Monday, April 7, 2008

This week: a few singles, and lots of the ol' GNs. Also, the continued monkey on my back of stuff to write about

Sorry, I haven't been posting much lately, but my mom's visiting to see her granddaughter, so I haven't had much time to write anything. But I also haven't had much time to read, so I'm not getting any farther behind! Anyway, here's the weekly new comics thing:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 4/9/08):

Amazing Spider-Man #556

Well, I ended up buying last week's issue, so it looks like I'm on board for this arc (and probably the next one, which features art by Marcos Martin). I'm slightly lost by some of the ongoing plots, but the main thing about a blizzard, Dr. Strange, and weird killer ninjas is interesting enough. Let's see some awesome action, Bachalo!

Batman Death Mask #1

Perhaps in a bid to divert attention from Chip Kidd's upcoming book about Batman in Japan, DC is releasing this Batman "manga" of their own. It's a two-issue series by Yoshinori Natsume, creator of the series Togari, which I haven't read. But this seems like an interesting project, so it might be worth checking out.

Criminal Vol. 2 #2

Man, the last issue of this relaunched series was really good. This is almost certainly the best book Marvel is publishing right now, and each new issue just keeps bringing the awesome. But it's a different kind of awesome than, say, Atomic Robo; this awesome is all about character and great noir storytelling. I love it.

Doktor Sleepless #6

Is this issue late? I barely even remember what was happening last. Something about which of the Doktors (see, I don't even remember his name) was the real one. It's still been interesting, so I'm not planning to drop it anytime soon, but this does seem to indicate that timeliness will keep my interest up, at least.

Goon #23

This book seems to be coming out like clockwork though, and I'm loving it. The last one introduced a good wrinkle to the ongoing conflict, and I can't wait to see where Eric Powell goes with it. He's been doing a great job of combining humor, horror, action, and mystery, so I hope he can keep the schedule going strong for quite a while.

Groo Hell on Earth #4

Speaking of late books, this finale to the fun miniseries is finally showing up. It's been good to read some new Groo, even if it's not the greatest stories of the character's existence. Still, fun!

Resurrection #4

I reviewed an early copy of the first issue of this series a while back, and thought it was interesting, but didn't actually keep buying it. But Oni recently sent me the first three issues (which I will try to write something about soon), and it seems like it's turning into a pretty interesting story, one that I feel like I should keep following. Although, I do think it might read a bit better in a collected version, so if I end up spending any money on it, I think I'll wait for the trade.

Soleil Sampler - FREE

I've been interested in Marvel's editions of the books from French publisher Soleil, so here's a good way to check out what they'll look like. Will it be uncensored? Or limited to non-naughty scenes? We'll see!

Wasteland #16

Here's another book that I should be writing about, since I'm really digging it. Last issue, we spent some time with the Sand-eaters, and it was fascinating to see how their culture (especially their creation/apocalypse myth) compared with the one(s) we've come to know previously. Now I expect we'll get to see more of the battle for Newbegin, from both sides. Sweet. Keep up the good work, boys!

Another Dirt Sandwich GN

This looks to be a kid-oriented book about a couple of cowboy birds. As I often say, hey, why not? I like the cartoony designs, but I don't know if the humor is my cup of tea. But it might be fun for kids. Here's the official site, which has previews and information and whatnot.

Aqua Leung GN Vol. 1

I've been pretty excited about this graphic novel from Mark Andrew Smith (The Amazing Joy Buzzards) and Paul Maybury, about the prince of Atlantis having undersea adventures. It looks really unique and crazy, with a simplistic/detailed/grotesque art style and lots of bright colors. Mr. Smith actually sent me a preview PDF, but I've only glanced at it so far, because I'm definitely planning on buying the book. Oh, and here's some preview art.

Blue Monday Vol 2 Absolute Beginners GN New Printing

Looks like a new version of the Chynna Clugston (-Major?) series. It's lots of fun, although I think the first volume (in which main character Bleu meets Adam Ant) is a bit better. I really need to pick up the volumes beyond this one, along with Scooter Girl, since I dig Clugston's work.

