Monday, April 21, 2008

Am I getting anything this week?

Wow, the list seems pretty barren this week, which is good, because I got in trouble for spending too much last week. Oh, and how about that logo I made, huh? I like it. Anyway, here's:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 4/23/08):

Boy Who Made Silence #2

It's cool to see this series get published. I read the first issue last year after purchasing it from the artist, Joshua Hagler, and I'm very interested to see what he does with the story next. It's a strange, multimedia-artwork story about a deaf boy with psychic powers, with religious symbolism and whatnot. I dig it.

Godland #22

I switched to trades on this series (which I hear is going to end with the 36th issue; bummer), but since it's a slow week, I'll note that this new issue is out, so there will only be a couple more to go before the next collection. Yay!

Helen Killer #1

This book got a bit of attention around the comics blogs when it was announced, because it's got a hilariously silly concept: Helen Keller as a secret agent, powered by technology created by Alexander Graham Bell. Well, I got to read a preview PDF of this issue a while back (I didn't review it because somebody else covered it for Comics Bulletin), and while I didn't dislike it as much as Michael Deeley did, I thought it wasn't that great. It was simultaneously too silly and too reverent, making for a confusing mix. There's a pretty cool fight scene though.

Mice Templar #4

I've stopped reading this series, but due to the slow week, I'll mention it, in case anyone else is keeping up. It's not terrible, but I decided it just wasn't floating my boat enough to continue. I'll stick with Mouse Guard for now.

Northlanders #5

Okay, I can say for certain that this is one book I'll be getting. I do enjoy the Brian Wood Vikings. It's been a pretty kick-ass series so far; don't let me down, Brian!

White Picket Fences Double Feature

I have kind of a love/hate (or, more accurately, enjoyment/disappointment) relationship with this book, but it's interesting enough to be worth reading, I guess. I already read it though; you can see my review here.

Wormwood Calamari Rising #4

Here's another series I'm waiting for the trade on, but I do really want to read it. Hell, I still have to read that second collection (sorry, Tucker). Ben Templesmith is awesome, and this series is screwed up in all the right ways.

Batman Chronicles Vol. 5

Your newest collection of golden age Batman stories. Enjoy, if you like this sort of thing.

Clouds Above GN

A new softcover version of Jordan Crane's children's story. I've never read it, but I really like Crane's style, so I should check it out.

Complete Terry & the Pirates Vol. 3

I've been wanting to read this classic Milton Caniff series, but these books are pretty pricey. Maybe I'll try to get them at a library sometime. Of course, some people say I shouldn't bother...

Dondi Vol. 1

This one's another classic strip collection, and I'm not familiar with it. Here's a page with information though. Does anybody know if it's good?

Love the way you Love Side A

I've never read this apparently sappy series by Jamie S. Rich and Marc Ellerby, but I've read some middling reviews. This book collects the first three issues. I suppose I could check it out sometime.

Johnny Delgado is Dead Vol. 1

This graphic novel from Image looks to be a Desperado-like action/revenge thing about a guy riding around the Southwest on a motorcycle and killing the guys who murdered his friend. Could be cool, could be lame. Here's the official site.

Modern Masters Vol. 16 Mike Allred

I don't usually give these TwoMorrows books more than a cursory glance, but I love me some Mike Allred, so while I probably won't go so far as to purchase it, I would definitely check it out.

Path Com.x Ed.

Amusingly, the information I find about this book trumpets that it's the first release from this Com.x company in three and a half years. I don't know if that's anything to cheer about. Anyway, it seems like an interesting graphic novel, about a rabbit and an elephant with weirdly human-like arms who have adventures together. It certainly looks nice, if nothing else. Here's the official site, with preview art and such.

Queen & Country Definitive Edition Vol. 2

Finally, we've got another volume of this collection of the renowned spy series that I've never read. Oni did send me a review copy of volume one though, so I've got to get going on that one.

And I think that's everything, believe it or not. With only one comic that I'm sure to get, I might even skip my normal weekly trip to the shop and just wait till next week. I never thought I'd see the day. Stay tuned around these parts for more stuff soon, as long as I can get going on it. Don't let me down, me!


  1. Holy crap. The top two movies on your list of recently watched:

    I watched both of them this weekend.

    As Chris Sims would say ... Fact: My mind is now blown.

  2. Methinks Tucker's a little too dismissive of Terry and the Pirates. I've not read the new collections, but I have got addicted to Caniff's Steve Canyon. And that's only slightly less politically dated than Terry. If nothing else, it's worth reading for Caniff's moody chiaroscuro and visual pacing. The man could draw a page of "talking heads" like nobody else.

  3. Yeah, I've also read a little of Steve Canyon, and I thought it was great stuff. The art was snazzy, but I think I liked the goofy lingo more than anything else.

  4. I see where you're going with the art--maybe if I could judge this first Terry completely on it's own, than I could be a little less dismissive of out. But for me, it comes down to where it stands along with the other archival reprint series, and for my personal taste, Terry & The Pirates is no Little Nemo, Rarebit Fiend, Walt & Skeezix, Krazy Kat or Peanuts. I've got no desire to fill a room with hardcover reprint collections of everything that's published, and for me, Terry comes out on the bottom. It's no fault of Caniff's specifically--but I'd just rather spend my time with King, Mccay and Herriman.

    The pacing and chiaroscuro are pretty much all I get out of it, anyway. And I don't need four hardcovers of pacing and chiaroscuro. Well, I think I don't.

  5. Fair enough, Tucker, I agree with that (and I'd add Annie, Popeye and Dick Tracy to the list of things that Terry is no)

  6. Jones-i've yet to spend time with Annie, but yes--the popeyes are tremendous, and i'm really getting a kick out of the Dick Tracy's so far.

    By the way Matt-nice header. Dragons are always a plus.