Monday, November 12, 2007

This week: Alan Moore rocks minds, Scott Pilgrim just plain rocks

I don't think I ever pointed this out, but I have a review of Afterburn #1 up at Silver Bullet. It comes out in January from Red 5 Comics, and it's not especially good. Which is too bad; I had kind of high hopes for their comics. Of course, I still have yet to read anything else they've done, so maybe this one is just the bad egg. Anyway...

New comics this week (Wednesday, 11/14/07):

All Star Superman #9

Alan Moore gets the attention this week, but it's always good to get a new installment of what might be the best ongoing comic currently being made. I have no idea what this issue is supposed to be about, but the smart money says it'll be awesome.

Atomic Robo #2

I had my shop order me the first issue of this, but I still haven't received it. So who knows when I'll get around to reading this one.

Mice Templar #2

I thought the first issue of this series was pretty decent, if not shit-my-pants good (what the hell does that mean? I guess I don't think too well on Mondays). I'll probably give it one more issue to decide whether I want to keep getting it.

My Inner Bimbo #2

Ah, Sam Kieth. I dunno, his stuff is hit or miss for me. His art is really nice though. I didn't read the first issue of this, and this second one is at least a year late, I think. I'm intrigued by the presence of Joshua Hagler (of The Boy Who Made Silence) though. Maybe I'll check it out when it gets collected, in six years or so.


The newest Minx book, by Aaron Alexovich, who also illustrated the last one, Confessions of a Blabbermouth. He writes this one as well as doing the art, and it's about a girl in the future looking for another girl in cyberspace, or something like that. I might check it out, but I'll probably wait until I read reviews.

Scott Pilgrim vol. 4

Actually, this is a pretty big release too, but I've already read it, so I'm not as excited. I guess it's also Scott Pilgrim Week, not just Alan Moore. So yes, check this out, it's awesome. You can read my review here (or just scroll down to the next post).

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen The Black Dossier HC

And here's the big one. I don't know if I'll get it right away; I'll probably use a coupon or something to save some money; $30 is a lot to spend on a comic book. But it should be awesome, and maybe this will mean more League of Extraordinary Gentlemen books will be coming out soon. Top Shelf did have them listed in their recent sampler (and on their website), after all...

Shooting War HC

I've been hearing about this one quite a bit; it's about war a few years in the future, I think. It will probably be one to check out. Here's the official site (which lists the US release date as November 19, so maybe it's not actually coming out this week).

Ex Machina vol. 6

The "Power Down" story gets collected. This is the point where I decided to wait for the trade on the series, but that doesn't mean it's not good. Mitch faces a blackout and a visitor from either the future or an alternate universe. Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris make good comics, as always. I can't wait for the next volume.

Garth Ennis Chronicles Of Wormwood HC

This was a pretty good series, but I don't know if I would recommend shelling out $27.99 for a hardcover collection. Probably better to wait for a softcover version.

Wanted SC New Printing

I read this a while back, but I don't actually own it. It's entertaining, but probably not as good as the hype (or as bad as the hype, if you listen to some people). I imagine this is coming out in conjunction with the upcoming movie; it's probably not worth the $20 price tag though.

Palestine HC

I thought this was supposed to come out last week, but it's on my shop's list for this week. I doubt they'll actually get it though; I'll probably have to pick it up from a bookstore. I do really want to read it; Joe Sacco is incredible.

How To Read Superhero Comics And Why TP

And finally, I saw this on Midtown Comics' shipping list and had to point it out, since it's written by my blog buddy Geoff Klock. I have to buy a copy someday and read it.

And that's everything for the week. I don't know if I'll get the LOEG book right away, but I'll want it eventually. Anyway, I'll probably have something or other up today or tomorrow or whenever. Sorry, I'm getting lazy with the blogging. I'll try to do better.


  1. You know, I picked up an issue of Meat Cake out of a discount bin a while back, and it did absolutely nothing for me. I dunno, it just seemed like weird, gothy characters doing nothing interesting, interspersed with recipes or something. I suppose I could flip through this issue if I saw it, but I doubt I'll go out of my way looking for it or anything.

  2. Geoff's first book is awesome. It's dated -- it was very much the product of a very specific historical moment -- but if you'll just bear that in mind, it's a superb work. Well worth getting.