Monday, February 4, 2008

Some new comics this week. Yes.

Also, I contributed to a Sunday Slugfest of the final issue of Y: The Last Man at Comics Bulletin. I might do another post of some sort about the series here on the blog as well, since that was one of my favorite series of all time. I'm sad to see it go, but it was great while it lasted. So now let's see something new and exciting, BKV!

New comics this week (Wednesday, 2/6/08):

Boys #15

I'm still enjoying this book. After a four-issue excursion to Russia, it looks like the guys will be back to their usual shenanigans. I expect sex jokes.

Countdown Special OMAC

Here's a sampler if you're curious about why Chris Sims is always so excited about this character. Unfortunately, it only contains the first issue of Jack Kirby's series, and then some other specials that probably tried to tie him into the DC universe in some lame fashion. It'll probably be better to wait for that omnibus that's coming out soon.

Doktor Sleepless #5

Um, more Warren Ellis technofetishism. I expect violence and computer-talk.

Maintenance #8

Hey, this is coming out pretty soon after the last issue. Is it going to be more than bimonthly now? If so, great! This issue, our heroes go to space to fight aliens. I predict that hilarity will ensue.

Northlanders #3

Brian Wood's viking story continues. I predict that I will read it.

Ubu Bubu #1

This sounds silly. Apparently, it's about an alien invader trapped in the body of a cute kitty. Here's a one-page preview. Due to my embarrassing affection for cats, I may be powerless to resist.

Wasteland #14

Ah, here's the point where I can jump on to the monthly series. This one is another one-shot (which I expect will turn out to be essential reading) about Michael's past, illustrated by Joe Infurnari. Don't make me regret my decision, Antony! Oh, and anybody who wants to see what I'm talking about, you can read my review of the second volume of the series here.

Amulet vol. 1

This has been out for a few weeks in bookstores already, but it looks like it's finally going make its way to comics stores. Here's my review; it's pretty good (the book, I mean; the quality of my writing is up for discussion).

Bakers, Babies & Kittens HC

Hey, this is kind of late coming out, isn't it? It's Kyle Baker's new book about the cute antics of his family. I love Baker's stuff, but I don't know if I want to spend $18.99 on it. We'll see; maybe I'll wait for a cheaper softcover version or something.

Batman False Faces HC

I probably won't get this, but it's notable for collecting some of Brian K. Vaughan's early stories. Myself, I don't especially like most of his pre-Y work, but if you're curious about his roots, here you go.

Contraband GN

I've been getting press releases about this book in my email for the last week or two, so I guess that ensures I'll at least take a look at this book if I see it. It's from Slave Labor, and it has to do with covert cell-phone-camera journalism, or something.

Gyakushu Vol 2 GN

Even though this is from Tokyopop, I don't consider it manga, per se. It's cool martial arts action from Dan Hipp, co-creator of The Amazing Joy Buzzards. Here's my review of the first volume; I'm pretty excited to read this one.

Hotwire Comics Vol 2 GN

Fantagraphics' anthology of transgressive comics, or something like that. It looks interesting, so I suppose I could check it out. A bit expensive for my tastes though. Here's a good review of the volume, by my man Jog.

Incognegro HC

Vertigo's big offering of the week, a graphic novel about a light-skinned black journalist in the early 20th century who goes undercover as a white man to investigate his brother's arrest. It sounds like it could be really good, but I think I'll read a few reviews before I shell out cash for it.

Jumper: Jumpscars

This is a tie-in to the upcoming movie starring Hayden Christensen about a teleporting teenager (which looks pretty good, in my opinion). I wouldn't normally be too interested, but it's illustrated by Brian Hurtt, the artist on books like Hard Time and The Damned. I haven't decided if I'll buy it, but his presence definitely makes it worth a look for me.

Krazy & Ignatz 1941-1942 Ragout of Raspberries

I haven't read much Krazy Kat, but I did get two volumes of this series for Christmas. Who knows, after I get around to reading them, maybe I'll be frantically searching out the rest of them. If so, I'm sure I'll be all over this one.

Scalped vol. 2

I haven't even read the first volume of this series yet; I'm getting behind. I do hear good things though, so I'm sure I'll get to this one eventually.

Smoke And Mirrors TP PS Edition

Not comics! This is a new version of the Neil Gaiman short story collection. For some reason, I've never read it, so I guess this is my chance to pick it up. He's pretty good with the short stories, if you ask me.

Super Villain team-Up Modok's 11

I was interested in this book, but I didn't know if I wanted to spend money on it. Well, I managed to read it without paying for it, and it was okay, but not all that amazing or anything. Maybe if I was still primarily into superhero comics, but since my interests now lie elsewhere, this isn't really my thing anymore. But if you love MODOK, go for it.

Aqua Vol 2 GN

Ah, another volume of a manga that I wouldn't mind checking out someday! I'm behind, of course. Maybe I'll get to it at some point. Maybe.

Blood Plus Vol 1 TP

Here's one I'm not sure about. I've watched a tiny bit of the cartoon, and I liked the original "movie" it was based on. I don't know if this will be worth reading though. Probably not, what with all the other manga out there I'm more interested in, but I guess it's there if I ever really want to read it.

Dark Wars The Tale Of Meiji Dracula TP

What is this? Dracula seems like a strange combination with medieval Japan. The title alone grabs my interest. So I guess they succeeded there. Dunno if I'll ever even see it in a store, but they did occupy a few of my brain cells for a brief amount of time.

King Of Thorn Vol 3 GN

Hey, here's one I'm sure I'll get though; I dug the first two volumes(reviews here and here). I'll be on the lookout for this one.

Swan Vol 12 TP

And here's another series I would like to check out at some point. 70's ballet-based shojo manga; why not? But for now I'm perpetually behind.

Train Plus Train Vol 5 GN

And finally, another series that I've heard is good, but haven't read. Each week, there are more manga series released that I might someday read. It's an age of riches!

And that's it for the week. Looks like it could be an expensive one, depending on what I end up getting. Damn. Oh well, I should have some sort of content up sometime in the future, so keep an eye out. Bye!

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  1. The quality of BKV's pre-Y DC stories must not be that great; because I read all of 'em, and when I started noticing his name, it wasn't as That Guy Who Wrote That One Wonder Woman Fill-in.

    (I did like Green Lantern: Circle of Fire a lot at the time, though).

    I'm kind of curious about that trade though, as it seems pretty random. Like, I'm not even sure why it's called that, as there's at least one story that's Batman-free in it.

    Re the MODOK's Eleven trade, it is ridiulously cheap, if I'm remembering correctly. Like, $14 for $18 worth of issues.