Monday, January 14, 2008

Plenty of new stuff this week, there is

Looks like my contribution to that Sunday Slugfest of Atomic Robo #4 is up, so you can check that out now. Maybe I'll get to something or other tonight, but for now, here's:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 1/16/08):

76 #1

A crime-type series from writer B. Clay Moore and some other fellas. It actually looks pretty cool, so I plan to get it. Here, have an article/preview.

Atomic Robo #4

I already read and reviewed this (see above), but I'll still shell out the dollahs for it. It's that good. This issue: Robo's secret mission to Mars!

Cemetery Blues #1

Another new series from image, about a couple bumbling monster-fighters, I think. Looks cool (here's an article with some preview pages), so I plan to give it at least an issue.

Countdown Special New Gods

Reprints of Jack Kirby comics are usually worthwhile, so you can check this out if you haven't already read them. I would recommend the Omnibuses instead though.

Fell #9

Hey, Ben Templesmith wasn't lying! I'm always excited to get a new issue of this series, and here it is. What depravity do he and Ellis have in store? I can't wait to find out.

Groo Hell on Earth #3

Environmental disaster made funny! What havoc will Groo and company wreak this month? And will it involve cheese dip?

Programme #7

Action? Maybe? We seemed to be getting close last issue. Maybe we'll finally get to see some devastating superheroic throwdowns. Or possibly more philosophy. Hopefully I'll enjoy it either way.

Resurrection #2

I did kind of like the first issue of this, so I'm curious about this second one. Dunno if I'll buy it though.

Shojo Beat Vol 4 #2 Feb 08

Hey, this hasn't shown up in my mailbox yet. What's the holdup, Viz? Sure, I've been keeping my girliness in check with the latest volume of Nana, but I don't like to wait for my monthly installment of femininity!

Stranded #1

This is some sort of Virgin Comics/Sci-Fi Channel co-production of an alien invasion story or something. It's written by Mike Carey, who I don't always like but is generally a pretty solid writer. I'll probably skip it though, if only because I expect the Marc Silvestri and Greg Horn covers will turn me off.

Strange Detective Tales Dead Love #3

I thought this had come out a while ago (I reviewed it in December, after the writer sent me the first three issues), but it's on Midtown Comics shipping list, so maybe it's being re-offered. Whatever the case, I recommend it, so check the series out if you haven't already. You probably don't want to start with the third issue though...

Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #5

We'll probably see some violin-based mayhem, if the last issue is any judge. Dysfunctional family world-saving, go!

Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons #2

Uh, I don't know if this is worth it unless you're an Ashley Wood fan, but if you are, here's more of his...stuff. Last issue saw lesbian orgies and other strange stuff; who knows what's coming next.

The Last Musketeer

A new Jason book! This one involves the immortal Musketeer Athos fighting an alien invasion. I'm sure it will also involve problems with interpersonal communication or unrequited love or something like that, but I bet it will be really good.

Lifelike HC

From IDW, it's a collection of stories written by Dara Naraghi. I might check it out, depending on whether I end up spending too much on other books this week. Here's a page with a bunch of excerpts, if you want a sample.

Doom Patrol vol. 6 Planet Love

Another collection of Grant Morrison's super-crazy run on the series. I have the entire run in single issues, but I haven't read them all yet. I really need to get to that sometime. Judging by what I've read already, they're some awesome comics, and I've read that it just keeps getting better.

Fight for Tomorrow

A collection of a Vertigo martial arts miniseries by Brian Wood and Denys Cowan. I haven't read it; does anybody know if it's any good?

Hulk The End HC

I have read this one, and it's pretty decent. It collects one of those "The End" specials that Marvel used to do, along with the "Future Imperfect" story that saw the Hulk travel to the future to fight an evil dictator version of himself. Both written by Peter David, with Dale Keown illustrating the former and George Perez the latter. Pretty good comics, if that's your sort of thing.

Pin Up Art of Dan DeCarlo vol. 2

And if highbrow perviness is your thing, here's this week's book for you! Tim O'Neil should be happy.

Thunderbolts by Ellis vol. 1 SC

I only read the first couple issues of this post-Civil War villain book, but I suppose I could check out a collection. Eh, whatever.

Gyo Vol 2 GN

This week's manga that I'm behind on. I don't even have the first volume, but I do fully intend to buy the series. Someday.

And I think that's everything? I guess I'll see on Wednesday. As for tonight, I should probably have something or other up. But my track record on promised content is pretty weak, so take that with as many grains of salt as you wish.


  1. I never lie.

    I might just stretch the truth a little at times...

    But didn't need to on Fell. ;)

    Hope you dig it.

  2. So, did you pick up Cemetery Blues? Love to know what you think. - TABoatwright

  3. Unfortunately, it didn't show up at my shop. I'll have to ask them to order it for me, because I do want to read it.

  4. That's the problem with indie books. Youve got to ask for them up front, otherwise they wont get ordered.

    Lemme know when you get around to reading it. I'm sure you'll be pleased :)