Sunday, January 28, 2007

"I wonder if she howls or hisses!"

Via The Comics Curmudgeon, I just found out this cool bit of news: In celebration of Milton Caniff's 100th birthday, the comics site is running Steve Canyon, daily, in order from the first strip! That's pretty awesome. You can read the current strip here. The first strip is on 1/22/07. I've heard about Steve Canyon and the awesome adventure strips that newspapers used to run, but I haven't read many of them. I think I've read a little Alley Oop, and maybe some Flash Gordon. So this is a really cool opportunity to check out one of the classics. Maybe they'll follow it up with Terry and the Pirates. That would be awesome. Anyway, from the first week, I love the 40's dialogue the characters use. Check out these panels from the first Sunday strip:

I love that stuff. So my advice is to read it! And, just because I thought they were cool, here's some excerpts from the promo pictures the site ran before they started running the strip:

"The 'planesman' of the air"! I love it! And I'll have to remember the name "Feeta-Feeta" if I ever have a daughter.

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