Sunday, January 27, 2008

This week, is it really the LAST man? Noooooo!

Yeah, you can probably tell what I'm most excited about in this week's comics. But let's see what else is coming:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 1/30/08):

Black Summer #5

So what's going on in this series again? I think it's all starting to blend together into random scenes of gore and explosions. Maybe there will be some more plot or something this issue. And I wouldn't mind a return to the political commentary. Eh, it'll probably still be enjoyable.

Jack of Fables #19

More of Jack in Americana. There was some interesting, weird stuff going on last issue; hopefully it'll continue to develop.

Madman Atomic Comics #6

Madman is still in space. As much as Allred has built up this storyline over the years, I'm kind of getting bored of it already. Hopefully it will either get more interesting, or it will finish soon so the characters can return to earth for some wacky mutant-fighting adventures or something.

Narcopolis #1

Jamie Delano's new (mini?)series, about a drug-fueled dystopia of some kind. Looks cool; I'll be reading it unless I hate the first issue for some reason.

Spirit #13

The first post-Darwyn Cooke issue (although he might be doing the cover), featuring another collection of short stories by various contributors, including (I think) Gail Simone and Jeff Smith. But I could be wrong about that.

Wormwood Calamari Rising #1

A new miniseries about everyone's favorite gentleman corpse. I'll wait for the trade, but I'm sure I'll get it, considering how much I liked the first collection.

Y The Last Man #60

And here's the big comic of the week, for me at least. Final issue! Who will live? Who will die? Who will go insane from having to clean up monkey poo? I hope this is satisfying, and that I'm not reduced to tears or anything. Don't let me down, BKV!

Albert & the Others

A new graphic novel by Guy DeLisle. Apparently it's a companion piece/sequel to his book Aline & the Others, which I haven't read. In fact, the only DeLisle book I've read is Pyongyang; I liked that one, so I should really read more of his stuff.

Batman the Man Who Laughs HC

I've never read this story, but it's by Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke, so I suppose I could check it out. But I probably won't, unless I get it from a library or something. I've gotten cheap when it comes to mainstream comics.

Casanova vol. 1 TPB

This awesome series finally comes out in softcover form, so if you've been waiting for a more affordable edition, now's your chance to read it. Of course, each issue is only two bucks anyway, so it's pretty affordable no matter what, if you ask me. So, yeah, check it out! Casanova! It's awesome!

Complete Jack Kirby Vol 4 1947C TP

I wasn't even aware of this project, but it's an interesting one, collecting all of Kirby's stuff (or, I assume, all of it that isn't already licensed by somebody; probably not a lot of Captain America or Challengers of the Unknown in here). This volume looks to contain a bunch of romance comics. It's another one that I wouldn't mind reading, but probably never will, due to cost and availability.

El Diablo TPB

Collecting a Vertigo western miniseries from Brian Azzarello and Danijel Zezelj. I've never read it. Is it good?

Templar Arizona Vol 1 Great Outdoors GN

This was on Midtown Comics' release list, so maybe it's getting some sort of mass release. If so, awesome. Spike is a really good artist, and it's an incredibly enjoyable book. I reviewed it several months ago. Check it out!

What Were They Thinking Vol 1 TP

Boom!'s collection of their "write silly new dialogue over old comics" series. I don't think I've actually read any of the issues, but I do generally like that sort of thing, and it features work from blogger Kevin Church, so check it out if you think you'll like it.

Penguin Revolution Vol 5 TP

On the manga front (surprisingly, there don't seem to be any series coming out this week which I'm behind on. Maybe I'm getting caught up!), here's a series that looks fun. If anyone has read it, do you think I should check it out? Of course, if I'm going to read any penguin-related manga, I should probably start with Tuxedo Gin...

Ral Grad Vol 1 TP

And here's that crazy-looking Takeshi Obata manga. I might wait to read reviews before I get it, but it does look pretty cool. It's definitely a possibility...

And that's it for the week, I believe. If you don't hear from me after Wednesday, it'll probably be because I'm crying in the corner after reading Y: The Last Man...


  1. I've really enjoyed what I've read of Penguin Revolution, though it's sorely lacking in actual penguins. Still, it's very funny with a great protagonist whose dream of becoming a civil servant is delayed when she's roped into becoming a cross-dressing talent manager. No, really.

  2. Huh, it looks like I don't actually know anything about the book; I thought it was about actual penguins. I guess it's more metaphorical or something, like Pumpkin Scissors or Banana Fish.

  3. Ral Grad... well, think of it as a Bryan Lee O'Malley version of the Lord of the Rings with lots of breast groping jokes. Not a classic for the ages, but a well drawn & fun book.

  4. Huh, that sounds like it could be enjoyable. I'll keep an eye out for it at the bookstores.