Monday, February 11, 2008

This week, there are few new comics of interest

I don't think I have anything else to point out here, so let's get to business:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 2/13/08):

76 #2

I missed the first issue of this crime series from Image, but this second one should probably remind me to try to catch up. It looks pretty decent. Hmmm, I also need to remember to get Wasteland #14...

Bat Lash #3

More western adventures and whatnot. I enjoyed the first two issues, so I expect I'll stick it out through the six-issue miniseries.

Atomic Robo #5

All right, more robotic mayhem! Imaginary science? Practical jokes from scientific geniuses? Rampaging pyramids? Yes, please!

Cory Doctorow’s Futuristic Tales Here & Now #5

This issue adapts "I, Robot", which is a pretty good story. I hope it turns out nice. If nothing else, it's got a sweet Ashley Wood cover!

Fantastic Four #554

Ah, the beginning of the much-vaunted Millar/Hitch run on the series. I actually got to read an advance PDF of the issue, and it's pretty decent, if not mindblowing or anything. It's a nice enough beginning to the run; if the creators can manage to keep an actual schedule, it will probably be pretty satisfying. When he puts his mind to it, Millar can write some highly entertaining stories full of neat ideas. Hopefully he won't try to be controversial or anything. And Hitch is a hell of an artist; he pulls off some really cool visuals here. So, check it out, if it seems like your kind of thing. Or if you're wary of ever getting to read the whole thing, you can always wait for a collection, which might show up sometime within the decade.

Fantastic Four The Lost Adventure

In other FF comics, this is an interesting project, completing the "lost" final issue of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's legendary run on the series. I've got a PDF of this one, too, but I haven't read it yet. I should have a review up at Comics Bulletin tomorrow, I believe. It looks like good old classic Fantastic Four comics though, so get it if you're jonesing for some Kirby. I know I always am.

Goon #21

Whoa, it's weird to be getting a new issue of this series so soon after the last one. Not that I'm complaining. Go Eric Powell!

Next Issue Project #1

I thought this was supposed to show up in December or something, but it's finally coming out now. This is the Erik Larsen-led revival of various golden age characters, presenting the "next issue" of comics that ended 70 years ago. This one is Fantastic Comics #24, and features contributors like Mike Allred, Ashley Wood, Jim Rugg, Andy Kuhn, Tom Scioli, Joe Casey, and Fred Hembeck. I'll be watching for Allred's new Stardust story, featuring Fletcher Hanks' infamous (as of late) creation, but there's tons of other talent involved that I can't wait to see.

Dokkoida Vol 1 TP

On the manga front, here's a new series from DC/CMX, with a wacky superhero-esque premise. Could be fun, although who knows when/if I'll ever get to it.

Translucent vol. 3

I read good things about the first volume of this series. I still have yet to pick it up, but maybe I'll get to this one someday.

Uzumaki Vol 3 GN 2nd Edition

And then there's this Junji Ito series that I keep meaning to get. Eh, whenever.

So that's it for new stuff this week. Not too much of note, for my tastes. That's fine; I've always got lots to get to. Stay tuned for a review of some sort tonight. Probably.


  1. Matthew,

    Do you plan on reviewing the first issue of Dave Sim's Glamourpuss when it comes out?

  2. Yeah, I'll probably have something to say about it. I didn't know how available it would be, but my shop had it on the preorder list, so I had them save me a copy. I don't know if I'll have too much to say, but I imagine it will at least be worth a mention.

  3. Cool. Just curious, 'cause I haven't collected a regular, ongoing title in quite a while, but Glamourpuss is the one that's going to get me back in the shops. (Well, I'll be back there for the next League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series too, but still ...)

  4. If you do end up picking up my adaptation of "I, Robot", I'd be interested to read your thoughts on it. Especially if you've read the short story and want to do a compare/contrast sort of thing.

  5. Jason: Is the new League going to be ongoing "monthly" comics, or a series of graphic novels? Have they even released any information about format? Not that it matters; I'll buy it either way.

    Dara: I did get the I, Robot comic, and I might write a review for Comics Bulletin, but if I don't, I'll try to do something here. And by the way, I never did get a copy of Lifelike, but I'll see if I can get a copy and take a look. So I'll try to get to a review of that one sometime as well.

  6. Very cool!