Monday, January 21, 2008

Here's some more in the way of new comics

But first! I've got a review of Fell #9 up on Comics Bulletin as part of the Sunday Slugfest. Good comics. Also, I want to point out that my favorite film critic, who goes by the name of Vern (you can read plenty of his writing on his site), has escaped from the print-on-demand ghetto, and now has his book Seagalogy up for sale on Amazon! It comes out on May 20, with a snazzy new cover. I was an early adopter, even though I'm not a fan of Steven Seagal (the book is an examination of each of his films, among other works), but I love Vern's writing, so if you like the reviews he has up on his site, the book has more of the same. Check it out! Okay, on with:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 1/23/08):

Afterburn #1

I reviewed an early copy of this a while back, and it's an interesting concept, but not that great a book. Too bad; I have high hopes for Red 5 as a publisher. At least I've got Atomic Robo...

Astonishing X-Men #24

Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's final issue of the series! Except for a "giant-size" finale that's coming next month (yeah, right). I still dig the series, even with the lateness, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Don't let me down, fellas!

Castle Waiting Vol 3 #10

Man, I really need to get that hardcover collection of the first volume of this series. I keep hearing that it's really good, but I haven't picked it up. Another one for the "to acquire someday" list...

Clockwork Girl #2

I've been interested in this series, but my shop has failed to get any issues in. Too bad, maybe I can pick it up when it's collected or something.

Dan Dare #3

Garth Ennis! I liked the first two issues well enough, and I'm enough of an Ennis fan to keep buying this. I'm sure I kind of miss out on some cultural references, but it's still a pretty good book. There's also a second print of the first issue coming out, so you can try to catch up if you missed out at first. It's like War Story in space! Or something.

Faker #6

So this is the last issue of the Mike Carey/Jock miniseries. I haven't heard much about it lately; has it been any good? I'm considering picking up the trade, but I dunno if I should bother. Help me out, people!

Jack Staff #1

I believe this is the special issue that is supposed to kick of the "monthly" schedule on the book. I still haven't decided if I should pick it up or try to find the earlier trades, but it's almost here, so I guess I'll have to come down off the fence.

Johnny Hiro #3

Man, I never got the second issue of this. Too bad, the first one was pretty cool. I'll still get this if I see it though.

Mice Templar #3

Man, I'm undecided on this series. I read the first two issues, and thought they were all right, but not so great that I'm clamoring for more. I'll have to decide whether I want to keep reading or not when I'm in the store. Mike Oeming is lucky this is a light week (since I'm sure he's sweating as to whether I'll buy it or not).

Order #7

So, seven issues. That means a trade should be coming out soon, right? It better; I wanna get caught up on this book that I've heard is pretty good. Matt Fraction is a good writer; he better not let me down. Or else! (I'll frown or something. Take that!)

Snaked #2

Another second issue of a series whose first installment underwhelmed me. This one had a bit more promise than Afterburn though. But I probably still won't get it. Maybe I'll consider a collection if it turns out to be a classic.

Testament #22

I dropped this series almost a year ago, and I've heard very little about it since. If anybody out there has been reading it, has it gotten any better? I was pretty disappointed with it, since for a while it was a book I really liked. And now it's ending; I'm not sure if this is the final issue or not, but it'll be gone soon. It won't exactly be missed, I don't think, but I do wonder what might have been.

Therefore Repent TP

This one isn't on my shop's shipping list, but it's supposed to show up at Midtown Comics. It's a post-apocalyptic/post-rapture story from science fiction writer Jim Munroe and artist Salgood Sam. Here's the book's webpage, where I find another bit of interesting info: it's set in the Chicago suburbs (which I refuse to refer to as "Chicagoland"), which is where I live. Cool! I can't wait to read it.

JLA The Hypothetical Woman

This was one of the earlier stories in the JLA Classified series, written by Gail Simone, I believe. I dunno, there was a time when I would have checked it out, but superhero comics are pretty boring to me these days. So I'll skip it, but don't let that stop you from your enjoyment.

Left on Mission TPB

This was a spy series from Boom! that I liked quite a bit, so I recommend checking it out if you missed the individual issues. Here are my thoughts on various parts of the series.

Madman Vol 3 TP Image Edition

I haven't looked to see what exactly is collected in this volume, but it's Mike Allred and it's Madman, so I know it's good. If you haven't read all the various Madman comics, I highly recommend them. Go Frank Einstein!

Complete Terry & The Pirates Vol 2 HC

Man, I doubt I'll be reading this anytime soon, but I wanted to point it out. Milton Caniff is pretty cool. Maybe I'll get to it someday.

Gon vol. 3

This week's manga that I should try to acquire. Gon is so much fun, and these editions are pretty cheap. I should try to get them sometime. In the meantime, I recommend John Jakala's daughter's thoughts on the books.

Guin Saga Manga Vol 2 Seven Magi TP

This weird-looking series from Vertical continues. I doubt I'll be getting it, but it's an interesting offering. Another addition to the "to consider reading" list.

Vagabond Vol 26 TP

And here's this week's manga series that I'm (way!) behind on. I have the first three volumes, so I'm thinking I might try to get caught up when the series starts coming out in three-in-one omnibus editions. It's a pretty sweet manga, so I definitely do want to keep reading. Agh, what an age we live in, with a unattainable wealth of comics out there to consume. Life is good.

So that's it for this week. I expect to get out of the shop with minimal expenditures. Whew! As for content, I hope to have a review of something or other up tonight, and we've got solicitations to peruse as well. I've been doing my monthly look at those for a year now, but I wonder if I should keep bothering. I doubt I'll get much response, but how about some reader consensus? Should I keep looking at the company solicitations each month? Or is that a waste of time and energy? Let me know what you think!


  1. Hey Matt,

    If I remember right Clockwork Girl #1 was only $1 and was pretty good. So I'm looking forward to that, also I realized you weren't reading Scalped. I just picked up the first trade a couple weeks ago and it really deserves all the hype it's been getting. It's now in my top 3 favorite comics along with Criminal and All Star Superman. Do yourself a favor and pickup the first trade this week so you'll be ready when the second trade hits early February. Thanks for the great blog.

  2. Yeah, Scalped is one that I've been kind of planning on checking out. I really need to get that first trade sometime. Maybe soon. Maybe.

  3. Hey Mathew, Thanks for mentioning Therefore Repent! I don't call it Chicagoland either :)

    I love your town, it's the second project i've set there [1st].

    Pardon my promoting, but i have a few more links from our book for you. That's just one of Jim's blog posts for it, but i have a lot more stuff on mine here. There is a free 60pg preview here on comicspace, and i post 'clipings' of reviews of the book on my blog under their own tag.

    Mind if i ask, is it your shop as in where you work or your regular buying your books shop?

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by, Salgood/Sam/Max! And thanks for the links; the art is looking really nice. Sorry if I was confusing about calling it "my shop"; it's just where I buy my comics. And that would be Graham Crackers Comics in Naperville. So if you're ever in town, you know where to find me on Wednesday evenings.