give new readers time to catch up. It certainly helps that Avatar seems to be the one place where Ellis can stick to a schedule *cough*DESOLATIONJONES*cough*

  5. Young Inhumans, or "Inhumans" as it was actually called, is pretty good. I recommend it.

    Barb Wire, on the other had, is not good at all. From what little I remember.

  6. Yeah, I'll chime in and say that Barb Wire was pretty awful, even by the standards of that whole line at the time. I remember Ghost was vaguely entertaining, but the rest were just awful. X? Please.

  7. Oh, and Caleb, I think it's a giant pug more than a bulldog. Either way , he's the greatest.

  8. I read first Strange Embrace at my local library, but it is well-worth buying if you ilke really creepy psychological horror. The horror initially is mostly implied by means of some antique and stolen african artifacts, but then takes this fairly standard starting point and veers into some truly icky personal stories. I found myself wondering where the "real" horror actually originated. The descriptions on Amazon give too much away if you ask me, since I read it with no preconcpetions or expectations, it truly creeped me out.
    As a side note, I felt it had a very "British" Victorian feel to it as well...lots of repressed feeling etc...

  9. Anon: That actually sounds pretty cool. Yet another one I'll see if I can check out someday.

    Everybody else: Sorry, I'm rude, and apparently your comments don't rate responses from me.