Monday, January 22, 2007

Ah, looks like more stuff this week. New comics are coming out this year after all!

New comics this week (Wednesday, 1/24/07):

CRIMINAL #4 (MR) 2.99

This has been a good series so far, so I'm hoping it stays that way. More action this issue? We'll see.


The first two issues of this were intriguing (I'm not sure if I'll go so far as to say "good"), so I'll be getting this one. I think it's the end of the first storyline, so it will probably be the deciding factor as to whether I'll keep getting the series.

DAMNED #4 (MR) 3.50

I picked up the first two issues of this series recently, and I liked it quite a bit (watch for a review soon!). I still need to find #3 before I read #4, but I'm defininitely on board for the series (it's only 5 issues, by the way). I would describe it as "like Miller's Crossing, but with demons as the gangsters." Fun stuff!

DMZ #15 (MR) 2.99

Ooh, I'm always excited when a new issue of this series comes out. Go, Matty! Don't get killed!


This one is also always lots of fun. I wish it would go on for longer. Marvel, get Vaughan to write a Dr. Strange ongoing series. Or Night Nurse, what the hell.


This has been a fun little series, if a bit slightly less enjoyable than the regular series. More series should do something like this if they have to go on hiatus.

ETERNALS #6 (OF 7) 3.99

This series comes closer to wrapping up, with what was supposed to be the final issue, before Marvel decided to add another one (which will be double-sized, I think). I hope that doesn't mean the book is going off the rails, because I've been enjoying it so far. Neil Gaiman writing Jack Kirby characters? Sweet! The only "weak" part has been John Romita, Jr.'s art, which is not at all bad, just kind of mediocre. Don't drop the ball on us, Gaiman!

FABLES #57 (MR) 2.99

As I mention often, I get this book in trade form, but I wanted to point out that this issue features art by Mike Allred. Man, I can't wait until the collection comes out!

MOUSE GUARD #6 (OF 6) 3.50

Final issue! This has been a great little series. That's all I have to say.

OUTER ORBIT #2 (OF 4) 2.99

I never even saw the first issue of this series on shelves. Did anybody else get it? Was it any good? Anybody? (cue cricket sounds)


People like Jog have said this is good. It's a tad expensive, but I'll keep an eye out for it.


Is this book finally done with the Civil War silliness so I can try it out? The "CW" in the listing leads me to think that it is not. Hmmph. At this rate I'll never try it. Whatever.


Sweet! I think this is Miyazawa's last issue (I know I've said that the last two or three months, but I think it's for real this time). I predict that it will be great, as always.

TANPENSHU VOL 1 TP (MR) (C: 1-1-2) 12.95

Chris Butcher gives a really hearty recommendation to this manga, so I'll have to check it out if I see it anywhere. The comic shop I frequent doesn't carry much manga, so I usually look for it at Borders or some other bookstore. I'll keep an eye out.

WORLD BELOW TP (C: 0-1-2) 12.95

Ooh, Paul Chadwick! I've read this before, but I don't own it, so I'll probably get around to getting it after I complete my Concrete collection (I still need to get volumes 4 and 6). It's a really goofy sci-fi/monster story about a group of explorers that go on an expedition to an underground cavern full of weird monsters and seemingly alien technology. It's really weird, full of dreamlike imagery. Very enjoyable. My favorite story is the one where members of the group get these big creatures stuck on their heads, and take the others captive to force them to do the same. I took some very interesting symbolism from it that maybe I'll discuss in a review someday after I buy this book. It's good; I recommend it!

I guess that's everything that I find significant. Thanks again to Chris Butcher for this week's shipping list!


  1. Hello matt
    I had just received Fables #57. I read it this night and I tell you what I think.

  2. With regard to Fables #57, when I have read it, I have thought : "Well, just an another episode".
    The next day, I have read it one more time because I thought : " If Allred have dranw it, it's because there is a reason". And then, I have found : "I want to read the following episode". Then, Bill Willingham have achieved one of his goal : Find some new readers.
    In France, only episode 1 to 10 are translated. I will read them soon. And I will stand for the following episodes in french.
    Today, I have bought Beautiful Killer by Noto and Palmiotti, in French. It's a january 2007's new title. I had read it in american in 2002 but I hadn't understood all the story's finer points.
    Bye for now.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts on Fables! I'm really looking forward to reading the Allred-illustrated issues when the collected version comes out. Fables is one of my favorite books currently being published; I'm glad you like it.

    I haven't read Beautiful Killer. Please let me know if it is good. I like what I've seen of Phil Noto's art, although I don't think I've read any comics by him.