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Looks like a bunch of stuff coming out in April. So here we go with solicitations:


As usual, not much of interest (to me) in the main DC stuff, but lots of good Vertigo/Wildstorm content. (As always, click on pictures to enlarge. I should come up with an acronym or codeword for that sentence...)

52 - I'm not actually reading 52, and I won't buy this, but I wanted to use this opportunity to point out J.G. Jones's blog for Wizard, in which he details the process he used to create each cover. I found it to be fascinating reading. Jones is a really good artist; I hope he does some interior work on something soon.

Batman #665 - I'll be reading this though. That's a fairly gory cover. I skimmed the solicitation, and it looks like Morrison is doing some flashback stories. Interesting. The writing on this book hasn't been his best work, but it's been fun. Hope it stays that way.

Superman Confidential #5 - Apparently this book isn't coming out in March; #3 is solicited for February, then here's #5 in April. Huh. I've enjoyed it so far, so hopefully it'll stay good.

Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil #3 - More of the sure-to-be-awesome Jeff Smith Captain Marvel book. I can't wait to read it.

The Spirit #5 - That's a pretty goofy cover. I don't think I have anything else to say.

JLA Classified #37 - This story arc is written by Peter Milligan, so I might be interested. Probably not though; I don't read most of his mainstream superhero stuff, like X-Men or whatever, so I might not want to read this. I'll probably wait and see how well it is received.

Ah, the first offering from DC's Minx line. I'll probably get this, both out of interest in the concept of the line (comics aimed at teenage girls) and because I like Jim Rugg's art (he was the artist on the awesome Street Angel). Plus, it's something to foist on my wife in my continued attempts to get her to read comics.

Army@Love #2 - Wow, this book looks weird. I can't wait to read it. Rick Veitch is awesome.

Testament #17 - This is also a weird, good series. A new story arc starts in this issue; I think it might deal with Jacob and Esau (and a modern equivalent, of course).

Y: The Last Man #56 - From the cover, looks like this issue deals with Hero, Other Beth, and the Russian girl, hanging out in Paris. As much as anybody "hangs out" in this book. Will Yorick and crew be meeting up with them? We'll see!

Fables #60 - I just read the Wolves collection that came out recently, and it was really good. I keep wondering if I should start picking this series up in monthly issues, but the collections just look so cool, I think I'll stick with them. From the cover of this issue, it looks like it deals with Flycatcher. Cool, he's a good character. And it's a beautiful James Jean cover, as always.

Jack of Fables #10 - This, however, is almost certainly NOT the cover of Jack. That's not James Jean! Looks like more of Jack in Vegas. I skimmed the solicitation (I don't like to read them too closely due to possible spoilers), and it mentioned something about Jack having a wife! Did he get drunk and hit a wedding chapel? We'll see! (That seems to be developing into my catchphrase, and boy is it a lame one.)

The Other Side TPB - Unless this series completely blows it in the final issue, I will heartily recommend the collection. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Crossing Midnight #6 - That's a freaky cover, once you start looking at the details. I'm trying to figure out what is going on with that werewolf's head; has it been cut off and strapped to the front of his body? Weird. I don't know if I'll still be reading this series in April, but this is a cool cover.

DMZ #18 - Cool cover. I love this book. That's all I have to say.

Midnighter #6 - I don't know if this is a fill-in issue or what. It looks like Midnighter is in samurai armor there, so maybe he's still in the middle of time-travel shenanigans (hey, wouldn't it be cool if that was the whole series; like, he kept doing time travel stuff for 50 issues or so? I dunno, I would like it), but the art is by Glenn Fabry rather than regular artist Chris Sprouse. Not that I'm complaining; I like Fabry. I know the next issue is a fill-in by Brian K. Vaughan and Darick Robertson. Whatever, should be fun.

The Boys #10 - More violence and such from Ennis and Robertson. Should be fun. That's all.

Ex Machina #27 - Part 2 of a new story arc. Nice cover, with the twin towers. I love this book too. Keep up the good work, Vaughan!

Battler Britton TPB - This was a very fun series, written by Garth Ennis. He's really good at writing war stories, and this one is quite enjoyable, about British and American pilots in the battle of North Africa during WWII. Recommended.

Alan Moore: Wild Worlds - I've heard some of Alan Moore's Image stuff is okay, but man, I almost couldn't be less interested in 90's comics about Spawn and Wildcats. Ugh. So I probably won't be getting it, but it is interesting to see some of Moore's lesser-regarded work getting reprinted.


Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born #3 (of 7) - I haven't decided if I'm getting this series yet. If I do, it'll be mostly because of Jae Lee's art. We'll see. If I get it, I'll probably need this:

Dark Tower: Gunslinger's Handbook - One of those "explain stuff to the newbies" books.

Thunderbolts #113 - I don't know if I'll still be reading this book in April. I give it one or two more issues to sell me.

Punisher War Journal #6 - If I decide to eventually start following this book, this might be the issue to start with. It's supposed to start a new story arc. That might be the point to start, after it's done with all the Civil War nonsense. I'm wavering, and I'll probably start reading it sooner or later.

Immortal Iron Fist #5 - I'm not wavering on this one though. I dug the first issue, so now I need to get the second issue and sign up to keep getting it. I hope it stays awesome.

Iron Man: Hypervelocity #4 (of 6) - The first issue of this series was lots of fun, although I would have preferred an artist closer to writer Adam Warren's art style. The art's definitely not bad though, and I'm sure the series will continue to be very enjoyable.

Newuniversal #5 - Nice cover there. I'm enjoying this so far. Hope it stays good, or gets better. That is all.

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #12 - Hey, it's Ego the Living Planet! Jeff Parker keeps the wackiness going after the all-MODOK issue! I might have to start reading this...

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #17 - Is McKeever introducing Felicia Hardy to this series? Crazy! Man, this is a good comic. I hope David Hahn is good as the new artist.

Runaways #25 - It's the first issue of the Whedon regime! Man, I hope it's good. I love this book. That's not the cover, by the way; it's the cover to the third hardcover, and it sucks. Hopefully they'll replace it with a new Alphona cover to match the first two.

The Loners #1 (of 6) - A new miniseries spinning out of Runaways. It's about the ex-superhero support group from the first arc of the second volume. I guess they stopped calling themselves Excelsior. It could be interesting, except it's written by C.B. Cebulski, who is not a good writer. So I won't be getting it.

Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #1 (of 4) - Wow, a Jeff Parker-written, Mike Wieringo-drawn, non-continuity Spider-Man/Fantastic Four series?! Sweet! I'm all over this! See Marvel, this is what I want, not that Civil War silliness. So that's one person against a hundred thousand. I'm sure they'll listen to me.

Marvel Illustrated: Jungle Book - This looks interesting. Apparently Marvel is starting some sort of illustrated classic literature line. This one has excerpts from The Jungle Book, illustrated by P. Craig Russell and Gil Kane. Sounds cool.

Astonishing X-Men #22 - No cover shown for this one. It should be awesome. That's all I got.

And it looks like that's it for DC and Marvel. Lots of stuff, especially from Vertigo. Comics are cool!

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