Monday, January 8, 2007

Hark! New comics approach!

I've been remiss in posting, but I just read something that I will have to write about, so stay tuned for freakiness! That is, if there's anybody tuning in in the first place. If so, how about some comments, ya ingrates?! (Yeah, piss off any potential readership. That'll help). Anyway, it appears the only thing I do with any sort of schedule is my look at new comics for the week, which I usually put up on Mondays. So here we go:

New comics this week (Wednesday, 1/10/07):

By the way, I usually get my info from Diamond's site, but this week I'm getting it from Chris Butcher, who sometimes posts a shipping list a few days early. So thanks, Chris!

AGENTS OF ATLAS #6 (OF 6) 2.99

The zany Marvel miniseries finishes, in what is sure to be an entertaining fashion. Jeff Parker's been getting a lot of accolades on the net these days, and if this series is anything to judge, he's going to be a writer to watch out for at Marvel. I would say he's the next Dan Slott. That is, he writes fun comics fully of wacky characters that rely on Marvel's rich history without being impenetrable for newer readers. Go Jeff!

GODLAND #15 2.99

More Casey/Scioli fun! I'm trying to remember what was going on last issue...I think Adam will have to fight those weird guys who are firing a missile from the captured military base. Or something like that. Whatever it is, It'll be cool!


Here we go, I was waiting for a reprint of this. This better be good after everybody convinced me to try it.

IRON WOK JAN GN #22 9.95

Wow, I think I have two volumes of this series. I might try to continue getting it, because it's incredibly enjoyable, but buying at least 20 more volumes is a pretty daunting idea.


I haven't bought any of this series, even though I keep meaning to. I should get the first couple, just so I've started before there's too many volumes and it becomes overwhelming. That tends to happen for me with manga; if I want to start reading a series that is already 15 volumes long, I have trouble starting it. However, if I start buying a series that is only a couple volumes in, I can sort of pick them up as they come out and it's not so overwhelming. I guess mainstream comics are similar; I wouldn't mind checking out Garth Ennis's Punisher MAX series, but there's a lot of issues/trades to catch up on, so I haven't even started.

NIGHTLY NEWS #3 (OF 6) 2.99

Sweet. More killings, propaganda, and anti-establishment sentiment. Should be fun.

RUNAWAYS #23 2.99

I think this is Vaughan and Alphona's second-to-last issue. We'll see if they go out on a dramatic note, or if they kind of just end, leaving everything up to Whedon. Knowing Vaughan, he'll end on a big cliffhanger or dramatic reveal. Whatever they do, I'm sure it will be cool.


I don't expect to actually buy this, but I wanted to point it out because the concept reminded me of a hilarious essay by Vern, my favorite film critic.


I read the first issue of this, and it was enjoyable, but I don't know if it was good enough to keep getting. I'll get this issue and decide whether to keep going or not.
And apparently that's all. Wow, light week. Maybe I'll pick up a trade or GN I've been meaning to get (there are always plenty of them). Right now I know I need to get Concrete volume 4 and 6, Transmetropolitan volume 2 through whatever (10?), and New X-Men volume 3, 5, 6, and 7 (I think). I'll see if I actually get any of them. Cheers, everybody!

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