ChickenHare Vol. 2 Fire in the Hole

I never read the first volume of this series, but it looks pretty nice, with Jeff Smith-style art and a fantasy story about furry creatures going on a quest or something. I might have to check it out. You can read previews of both volumes at creator Chris Grine's site.

Education of Hopey Glass HC

Ooh, the new Jaime Hernandez graphic novel. Is this all-new, or does it contain previously-published material? I'm not sure if I should read it yet, since I'm not caught up on his various "Locas" stories. But I definitely want to get to it someday, since I love most everything by Los Bros Hernandez. On a personal note, I've informed my wife that since our new daughter, Magnolia, will have a nickname of Maggie, if we have a second daughter, she'll have to be named Hopey (or Esperanza, or Letitia, or some variant). She didn't think too highly of that idea.

I Never Liked You SC New Printing

This seems to be the week for "new printings". Here's a Chester Brown graphic novel that I haven't read. Maybe I should.

Its A Good Life If You Dont Weaken TP New Printing

I should probably also get around to reading this Seth book someday. I hear it's good.

Kaput And Zosky GN

This looks like a fun book from First Second. It's by Lewis Trondheim, and it's about a couple of bumbling intergalactic criminals. It's kind of kid-oriented, but Trondheim is such a good cartoonist, it's worth reading for all ages.

Three Shadows GN

Here's another book from First Second, and it looks really good. It's by Cyril Pedrosa, and it won awards at Angouleme, the prestigious French comics festival. I've read some good reviews, and I can't wait to check it out. Here's a preview.

Treasury Of Victorian Murder Vol 2 Jack The Ripper SC New Ptg

Another "new printing" of a volume of Rick Geary's cool historical series. I've read a few of these, and they were good enough that I want to check them all out. Public library, here I come!

Whatever GN

From Alternative Comics, this is a collection of stories by Xeric and Ignatz award winner Karl Stevens. I might have to check it out, his art looks pretty incredible. You can see some samples in this interview on Comic Book Galaxy.

Willie & Joe The WWII Years HC

Here's the pricey book of the week, collecting Bill Mauldin's cartoons for the U.S. Army newspaper. From the samples I've seen (which I linked to almost a year ago), it's amazing, dark stuff, capturing the view of war from the front lines. I would love to read this, and while it's expensive, it's not too unreasonable (especially if you order it on Amazon for $40.95), considering its 650-page length. If I had the money to burn, I would snap it up in a heartbeat.

Presents Vol 3 TP

And here's the only manga of note this week. I haven't read any of the series yet, but it looks gleefully insane. I've got John Jakala to thank for really getting me interested, after he posted scans of a killer Santa terrorizing naughty children. Good times!

And that's it for the week. I doubt I'll have anything else today, but hopefully I'll get to some sort of content soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Education collects the most recent Locas stories from the second L&R pamphlets. If you're relatively familiar with the series, you won't be lost here.

    Need I add it's really, really good?

  2. Aw, geez, looks like more money for me to spend...

  3. You can save your money a bit by not buying I Never Liked You. It's about as entertaining as swallowing a hammer.

    Also, that last Bat-Manga was a real tragic piece of horrible.

    And to totally wrap up this lovely comment, tell you what: i'll name my kid Hopey, so that way, if they start boning, it won't be incest. Gross!

  4. What was the last bit of bat-manga? Batman: Hong Kong? I know of Katsuhiro Otomo's contribution to Batman: Black and White, but there's probably something since then. As it is, the idea of a manga artist taking on Batman is probably always going to be more interesting than the actual product, since DC/Time Warner guards the property so closely, they can't really do anything too crazy. But you can always dream (or read doujinshi, if you can find it).

    And your idea about naming a daughter Hopey is probably better (plus, it made me laugh). I had vaguely considered the incestuous possibilities, but I didn't dwell on them too much; these is my daughter(s?) I'm talking about, after all.

  5. What was that thing called? Batman: City of Dream or something? It was a hardcover by Kia Asamiya and Max Allen Collins. It was terrible.

  6. Here it is. Batman: Child of Dreams. You're right, it looks pretty bad. I haven't read anything by Kia Asamiya, but I haven't heard anything good about his work.