Monday, February 18, 2008

This week, I see that comics will be published

Man, I haven't been writing much, have I? I might be burning out or something, or I might just be preparing for an upcoming lack of content due to decreased discretionary funds. But I'll try to get something up here soon, since I do have several things I want to talk about. Also, I'll point out Warren Ellis's new webcomic, Freak Angels, is now running, so go check that out. And on to:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 2/20/08):

Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death

So, I don't plan to get this, since I'm hoping it will end up in one of the trades, but I bet it'll be good. Gotta love the crazy kung-fu (gun-fu?) adventures that Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction have been dreaming up.

Iron Man #26

And speaking of Matt Fraction, I'll take this opportunity to say that I'm fairly excited about his new Iron Man comic. I bet he'll be able to do some awesome stuff with the character.

The Order #8

And then there's another one, which I feel really bad about, since I was waiting for the trade. Sorry, everybody, it's my fault this book got canceled. I do still plan to get the collection(s), the first of which is also coming out this week. Oddly, it collects the first seven issues, leaving the final three kind of hanging in the wind. Will Marvel bother to collect those last three? If not, they're total bastards. Hey, they already were for canceling it, right? Bastards!

Programme #8

I have been getting this odd little book though. We finally got some super-fights last issue, so I expect the rest of the series to be balls-to-the-wall action. Yeah, somehow I doubt that will happen. But it should still be interesting.

Runaways #29

Oh yeah, for anybody who forgot this was still coming out, it looks like the team is still involved in time-travel shenanigans. Enjoy, if you can remember anything about it.

Spirit #14

And we finally get to the new creative team. I'm quite curious to see what Aragones, Evanier, and Ploog have in store; I bet it will be fun.

Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #6

Ooh, and here's an exciting conclusion to this miniseries. Gory violence and familial angst will be the order of the day, I expect. Also, really cool art. Bring on the next miniseries, please!

Angst Best Of Norwegian Comics TP

I don't know if I'll ever see this, but it does look interesting. Jason is featured, but it also features plenty of other talent. Maybe I'll get to read it someday.

Atheist vol. 1

I didn't read this series from Phil Hester and John McCrea, but it did look interesting, possibly along the lines of Hesters work with Mike Huddleston. It might be worth checking out.

The Boys vol. 2

Here's more of Garth Ennis's superhero satire. Most everybody seems to either be on board for it or not, so you probably know where you stand. If it's your thing, enjoy!

Fablewood Vol 1 GN

I've actually read an advance PDF of this fantasy-themed anthology from APE Entertainment. I should probably get around to writing a review (for Comics Bulletin). Unfortunately, it won't be especially positive; some of the stories have decent art, but I didn't find most of them to be worth my time. I'll let you know whenever that review goes up...

Maakies With The Wrinkled Knees HC

I always mean to pick up Tony Millionaire's books, but I never seem to. If it weren't for my current lack of funds, I would love to get this. It's always really funny, and Millionaire's art is beautiful. So I'll go ahead and recommend it, sight unseen. Yeah, I'm very professional.

One Thousand Years Of Manga HC

I've read about this book here and there; it looks pretty cool and informative. Might be a good library checkout, if I run across it.

Sam and Max Surfin the Highway

Hey, this is back in print! I've actually never read it, but I would love to. I saw a couple episodes of the cartoon back in the day, and I played a little of the computer game. Great stuff. So I should really try to read the original material, shouldn't I? Well, the money is always an issue, but it's one of the hundreds of comics that I can keep my eye on...

Death Note Another Note Los Angeles BB Murder Cases Novel HC

And now the manga section of the releases. This appears to be a spinoff to the manga series, in novel form. Could be cool, could be lame and fan-fictiony. I doubt I'll ever get to it, but it's worth noting.

Death Note How to Read 13 TP

And here's another one I'll probably skip, a volume of DVD extra-style bonus material. But if you're obsessed with the series, it's something to devour. Me, I'm fine stopping after volume 12.

Drifting Classroom Vol 10 TP

Man, just when I thought I was catching up with this series (I recently picked up volumes 6 and 7, but I haven't read them yet), another volume comes out. Luckily, it ends at volume 12 volume 11, so it'll stop outpacing me at some point.

Golgo 13 Vol 13 Flagburner GN

I still haven't read a single volume of this series (it's another one for the "someday" list), but I believe this volume (the final installment of this current series) is notable because it features an infamous story in which the titular assassin gets involved in the Bush/Gore 2000 Florida election dustup. That sounds awesome.

Naoki Urasawas Monster Vol 13 TP

And here's another of the "trying to catch up" series. I've got volume 6 sitting at home, but now I'll still be less than halfway through the series even after I read it. Damn. I'll keep plugging away at it though.

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service vol. 6

And finally, another volume of a series that I'll probably continue to fall behind on. It's one I never see at stores, so I always have to order volumes online, which is troublesome even when I have the money to spend. Like a broken record, I'll just say that I hope to read the rest of the series someday.

Okay, that's it for the week. Hopefully I'll be able to buckle down and do some writing. I gotta believe!

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  1. That Angst book is pretty neat; I got it at MoCCA last summer. I don't know if it's a representative sampling of the nation's comics output, but it does a good job of at least selling the illusion of a diverse comics scene, with a broad range of styles. And only one excerpt from a larger work we're unlikely to see released in the US, which is a plus...