Friday, January 26, 2007

A city founded by secret knights?

Hey, everybody! Wanna do something cool, help somebody out, and get some good comics? Then check this out: Templar, Arizona is a really cool, high-quality webcomic, and the author, a girl who goes by the name Spike, wants to publish a print version. Here's where you can help out; in her own words:

"So here's the deal.

"I want to publish Templar, Arizona on paper. But I can't, because that costs money. It costs three thousand dollars, and I don't have three thousand dollars to spare. So I want to try something ridiculously optimistic and potentially humiliating.

"The quote from the printer for 1,000 7.5 x 6, two-color, 112-page collections of Templar, Arizona's first chapter, first Intermission, and bonus material (footnotes, foreword, sketches) is about $3,000. If I charge $15.00 a copy, that means 200 people have to buy a copy before I break even.

"I want those 200 people to consider buying a copy now."

I met Spike last year at an anime convention at the University of Chicago, and got a free "ashcan" sampler of Templar, Arizona. Here's some sample images:

That giant Jimmy Carter statue is awesome. Spike has a great sense of humor; I love the subversive digs at society that she throws into the comic, and the characters are quirky and well-realized. You can check out the comic by following the above link, and if you're interested, go here to pre-order the printed version of the comic. I'm off to do so right now!

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