Monday, April 28, 2008

Stuff from this week; there's a lot of it

Busy weekend, so not much in the way of posting. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. But for now:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 4/30/08):

Big Amoeba One-Shot

One of several releases from Platinum Studios this week; this one is by Art Baltazar, the guy who does Tiny Titans, and it's about an artistic high school student who stages a fake comics award show and everything gets out of hand. Hey, it could be cute.

Black Summer #6

We're almost getting to the end of Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp's superhero violence-fest. Better late than never, I guess. We'll see how it goes, but I hope it hasn't lost its momentum; it seems like the last issue was a while ago...

Caliber #1

One of the first books from new company Radical Comics, who don't exactly seem set to light the world on fire or anything, but they might have a few things worth looking at. This one seems to be a retelling of the King Arthur myth in the American West. Weird. I'll look inside if I see it on a shelf.

DC Universe #0

While I don't care about Marvel's Secret Invasion nonsense, I'm afraid I can't resist the pull of Grant Morrison going crazy with the DC universe in Final Crisis. So I expect I'll have to pick up this nearly-free preview thing, or whatever it's supposed to be. Hopefully it won't turn me off of the whole thing.

Ex Machina #36

This issue apparently starts a new storyline, so let's get a collection of the one that just finished already! Since switching to trades, I'm getting impatient to get caught up with the story.

Glamourpuss #1 Comics Edition
Glamourpuss #1 Fashion Edition

Ah, it's the new Dave Sim comic/fashion magazine spoof. It seems nice and weird, so I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Hercules #1

Here's the other Radical book for this week. If there are any fewer than twelve labors, I'll feel ripped off.

Injury Comics #2

I never read the first issue of this artsy series by Ted May, Jeff Wilson, and Jason Robards, but it looked interesting. So I bet this one will be too.

I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Space Pirates #1

Another book from Platinum, this one grabs the attention just by featuring the word "lesbian" on the cover. It probably won't be very good, but, hey, lesbians!

Jack of Fables #22

More Jack adventures! Last issue was one of those breathers, telling a one-shot side-story, so I imagine this one will get back on track with the regular "Jack in Americana" story. I do enjoy this series, so I bet it'll be fun.

Local #11

Whoa, an actual issue of the Brian Wood/Ryan Kelly series! After this, there will only be one more to go. It's always good to see an issue show up, so I'm excited to see where we're going here. The series is on the home stretch, so Wood will probably be trying to wrap things up and tie everything together. And Kelly will be kicking ass on art, I expect. He's pretty good.

Order #10

The final issue of the series I regret not buying. Well, I guess I'll have a nice single-story trade to enjoy.

Thor Ages of Thunder

But Matt Fraction is still getting plenty of stuff to write over at Marvel. I read a preview PDF of this, and it's pretty good. It's a couple of mythology-styled stories about Thor, Loki, and the other Norse gods. However, it's not really a one-shot, since it's continued in another book that comes out in a couple months. But it's a fun read, with some nice art. Check it out, if you like the violent giant-killing, and that sort of thing.

Amor Y Cohetes TP

It's the final Love and Rockets collection, gathering non-"Palomar"/"Locas" material, and including some stuff by Mario Hernandez, along with his more-prolific brothers. I'm still working on the last "Locas" volume, so who knows when I'll get to this one.

Bottomless Belly Button TP

The new book by Dash Shaw, sure to be strange and surreal. It must be really long or something, because it's $30, which is kind of steep. But I would definitely like to check it out.

Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 4

Dick Tracy is another of those classic strips that would probably be great to read, but I haven't had a chance to check it out. It might be good to look for it at a library.

Complete Green Lama HC

This is one of those expensive archive collections that Dark Horse puts out, collecting some golden age comics, featuring art by Mac Raboy. Could be worth a look.

Delayed Replays

The new book from Liz Prince, who previously did Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? I never read that one, but it seemed interesting (if not overly amazing), so this one could be worth a look.

Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch HC

A new comic from Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli. How about that? It sounds like one of Gaiman's usual fantasies, about a magical world underneath New York, or something like that. I do really like Gaiman, and Zulli is a pretty amazing artist, so yeah, I'll probably end up dropping the $13.95 for it.


World War II fantasy silliness from Keith Giffen, Shannon Denton, and Matt Jacobs. Sounds goofy, but it could be fun.

Gunplay GN

Another book from Platinum, this time about some sort of fantasy/horror goings-on in the Old West. Probably dumb, but you never know.

Heroes Of The Negro League HC

This looks to be a collection of a trading card series from 1990, with art by Mark Chiarello. I bet it will look hella nice, and it's educational too. I wouldn't mind taking a look.

Hot Shot & Mighty Girl GN

A superhero book of some sort from Platinum, which doesn't sound exactly appealing, except it's written by Fred Van Lente (Action Philosophers), so it could be fun.

Kirby Five Oh 50 Years of King of Comics

Wow, lots of Kirby books lately. This one is from TwoMorrows, collecting a lot of material from their Jack Kirby Collector magazine. There's sure to be some great stuff in here. I wish I could afford it.

Klassic Komics Klub HC

Johnny Ryan tackles various works of great literature, adding lots of gross-out humor and plain old offensiveness. Should be great.


A collection of Jon J. Muth's debut miniseries from 1990. He's a good artist, it could be worth a look. Have I been saying that a lot? Well, there's a lot to look at this week.

Magic Pickle

Scott Morse's new kids' book. Sure to be cute.

Metronome HC

European (?) artist Veronique Tanaka's new experimental comic, published by NBM. Looks like it could be pretty cool.

MOME Vol 11 Spring 2008 TP

You know, I never read any of the MOME volumes, but I really should. Maybe I should start. This volume features French artist Killoffer and Jon Vermilyea.

Nat Turner HC
Nat Turner TP Signed by Kyle Baker

A new collection of Kyle Baker's excellent slave uprising story. One of the best comics I've read in the last few years; please, check it out if you haven't read it.

R. Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country

Another collection of a trading card set, featuring Crumb's tribute to classic musicians. Sweet.

Alive The Final Evolution Vol 4 GN

On the manga front, I hear this is a good series. Just saying, since I doubt I'll get a chance to read it anytime soon.

Tezukas Dororo Vol 1 GN

And finally, this is probably the book I'm most excited about this week, although it will probably be a little while before I can get to it. But man, I can't wait to read it. For those who don't know, it's about a samurai who had a bunch of body parts stolen by demons, and he has to recover them. Gotta love that Tezuka craziness.

And that's everything. Damn, it's a lot of stuff. We'll see how much I end up getting. I didn't get around to writing anything else tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.


  1. Aw yeah. I'm really psyched for Nat Turner. I missed this in singles.

  2. Well, for one thing, it came out weird. The first two issues (of a projected four) came out in single, floppy format. But then Baker stopped self-publishing or something, and I think he did a book through Image that collected those two issues into one longer one. Then he did a "part 2" book, which would have been the third and fourth issues. So now he's put it all together, like it should be; it'll read much better this way. And yes, I highly, highly recommend it. It's harsh, harrowing stuff.

  3. Jeez, Matt... your store(? is that what your list is based on?) gets a lot of stuff before Diamond puts it out...

  4. Yeah, I should probably wait until the official Diamond list comes out each week, but I'm impatient or something. I go by my store's list, and also Midtown Comics. The latter is probably the one that lists stuff before Diamond does. Eh, I figure it'll come out eventually.